Silent, Still, Serene
Megan Apostol, Division 1, 5th grade #ws16e-s2d1

Silent, still, serene was where I floated. Silent, the cave, echoless darkness. Still, the water, an unshattered mirror. Serene, the worms’ lights above, a painting coming alive. Float, I drifted down the river of the Waitomo Glowworm Cave in New Zealand where all was silent, still, and serene.

Stalactite formations extended from the roof of this limestone cave, resembling daggers pointing downward. Glowworms hung, inching farther down the point, revealing the secret of their creations. When the secret was released, their webs of luminous beads cover the walls of the cave in enchanting blue, green lights. Repeating their laborious task, these glow worms boasted their talent of making formations that belong only in an imaginary land. And I? I floated alone, on a tube, in awe down the Waitomo River, gazing heavenward at the galaxy of living lights. Experiencing Mother Nature’s magical light, indescribable was too ordinary a word to convey my feelings. Being enthralled and spellbound would suffice for this brief journey of a lifetime. Several tubers were ahead and behind me, giggling and enjoying the mystical experience. My emotions changed, from a current beguiled state to being melancholic, wishing someone were here with me, sharing and relishing this moment in time. I floated on, wondering why Dad and Mom chose the boat ride on this river instead of tubing. Stop! I would only have positive thoughts, for nothing would intrude with this tranquil ambience.

Drifting on and leaving my saddened feelings behind, I examined closely at the artists above me. These critters bore a flexible body with a tail of a brilliant lime-green, guiding me throughout the cave and being the only sources of light. Some worms were loners, while others were clustered, reminding me of my aloof self; how I was left out and dejected. I always wanted to belong in a group, to feel wanted. These creatures helped me realize that the human world paralleled to theirs. I might not have a perfect life with obstacles along my journey, but I realized the light would always lead me somewhere, to a place of safety if I only have hope. That day I saw my future, not doomed like my past, but perfect, like a brave person climbing and reaching for the highest peak in life.

Silent, still, serene, will not be current after this experience, but loud, energetic, and adventurous. I will no longer be the quiet girl, unwanted, and despondent, for I will be all that I want to be, loud and outspoken. When my past came alive in the cave, it sparked my need to transform and seek my future. I still dream of the Waitomo Glowworm Cave. I know someday I will return to this fairyland to see the enchanting lights as a new person, with hope and courage. I will once again experience the silence, stillness, and serenity, a place where I will always love and float aimlessly down the river into the unshattered mirror.
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