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World of Warcraft 1.12 and 2.4
World of Warcraft 1.12 and 2.4


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It has been a while, and we're back. Read all about it in our development update now!
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Finally! Forums are available and with them our first official development update has been posted.

Join the forums, we are looking forward to hear from you.

Further updates will be provided every Sunday from now on.
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We'll be on a break till the 12th of July as the whole team is unavailable due to family or work duties for a bit. Further updates soon!
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Interested in being part of WowStack? If you're madly in love with vanilla WoW and want to help us bring it back, contact us!

Since we're close to opening up the project we are looking for more crazy people out there. Crazy as in having a substantial, nostalgic love for vanilla WoW which can not be considered sane.

Here is what we're looking for!

A community manager who will initially be responsible for supplying the community with regular updates on our work in newsletters, our forums and social media. You should be able to spend one evening per week to review our weekly development process on the development servers, take screenshots, gather updates and supply the community with updates. No tech knowledge required, we just expect you to have a text editor, and of course a vanilla WoW client.

Slightly more technical is our position for quality assurance. Yep, we do that :-) Basically you will need a browser and a vanilla WoW client and a penchant for research. The task itself is straightforward. You'll be supplied with a list of implemented features and content, and just have to try it out, and verify it against available resources for original data. Some will be web based others will require knowledge about databases (just browsing database content will be sufficient).

And finally we're looking for translators. As we want to supply English, German and French content we need people willing to help us translating game content from English to these locales, preferably native speakers.

So, if you love vanilla WoW, contact us via and tells us more about yourself.

P.S. currently there is no open developer spot but if you manage to convince us, we may open one just for you ;-)
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Fresh from the shelves: Warden checks extended to counter VanillaBotter. Only dead bots are good bots!
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As per popular request we will be opening forums soon. For starters be aware though that this will be very developer oriented.

The project has been in development for a long time, and as of now we feel like we have reached a level of maturity in our roadmap that allows us to involve more people into the project.

Our forums will initially be used for development discussions (previously being private) and also allow you to see what we are actually building, and where we are going.

Also - as this has been requested a lot - there will be chances for everyone to get involved in the project. While we're not yet fully open sourced, our long-term plan is to release everything once we reach our goal of a fully working vanilla server.

If you have any wishes, suggestions, etc. what you'd like to see next, let us know!
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Starting this evening we will kick off our effort to implement support for creatures and objects on transports. This will most likely be a few days of work, and we hope to show off some of it, too.

So what this is about:

Remember the last time you went on a ship or zeppelin with your pet and once it started moving, your pet sunk into the ground? Or this one time when you pulled a guard onto a ship, and the poor guy drowned?

That is basically it! We want to finally make any kind of NPC or mob able to move on any transport, and even while the transport is in session. This poses a few challenges as e.g. a creature might have to be transferred to new zones just like players, and also will make it necessary to calculate paths on transports.

Sounds mad? Well, you may be right. But it worked during vanilla, and we want to have this in. Further updates to follow over the next days as soon as our first implementation works.
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Know your way with videos? We're looking for someone interested in vanilla WoW able to make a few videos of our work. Ping us if interested!
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Finally! During opening cinematic you will now see creatures and objects. Exclusive on WowStack, no other vanilla server has this.
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