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An interactive, graphical map generator for the popular indy game Minecraft.
An interactive, graphical map generator for the popular indy game Minecraft.

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We just released version 2.4.0 of WorldPainter. It has some small but juicy new features:

* There are two new selection modification operations on the Global Operations tool screen: "add to selection" and "remove from selection" which together with the filter settings allows you to sculpt complex and intricate selections based on the contents of the world
* It is now possible to hide the terrain type and the fluids (water and lava), or show just the terrain, hiding all layers. This is done with the new checkboxes on the Terrain panel. Deselecting "Show Terrain" will turn the surface entirely grey, hiding the terrain type and making layers easier to see. Selecting "Solo Terrain" will hide all layers. And deselecting "Show Water/Lava" will remove all water and lava from view, making it easier to see river, lake and ocean beds. Just as with the other "show" checkboxes: whenever the corresponding tool or paint is selected the layer will be shown, regardless of the checkbox setting. In other words: when you have the Flood or Lava tools selected the fluids will always be shown, and whenever you have any terrain type selected the terrain will always be shown
* The four terrain shaping operations (Height, Flatten, Smooth and Raise Mountain) now have an option on the Tool Settings panel: "Apply theme". When enabled (which is the default only for Raise Mountain), applying the operation will also reset the terrain type to the theme (the default terrain settings), as well as apply or remove any layers contained in the theme (such as the Frost layer by default)
+ Applying the theme now will also remove layers, where it would previously only add them. This only applies to the layers actually contained in the theme (by default this is only the Frost layer). Applying the theme happens when the new "Apply theme" tool setting is active, or the "reset terrain and layers to theme" operation on the Global Operations screen is used, or when right-clicking with a painting tool selected and a terrain type as the active paint
* Export and Merge operations are now done with low priority threads, reducing the impact on the responsiveness of the rest of the system. Please note: this does mean that if you start other resource intensive programs while WorldPainter is Exporting or Merging, those programs will take precedence and delay the Export or Merge operation!
* Directional lighting can now be turned off. This has been implemented by adding a fifth direction: "from above", which you can select by pressing "rotate left" once when the light direction is "north west" (the default), or "rotate right" when the direction is "south west"
* High resolution display support on Windows. WorldPainter now should use the full resolution of your high resolution (more than 120 dpi) display instead of scaling everything up two times on Windows. It's not perfect yet, so please let us know of any visual problems on high resolution displays. Note that as a result, visual themes are unfortunately no longer supported for high resolution displays on Windows

The high resolution display support is still experimental. Please let us know if you encounter any problems with it and we'll try to fix them as quickly as possible!

You will be offered the new version automatically when you next start WorldPainter, or you can download it from Let us know if you encounter any problems and please +1, share and enjoy!

We just released version 2.3.0 of WorldPainter, which fixes a few nasty bugs and adds some cool new features:

* Selection and duplication tools have been added:
  - The new Edit Selection tool allows you to add the brush shape to the selection (by left clicking) or remove it from the selection (by right clicking)
  - The new Copy Selection tool will copy the selection to a target location. The brush shape will change to the bounding rectangle of the selected area so you can accurately judge where it will be copied
    + There is NO CLIPBOARD! The copy is a live copy of what is currently in the selected area. Note that the target area of a copy may overlap the selected area and WorldPainter will do the right thing, but a subsequent copy will also include the changes to the area under selection
    + There is a new Tool Settings panel, which will show options for the Copy Selection tool when it is selected, allowing you to configure various options:
      o Exactly which aspects of the selected area to copy (terrain height, type, layers, etc.)
      o Whether new tiles should be created if the target area of the copy extends outside the existing tiles (please note that this cannot be undone!)
      o Whether the edges of the selected area should be smoothly blended into the surroundings, over a distance of sixteen blocks (two chunks) on the inside of the selection edge. Please note that this will make the copy operation much slower!
      o This panel may show options for other tools in the future
  - The new Clear Selection button will instantly remove the selected area
  - Note that all selection, copy and deselection operations can be undone like any other operation, except if new tiles had to be created for a copy operation

* The way Custom Terrains are configured has changed: instead of displaying buttons for all of them, buttons are created only when you configure a new Custom Terrain, similar to how custom layers work. To configure a new Custom Terrain, click on the + button on the Terrain or Custom Terrain panels. The Custom Terrain panel is now only displayed once at least one Custom Terrain is configured, again similar to custom layers
* In addition, the maximum number of Custom Terrains that can be created has been doubled, from 48 to 96

