Education Issues
Selina Ge, Division 1, 6th grade #ws18e-s3d1

School takes up the majority of a child’s life. Many of us just see it as a seven-hour mind-numbingly boring duration of the day. Nevertheless, school is one of the most crucial components of our lives. Without school, everyone would be at the same level of knowledge, the same mental age, and let’s just say that wouldn’t be amusing. Generally speaking, education plays a major role in society. However, the United States’ education system consists of an abundance of flaws. These problems hinder with the enjoyable experience of learning, causing bounteous amounts of disadvantages to emerge. Some ways we can ameliorate these issues that interfere with our school systems are by adjusting the quantity of students in each classroom, deliver more respect towards teachers, and encouraging more creative projects and activities.

One way we can improve our schools is by changing the amount of students in each class. If this was accomplished, each student would receive more individual attention, leading to more thorough learning experiences. Furthermore, the teachers wouldn’t have to manage as many children, resulting in the benefit of less stress. If this isn’t possible, another option could be to add multiple teachers in each classroom, providing you with the same advantages.

Another method to help patch up the education system is to pay more respect to our teachers. Teachers are one of the most important figures in our lives, but they are pushed down the scale of importance by doctors, lawyers, engineers, and more. They are known to receive low salaries. For example, a lawyer can earn hundreds of dollars within hours. But according to “Hourly Wages for Teachers”, an article from the internet, teachers receive less than half of that amount. Teachers’ salaries should be increased. A teacher may not seem very important to some, but without them, we wouldn’t be able to get an education and attain our dream jobs.

Last but not least, a bundle of schools across the nation don’t promote creativity, taking away the fun in learning. Schools should include more nonstandard activities, such as art, music, and drama. These practices not only get students creative juices flowing, but can also help relieve anxiety and stress after a period of working hard. In addition, the can play a critical part in our lives if we decide to find a job in the arts (dance, architecture, theater, etc.) Group projects also strengthens imagination, because students are able to discuss and share their ideas with others.

Several ways we can reinforce the school system in America are to reduce the amount of students in each class, give more consideration towards our teachers, and lastly, to support creativity and imagination more. These are only a few of countless approaches out there. All students deserve an exceptional education, and with a couple tweaks here and there in the school system, we can accomplish that. With a new, untainted education system, we can all live our lives to the fullest, and carry out our aspirations.
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