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Couldn't have said this better myself.
About Greece

I have, until now, avoided discussing the Greek issue.  I have allowed that, as an American, it is little of my business how the EU conducts its own financial affairs.

This was easy to believe, as long as it looked like sanity might prevail.  It is increasingly obvious this is unlikely to be the case.  While EU matters may be EU matters, the economy is now global.  What happens in Greece affects us all.

I am guided, in my opinion of this matter, by history, and there is no more poignant a piece of history to consider than Post WW1 Germany.  Forced to foot the bill of European reparations, the German economy was forced into crippling austerity.  A puppet regime enforced this, ultimately losing all credibility.

The end result of this program?  Hitler.  The Nazis.  This is no Godwin (reductio ab Nazi), this is history.  Hitler railed against the puppet regime, the crippling austerity, and those he blamed.  The people loved him for it, and we know the rest of the story.

It needn't have been that way.  After accepting a single reparation payment (to appease the public), the U.S. forgave Germany's war debts, and encouraged others to do the same.  They did not listen.  True, forgiving was easy for us, we never got attacked, but we were nonetheless right.  Not until after WW2 was our wisdom heeded, and as we all know, Germany and Japan are doing just fine.

Learn from this history, Europe.  Crippling austerity might give a visceral, spiteful satisfaction, but it guarantees worse things to come.  Greece can never repay that debt, we all know that, this pretense they can is a perverse song-and-dance from those who have forgotten their own past follies.  Forgive, restructure, and keep Greece part of a strong and stable Pan European Identity.

If your leaders cannot rise above themselves to do this, then I guarantee you, with absolute certainty, it will be remembered as the day the collapse of the EU into irrelevance began.  History repeats itself, and those who won't learn from history are doomed to repeat it over and over again.

Whatever faults and systemic corruptions may exist in Greece, to punish millions of Greek people for generations to come isn't just poor economic policy for a governmentless monetary union, it is frankly a crime against humanity, and one which I can assure you the Hellenic people will not easily forgive, regardless how their referendum vote turns out.

Remember, Europe, Greece gave you civilization.  Not collapsing theirs is the least you can do to repay them.

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Because the world can always use one more notes app

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Not a soccer fan, but this is amazing :-)

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Sneak peak of my spare time project that's nearing completion. #android #materialdesign  

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The first summary of net neutrality that doesn't put you to sleep.
This thing is important people!!

I hate gradle. Three hours of messing with settings and my project still doesn't compile and run with this crap.
Virtually no documentation, hardly any error messages, tons of hidden setup locations, yet another extra dependency that you need to manage, ... who came up with that shit?

This thing violates the simple rule of good tool design: common things should be very easy to do!
The amount of configuration just to run "Hello World" is more complicated than the statistics behind the discovery of the Higgs Boson.

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Thuis is The reason why The Verve stands out. They actually bother with fact checking and are not afraid to explain why some legalese looks the way it does. They seem to understand that everything is some shade if grey instead of black and white. Not bad for a tech blog.

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After Google Reader it looks like yet another good webservice is shutting down. A service should be something that you can rely on, and it seems like you can't rely on your favourite webservice being there tomorrow whether they belong to a big or small company.

We shouldn't we relying on these centralised solutions but create something where you own your data. Something that only shuts down when you decide to pull the plug. 

I am seriously considering replacing all google services I use with stuff I control myself. I just can't rely on them anymore:
1. Google reader gets shut down just out of nowhere
2. Google regularly locks me out of my gmail. Two days ago I couldn't access my account for half a day because gmail failed to reload once. Today I haven't been able to log in due to some weird "error number 56". It is not the first time I'm getting such an error either.

I run a lot of stuff through that address. I can't afford having it unavailable for an entire evening.

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You wouldn't steal a bear, you wouldn't buy a DRM chair,... 
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