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Your Business Web Design, importance

So there are people out there still saying that they don’t need a website, or that they want to spend as little as possible on their web design. Keeping this in mind let’s look at what value does a web design bring to your business. To do this we will be looking at a few facts about customer behaviors in today’s market.
3.8 Billion people use the internet, that is 51.7% of the entire world uses the internet. From this we know that 48.7% of those users use desktops and that 51.3% of them use mobile or tablet devices. This is amazing information; this shows you where you should invest your advertising money. 50% of your advertising budget should be spent on online advertising. Yes, because that is where you will reach 50% of your customer base.
World Internet Users
From this we can determine that not only should you have a website, but that it should be responsive, which means that it can adjust according to the device it is being viewed on. So to sum up to this point we can say with confidence that a website is very important. So let’s take a look at what the role a website would play when it comes to your customers. What is a website design to your customer?
It is the first contact point they have with your business. If this is so, then your website will also be the first interaction between your business and your customer. This is important stuff right here. Bet you did not think of it like that, did you? If what I say is true for the above, then your website would also be the first sales contact between your business and your customer, first line of sales is always a key point in conversion of sales. Since we are on the subject of firsts for your business we can now say with confidence that your web design will also be the first impression your customer gets of your business. Wow, this is very important points we are making here. So your website is the first access to your business information and overall the first experience your customer has with your business.
This makes me rethink how important a website really is, and is it really worth it, not to invest properly in your web design.
The first thing you would do when in need of a service is search for it on the internet, well this is exactly what your competitors are doing. Who will your customers find? Your business or your competitor that advertises their amazing website on the internet.
We at Wozawebdesign will help you create an amazing web design for your business, link it to your social profiles and assist in search engine targeted advertising. Don’t fall behind in the market, start engaging in it and eventually you will own it.

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Web Design and Online Presence

Let’s take a look at business today, where are our customers and where do they interact with each other. Social media right, they are sharing on Facebook, tweeting on twitter and so on. Conventional advertising, like road signs, printed media are dying out, people don’t want to take pamphlets at the robot and if they do they are throwing them on the floor in the car. People don’t sit and talk to each other anymore they will send message via some form of social media.

Your web design and online presence is therefore an important part of your business marketing and survival in today’s way of life style.
Social Web Design
Web Design
Just as technology advances in other fields such as cell phones, entertainment and business today, so does social media and web technologies improve, and very rapidly. Therefore, it is of the utmost importance to advance with the technology to keep your business on the edge of your competitors. Your web design should comply with the latest trends and technologies, so that you keep your marketing strategy in line with the growth of your business. With this said, if your business does not have a dedicated person working with your online presence then you are in trouble. We at woza web design offer great maintenance packages that will suite your business needs.
Social Media
Search engines monitor your social media activities and this influences your rankings in the search engines. Your following and your activity on social media can greatly advance your business interests. The American president knows this power and uses social media to engage with his following. Universities are now conducting courses in social media and that says a lot, this means that social media management can be a career choice. So sit back and think of all the damage that can be done to a business through social media, let take some of the business boycotts that have taken place in the past few months and the huge impact that social media had on these businesses. The same strategy can be used to promote your business. This is not a phase people are going through these are strategies that are very important in today’s business strategy, so if you do not accept and incorporate these business strategies then you will be left behind and your competitors using these mediums will be leading the field.
So Let's Recap
Your business should have a website with the latest technology and design. Linked to your social media profiles and have a dedicated company or person managing these advertising mediums. This is how you will become successful in new online era, everything is online and that is where we have to be, at least for now, who knows what the future holds.

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Drag and Drop website builder, with our hosting plans

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