22nd Century Schools
Emily Shen, Division 1, 6th grade #ws18e-s3d1

“Imagine your child at her first job or in her first apartment. What skills do you want her to bring to these settings?” stated on Teaching Kids Life Skills. This quote represents many debates and fears that have been circling through the minds of parents and teachers. Although, English, Mathematics, and Science are important, learning how those subjects relate to the world is just as crucial.To make education better, life skills such as problem solving and confidence building should be taught to students around the globe.

Solving social problems through roleplaying in a comfortable setting such as a classroom is important. Imagine a group who are given the opportunity to share conflicting problems as well as being able to connect and agree with one another. Once everyone can relate with their fellow peers, they could take a moment to roleplay how to react in these situations. Teachers should schedule thirty minute sessions once a week to fight off problems such as bullying. Connecting with others and problem solving would pacify their emotional needs in every school.

Confidence is a character trait that people can spot a mile away, but few possess it. People who seem more confident express themselves more and don’t waste time trying to stifle their questions and conceal mistakes. The key to confidence is finding a voice to express themselves. Creating a program for this would help them find that voice without being dismissed and judged. Some might think that this character trait should be learned at home. However, some parents believe that allowing their child to have a voice is encumbering. Therefore, these children must learn the skills needed to boost their confidence. For a learner to prevail in their studies and communication, it requires them to be able to express themselves to teachers, parents, and peers.

Another way of improving education would be to allow students to have more volunteer work choices during school hours. Rather than managing time during the night or weekends for volunteer work, schools should give permission to those who want to leave school early for the purpose of gaining new experiences. “Far too often, we simply don’t capture the child’s imagination and help them connect what they do in a classroom with the world around them,” Sanford reported to the Huffington Post. Having a chance to be a part of field trip would allow the students to obtain more valuable experiences. Another benefit from these field trips would enhance their college application essay. Approaching scholars with a variety of volunteer choices would help them expedite the process.

To make education better, we need to approach the pupil’s needs not just intellectually but also emotionally. Education should embody instructions, but those instructions need to incorporate roleplaying, hands on experiences, and building confidence through learning. This approach will help guide students to becoming successfully independent.
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