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We are sharing professional themes, plugins and many amazing thing for Wordpress
We are sharing professional themes, plugins and many amazing thing for Wordpress

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If you are an affiliate marketer, you should not missing this news.
If you are making money from affiliate marketing, you should know John Chow, a legendary affiliate marketer who earns more than hundreds of thousand dollars each month.

He is using a custom WordPress theme for his website, this theme is his real weapon in making money and he spent about $5,000+ to build it. Of course, $5K+ is nothing with JohnChow but it's a huge amount of money with us.

Fortunately, we (Sneeit) decided to make a WordPress theme similar with the theme on JohnChow website but with a very reasonable price. So all you guys now can have a weapon similar or even more powerful than JohnChow's.

We named the theme as AMACHOW, a WordPress theme for affiliate marketers with a ton of super power features.

Here is the detail of the theme:

PS: Just a quote for you: "If you don't want to pay for a smart investment, how can you hope to make money from people?!" Poor is still poor, rich is still rich because of this quote.

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My MagOne Blogger Template has reached 500 sales and still counting.

500 customers should be right. MagOne has a lot of features which you can not find in any other templates.

If you want a template for Blogger, why not try #1 BEST SELLING TEMPLATE OF YEAR first?

If you affiliate marketer, you also should consider of referring this template, you will earn more with it when it is on a high purchase rate.

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I have finished Review System for MagOne - Newspaper & Magazine WordPress theme. You will love this system when it also supports User Votes.

If you want to build up a site for review & rating (Ex similar GameSpot, Film Review ...) you must consider this theme

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MAGONE V3.5 - You can do everything, even loading posts from OTHER  sites.  Super Blogger Template Ever.

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Manual Template - Create Your Online Document with Blogger

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I am honor to introduce SNEEIT FRAMEWORK, a plugin which can help you build your Wordpress theme back-end very easy.

You just need to define some simple PHP array, SNEEIT FRAMEWORK will build up everything for you automatically.

The back-end features that SNEEIT FRAMEWORK can build for you:
- Page Builder
- Shortcodes
- Customizer
- Sidebars
- Widgets
- Menu Locations
- Menu Custom Fields
- Post Meta Boxes
- User Meta Boxes

Check it out:

Thank you for supporting SNEEIT FRAMEWORK

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Is your website fast enough? Check it and learn about website speed factors, they are also important as much as SEO.
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