* More view options have been added to the Configure View screen (Ctrl+V or View -> Configure view...):
  - The painting of the Minecraft biomes surrounding the world can be turned off
  - The painting of the border can be turned off
  - You can now set a background image with various repeat and stretch options, which will be shown in the background of the editor wherever it is not obscured by tiles, biomes or border, and wherever the Void layer is painted
  - The background colour (visible wherever not obscured by tiles, biomes, border and/or background image) can be changed

* When trying to Export a world using the Populate layer, or the "allow Minecraft to populate the entire terrain" option, and the Superflat world type (including endless borders), display a warning that Minecraft won't populate chunks for Superflat worlds

* Custom objects which would extend below the bottom, or above the top of the map, are no longer exported

* The progress and error state of Export and Merge operations is now displayed on the WorldPainter icon on the task bar for Windows 7 and later
* In addition, there is now a Minimize button on the Export and Merge progress screens so you can stow the program away while it is working

* Bug fix: fix an error in the logic for supporting sand with sandstone which would result in the wrong kind of sandstone, and occasionally cause errors
* Bug fix: custom objects from Custom Object Layers added as floor layers to a Custom Caves/Tunnels Layer were not being placed on the solid floor of tunnels; this has been fixed
* Bug fix: the slope angles of repeating layered custom materials are no longer inverted every time the material is edited

You will be offered the new version automatically when you next start WorldPainter, or you can download it from There have been some big changes, so there could be bugs. Please let us know if you encounter any problems with the new features, or when loading existing worlds, and please +1, share and enjoy!

We just released version 2.2.5 of WorldPainter, which adds a few small features and fixes a few bugs:

* A new Info panel has been added, which displays more details about the block beneath the cursor than are already displayed on the status bar. Among other things, it shows a list of all the layers present on that block, and their intensities. It also shows the high resolution (16-bit) block height. It is behind the existing Brush Settings panel in the lower right corner of the window by default
* A function has been added for deleting layers which are not in use. It is located in the Edit menu as "Delete unused layers...". By default it selects all unused layers, but you can deselect any layers you want to keep before deletion. Note that if you unpaint all traces of a layer from the dimension manually it does not count as unused until you save and load the world, or you use the Global Operations tool to remove the layer (which is easier and more efficient than manually unpainting it)
* It is no longer possible to manually provide Minecraft jars when WorldPainter needs one, for example to calculate biomes for the Biomes Viewer. WorldPainter needs an installed copy of Minecraft, of a supported version and in the default location, in order to be able to display biomes or load saved structures
* The long terrain and biomes selection menus in the brush filter settings have been broken up into multiple submenus with no more than 25 entries each, to make sure they fit on small screens
* Bug fix: post processing to apply Minecraft block placement rules is now also applied to fixups (e.g. objects placed around region borders, after the regions involved have been generated)
* Bug fix: 16-bit (high resolution) height maps are now properly scaled, instead of being downgraded to 8 bits whenever they were imported at a scale other than 100%. The height maps process is now also more efficient, especially for large height maps

You will be offered the new version automatically when you next start WorldPainter, or you can download it from Let us know if you encounter any problems, and please +1, share and enjoy!

We just released version 2.2.1 of WorldPainter, which fixes a few bugs, adds preliminary support for Minecraft 1.10 and adds a few new features:
* Added preliminary support for using structures saved from Minecraft using structure blocks as custom objects in Custom Object Layers. Note that entities and tile entities are not yet fully supported
* In addition to fixed size borders you can now also set the border size to "endless" for worlds surrounded by endless water, lava or void. When you do so, WorldPainter will set the world type to Superflat, with the appropriate preset to generate the right border chunks. Because of this you will not be able to select a different world type when the border size is set to "endless". Circular worlds will now have their border set to endless void by default
* Added preliminary support for the new 1.10 block types
* The progress of Exports and Merges is reported in more detail, with separate progress bars per parallel operation and per task, so you can better see exactly what WorldPainter is doing and which part might be taking long
* The number of grid lines is automatically reduced when zooming out so that they are not too close together and obscure the view. They will not be painted closer together than 32 pixels, or the grid size at 100% zoom, whichever is smaller
* Support the Minecraft 1.10.2 jar for calculating the Minecraft biomes
* Scripting: filters can now apply to a single layer value, or any value lower than or higher than a specific value, by adding .withValue(value), .withValue(value).orLower() or .withValue(value).orHigher() after the onlyOnLayer(layer) or exceptOnLayer(layer)
* Bug fix: fix a bug which would cause the layer thicknesses of layered custom materials to change, every time you tried to edit them
* Bug fix: make previews of combined layers work
* Bug fix: fix an error which occurred when trying to import a height map into an old world
The new version will be offered to you automatically when you next start WorldPainter, or you can download it from Please let us know if you encounter any problems, and what you think of the new features or whether you have any questions, and please +1, share and enjoy!

