Optoelectronics Technology - Solar Cells
YI-TUNG TSAI, Division 1, 6th grade #ws17e-s2d1

Optoelectronics technology research mainly between light and electricity conversion, in our daily life is the most frequently exposed example is the solar cell.

Photons in the semiconductor material may be absorbed, because it may be encountered in the process of moving electrons, and their energy transferred to the electrons, so that electrons get additional energy. This extra energy may just make the movement of electrons faster, so the kinetic energy increases, and finally in the form of hot escape.

At present, the most common material used to make solar cells is silicon, which is currently the most mature semiconductor material. If there is no efficient solar battery to provide satellites long and stable power supply, we will not be able to enjoy the live MLB or NBA live broadcast, there are some international calls can not dial, the political, military, financial situation Difficult to grasp immediately.

Of course, solar cells are not only used in artificial satellites, because it is efficient, and almost no power generation costs, no pollution, no nuclear waste problems, volume and weight than other power generation methods much smaller, it is also widely used in electronic products The Such as watches, computers, and even cars and aircraft that can be empty for a long time without fuel.

In a modern society with high environmental awareness, efficient and pollution-free power generation is an urgent need for all advanced countries, and solar cells are the technology that best meets this need at this stage. It is expected that the future use of solar cells will become more and more popular, and other related technologies of optoelectronics technology will also continue to develop on the basis of the energy provided by this excellent component, which will bring more convenience and fun for human life.
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