Nature's Attitude
Richard Quiroz, Division 3, College sophomore #ws17e-s3d3

Nature’s role depends on how my morning to school will go. This may sound a bit exaggerated, but believe it or not depending on the weather, my route and time table to class can be heavily altered depending on whether it storms or shines. I drive back and forth to school which is about an hour away due to saving on some finances, better to live at home than alone when you are on a budget. So the roads and weather is always a concern for me, at least now anyways. But depending on Nature’s mood like I said, can make my day either good or bad real quickly. For example, take back to my third day of class when first begun college. I remember it like as if it was just this morning.

From the dark smoky abyss of my mind, where it is so relaxing that no matters of the outside world penetrate my thoughts, I hear a siren go off. At first it is faint, almost a mile or two away, but with each passing micro second, each frame of time that flows so differently in the abyss than it does in reality, the sirens are become pressed against my ear. A moment later, a fist checks me up, then I turn off my alarm clock. Wake up! Opening my crusty eyes are my first instincts as I sit at the side of my bed, contemplating whether or not a bachelor’s degree is really worth it. Blasphemy! If I take a moment and considered all the work I have done so far to get here, why would I start slipping from my mountain that I promised to others, but most importantly to myself to climb? All those resources wasted, money wasted, but most importantly time wasted, and time can’t be refunded, rebuilt.

I head to the bathroom, straighten myself up for the day, then to the kitchen for cereal, banana’s or apples, something to hold me until lunch. With the morning routine concluded, which only takes roughly twenty to thirty minutes, I grab my book bag, keys, glasses, wallet, phone and begin my hour long drive to university. As I walk outside the first thing my eyes glances at is not my car that is my lifeline for transportation, but towards god’s eyes, Mother Nature’s face that’s glares down over us within all of the world. If people look like ants when we’re in the sky, then what do we look like to you from the heavens. No time for philosophizing, I look into your eyes to analyze not to ask your perception, but to see if you will laugh or cry today. Somewhere in the between. Cloudy, but nothing too fret over. Complicated as usual, both you nature, and Texas where if you don’t like the weather just wait five minutes for it to change. But when it does change, it changes not to something different, but to something more severe.
I roll down on the American highways that spawns over the entirety of the country, that if looked at from Nature’s face, would be the equivalent to a person seeing a spider web, strange how some living thing like that can make all those interconnected passages just to get around. But in the end, Natures’ mood depends on whether my journey will be bumpy or pleasant, for when it is happy, I am happy, and when it cries, I cry with thee. So far this year I have been gracious of cloudless days where the sun shines over the world. There are also days where as I drive on these highways, a lone cloud passes by me, like a cow from a heard, going off into those endless pastures that goes towards another world.
However, we always experience something new, and just because it’s new, it doesn’t mean it has to be welcoming. Thirty minutes out of town, and my thoughts of a morning that makes you smile, turns to one where it makes you gloom. Tremendous dark mountains in the sky forms covering miles of ranch, and farmland all over the area. From behind me, the few strips of grey clouds are swallowed by the enormous foundations covering the highways, and lonely houses that litters an ocean of land. Within a few more minutes I pass by a field where smoke flows from the ground and into the sky, never have I ever seen something of the sort, but what astonished me the most was not the occurrence of Nature’s wrath, but at how close it was to one of these lonely structure, maybe only a hundred yards.

Tears hammer the earth, and they make sure the nails are in. Big droplets splat on my windshield, and a moment later all I see and hear is pbit, pbit, pbit pbit pbit! With full power my wipers creates a path for me to see, but I need be aware of the roads. Puddles form along the shoulders, and I am careful not to push the pedal to the speed limit, I don’t feel like going for a slip N slide today. So with extreme caution I navigate these soaked roads that with one wrong jerk of the steering wheel can lead to a very bad first month of University. But throughout all this, Nature is not the only thing to be on an eye out for, it’s other people.
As I enter the city where my University is located, the rain picks up some more, slowing me down for being on time to my classes. But there is never a reason to speed, especially in something like this. After twenty more minutes of driving, and with my left foot on the brakes and hardly on the accelerator, I drive up into the parking lot of my University, with twenty minutes to spare. Class begins at nine-thirty, and its nine-ten, on time. I park, take a moment to look back what happened, realizing this was the first, and praying that it will be the only time it stormed on me like that. I grab my book bag again and walk off to my classes in a hurry. It’s still raining albeit in a less aggressive state, yet my laptop isn’t water proof.

Four Forty-five, I walk out of a cold classroom where goosebumps pops out of your skin, there is something strange of seeing jackets in the finals days of summer. Immediately the sun’s rays splash against my eyes nearly blinding me, it was a long class, and after a moment I adjust. The grass is wet and stray puddles form randomly on the sidewalks and curbs. Nevertheless, the sun is shining, and what’s even stranger, is that there is no cloud in sight. If it weren’t for the puddles, you couldn’t tell if it rained at all. The day was so damn nice looking, and as I walked towards my car the suns position was at an angle that looked like it belonged in a portrait, too nice to be in reality.

As I drove again, heading home I felt the heat of the rays upon my forearms that went through my windshield. It’s wasn’t too aggressive, but it was nice smooth and comforting. I thought of that morning, never had I see something go from okay to bad so quickly. Worse of all that was a violent storm I drove too, and thinking of that one morning made me wonder: Was it going to be like that every time I head off for class two days out of the week? Random. Probably not, but it wouldn’t kill me to look at the weather forecast every now and then, common sense might save your life. So with that knowledge I believe that this would be the only time this semester that a storm like that would swallow me again. At least, I like to believe.

But that’s past now, and to look back on something like that whenever Nature is giving you their best smile at you is sort of useless. I chose to live at home than closer by to save income, based on rent, Wi-Fi, meals and etc. And throughout the year, I don’t regret a single moment of it, so I think I can handle nature’s attitude when it gets upset. My route to school is figured out, it’s the tone of it I have no control of. And if it ever gets like that again, if those tremendous mountains returns, if Nature tears fall upon the ocean of land that engulfs this entire part of the state, if the roads become as slick as a skating rink, I think back to that wonderful afternoon where it was so sunny that you couldn’t tell it rained at all. When the bad times come, it’s important to remember the good ones. When the rain falls, remember that the sun is only covered up, and will return shortly. That’s nature’s role in my life.
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