Hey everyone, sorry this update has been delayed so long. I know we've been promising an update "soon" for a very long time, but this time, we mean it: v2.0 will be out by the end of March (and sooner to beta users).

To sum up the reason it's taken this long, we simply wanted to focus on the web app because we could update it faster, and it's the only way people can eventually become paying users. We also wanted to see how people used it, and thus what we might need to change in the API that the Android app relies on (it turns out, not much changed). And finally, we flirted with the idea of making this a paid upgrade -- but that doesn't make sense for keeping the app simple and friction-free, so we won't be going that route.

Thanks to everyone for sticking around -- we promise you're going to like this update when it comes out within the next month!
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