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Water Process Management
Water services and products to the water industry
Water services and products to the water industry


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WPM can advise on the suitability of the Disinfection method based upon your application and depending on your incoming water conditions, requirements & budget constraints. WPM also carries the replacement chemical, membranes and UV lamps and is able to ship anywhere as required. #watertreatment #waterpurification #cleanwaterafrica #watertreatmentsouthafrica
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Perfectly-suited to rural communities, holiday resorts, mining facilities, factories, and smaller municipal projects, small-scale municipal wastewater treatment solutions from VWS South Africa offer the African market reliable and low maintenance designs, durability and energy efficiency.

Package plants, containerized systems, and mobile modular units for municipal wastewater treatment and re-use depend on trickling filter technology:

Trickling filter systems screen and remove non-degradable particles from raw sewage. An advanced anaerobic digestion process further prepares effluent for a fixed-film trickling filter, where organic constituents are removed and nitrification and final water polishing occurs. Final solid separation, chlorination and disinfection leave water ready for use in various processes.

These systems feature:
• Easy operation
• Low-maintenance designs
• Fast recovery after power outages
• Low sludge production
• Designs accommodate peak flow periods

Modular designs are easily upgradeable to meet growing capacity loads, and location-specific demands can be accommodated in every design. Trickling filter technology is employed in both small-scale package plants and full-scale wastewater treatment plants to treat domestic sewage that's high in organic matter, BOD, COD and other pollutants. We represent market leaders in trickling filter technology which offers highly-efficient solutions that benefit both the environment and communities
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WPM through all of its completed projects & ongoing service commitments has built up an incredibly vast array of both local & international suppliers of varied equipment spares.

Spares & Consumables supplied for:

DOW R.O Membranes / UF modules / Nano / Micro filters, Membrane interconnector kits, Membrane end caps
Variety of Bag & Cartridge Filters
Chemical Dosing pumps sales, Dosing pumps spares kits, Tubing
Bleed controller systems, Probes, Solenoids
RO Anti Scalent chemicals
Bulk raw material chemical supply
Flocculent chemical supply
GRP (fibreglass vessels) Full range of sizes
Water Softeners Service Kits, Resin sales, Valve services, control valve sales, Brine Kits, Brine Tanks, Distributors (nozzles)
Deionization Resin sales, valve sales, control valves, PLC's, Distributors (nozzles)
Carbon Filtration Carbon sales, Valves, control heads, Distributors (nozzles)
Sand Filtration Media sales, Valves, Distributors (nozzles)
UV & Ozone sterilization systems, Lamp replacements
Basic testing equipment for onsite labs, including re-agents
Coca-Cola approved supplier of Jacobi Resins & Carbons
SAB approved supplier of Jacobi Resins & Carbons
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Following Solutions offered: Water Treatment - Reverse Osmosis -Water Purification - Modular Water Storage - Modular Water Storage Plants - Water Plant Design & Manufacture

WPM (Water Process Management) is based in Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape, South Africa and provides a wide-range of services within the water industry.

The primary focus of the WPM Business Unit is on medium to large rated Water Plant Design, Sales and Installations with the assistance of preferred International Technology Partners. WPM also markets and services the Hydrex range of Water Treatment Chemicals, various filtration media products and a wide range of replacement parts, such as membranes and mechanical components for water plants. WPM with its Technology Partners, specialise in Customer Specific Water Treatment Plant Design and Installation to, suit the specific needs of each client in the Sub-Saharan Africa region. WPM have water treatment sales and service offices in Cape Town, Durban, George, East London, Johannesburg and Bloemfontein.


Water Treatment Chemicals
Modular Water Storage Plants
Water Plant Design & Manufacture
Reverse Osmosis
Deionization water process
Water Softeners and Activated Carbon Filtration
Desalination Plants (fixed and mobile)
Waste Water Recovery Systems
Disinfection Systems
Water Purification
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WPM uses the HYDREX range of internationally formulated products to help maintain cooling & heating efficiencies within many varied client applications. Further HYDREX chemical is used to treat incoming streams of water for various forms of treatment including pre treatment to specialized water conditioning plant.
for more information check out or website. #watertreatment #chemicals #waterpurification #cleanwaterafrica
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#watertreatement #waterpurification #modularwater #dosingandcontrol #cleanwaterafrica
WPM designs, assembles & installs various Automated Dosing & Controller systems.
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Water Filtration System for Illovo Sugar, Malawi .
#waterfiltration #waterpurification #watertreatement
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Water Filtration System for Illovo Sugar, Malawi .
‪#‎waterfiltration‬ ‪#‎waterpurification‬ ‪#‎watertreatement‬
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Reverse Osmosis Systems - Design, Manufacture, Installations

What is Reverse Osmosis ?
a method of producing pure water by forcing saline or impure water through a semi permeable membrane across which salts or impurities cannot pass.

Click on the link below to find out more…/reverse-osmosis

For any enquiries regarding Reverse Osmosis Systems
Contact us on Tel: +27 41 586 1400 or
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