Losing is the Best Thing that ever Happened to Me
Melody Lin, Division 1, 5th grade

 Losing is one of the most important things that can ever happen to you, which is why losing my first tennis tournament was the best experience I’ve ever had. I still remember the feeling of walking into the area where the tennis courts were and sitting there listening to who I was going to play. I had butterflies flapping wildly in my stomach that then turned into eagles. Once the game started, almost all my body systems stopped, and fear that felt like agony remained until all five matches were over. That painful feeling remained until I reflected back to see what this competition really meant to me. This reflection not only made me realize what mistakes I made but it also showed that losing is really the first step to success. This event, which I thought was a horrific event, became a lesson that will remain deep in my memory, heart, and soul for a lifetime. 

One reason why this tournament is the best thing that ever happened to me is that I learned that losing is sometimes better than winning. If I won a trophy, I’ll have proud parents, and make myself look good, but how much more does that give me than just that? Losing gave me knowledge about my mistakes and the determination to do better. Of course I won’t get trophies for losing, but I received more than people think I did. I gained experience as well as perseverance. With more experience, I can do better next time because I know how it’s like. Additionally, I also learn from my mistakes. For example, the first game I was playing in the competition was disaster. The most recent tournament I played in, I learned from my mistakes in the first tournament by being more careful when it came to short balls and my serve, my weaknesses in the first competition. 

Another reason why this competition was the best thing that ever happened to me is that I learned how major sportsmanship is in sports. I learned sportsmanship after noticing everyone being so courteous towards each other and everyone shaking each other’s hands after they finish a game. Sportsmanship is important because it includes many other crucial qualities in life; kindness, respect, and politeness. Every contestant at the contest had great sportsmanship. Also, I noticed people with sportsmanship aren’t upset after they lose a game. People with this essential sports skill enjoy the game more than anyone else no matter what the results are, because they understand that the other person won, and they won it fair and square. Furthermore, if you don’t respect your opponent, why even bother to play this sport? 

After this experience, I learned plenty and experienced more than I could ever had if I won the tournament. After reflecting back to this experience I figured that losing is part of life and just how important sportsmanship is. This experience is one that will follow me through a lifetime.
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