We just released version 2.2 of WorldPainter, which adds some oft-requested features: importing height maps into existing worlds, and importing images as layer or terrain masks! We've also added support for Minecraft 1.9 and fixed a few bugs. Here are the details:

 * Added support for the new 1.9 block types
   + New terrain type: Grass Path
   + New plant types for Custom Plant layers: Chorus Flower, Beetroots and Nether Wart
 * Height maps can now be imported into existing worlds, and into other dimensions than the surface
   + Select Edit -> Import -> Height map into current dimension... to do so
   + You can adjust the scale and offset to import the height map into the desired location in your existing world
   + The "create new tiles" option, selected by default, causes WorldPainter to create new tiles automatically for the new land, if necessary
 * Image masks can now be imported to set the terrain type, or any layer of your choosing
   + Select Edit -> Import -> Mask as terrain or layer... to do so
   + Select an image, then select the target to apply it to (the terrain or a layer), then select the mapping (the method with which the image values should be translated to terrain or layer values)
   + WorldPainter will automatically let you select only targets and mappings which make sense for the image type and the selected target
   + For most layers, and for setting the terrain, you need a (real) grey scale (8 or 16 bit) or black and white (1 bit) image. A colour/RGB image which happens to contain only shades of grey is not a grey scale image and won't work!
   + The available mappings are:
     - One to one - this sets the layer value to the exact value from the image and can be used for the terrain, for discrete layers such as Biomes, and for continuous layers, allowing you to create masks which will directly set terrain or layer values
       o Targets for which the image contains values which are too high will not be selectable
       o For setting the terrain, the value should be an index from this page:        o For the Biomes layer, the value should be a Minecraft biome ID from this page:, or 255 for Automatic Biomes
       o Continuous layers support values from 0 (0%) to 15 (100%)
     - Full range - this maps the full range of the grey scale values (0 to 255 for 8 bit, 0 to 65535 for 16 bit) to the full range of the selected layer (0% to 100%)
     - Threshold - this sets on/off layers (such as Frost, Cave/Tunnel layers, Custom Ground Cover layers, etc.) only in those places where the image value is equal to or higher than the threshold you select
     - Dither - this uses the full grey scale range (0 to 255 for 8 bit, 0 to 65535 for 16 bit) to dither on/off layers
   + The Annotations layer supports importing colour images with an alpha mask
     - Where the image is transparent the annotation will not be set
     - Otherwise the annotation will be set to the closest colour
     - No dithering is applied
 * Support the Minecraft 1.9 jar for calculating the Minecraft biomes
 * Worlds can now be exported as a high res (16-bit) height map. Choose File -> Export -> Export as high resolution height map... to do so. This allows you to scale it outside of WorldPainter and create a new world from the scaled height map without losing WorldPainter's high internal precision which allows smooth editing, Smooth Snow to work, etc.. Note that this is not available if the world is higher than 256 blocks
 * Bug fix: correct the default ordering of Custom Ground Cover layers so that thicker layers once again export before thinner layers
 * Bug fix: make exporting the 3D view as an image work again on Mac OS X

You will be offered the new version automatically when you next start WorldPainter, or you can download it from Let us know if you encounter any problems or have any ideas or suggestions, and please +1, share and enjoy!

We just released version 2.1.5 of WorldPainter, which fixes a few bugs and has some nice little new features for custom objects and layers:

* It is now possible to change the order in which Custom Layers are exported, as well as to temporarily disable a layer so that it is not exported. You can do this on the new "Custom Layers" tab on the Export screen
* A new property has been added to Custom Objects: "extend foundation". When set, any solid blocks on the lowest layer of a Custom Object will be extended downwards towards the ground (or the first solid block) if it ends up floating in the air. This way you can give objects "legs", "roots" or "foundations" which will automatically be extended by WorldPainter to sit on the ground. The new setting is on the individual object settings screen, and by default it is turned off. You can change it for a number of objects at once by selecting multiple objects and pressing the Edit button next to the list
* The status bar now shows the slope of the land beneath the cursor in degrees, next to the height
* Slight startup optimisation (no longer hangs while scanning for Minecraft jars)
* Bug fix: the digital signature of version 2.1.4 was invalid because the certificate had expired, causing warnings and errors. Sorry about that! From version 2.1.5 the digital signature is once again valid
* Bug fix: plant layers no longer obliterate what is already there
* Bug fix: newly created worlds abide by the default "cover steep terrain" setting set in the Preferences
* Bug fix: the Custom Plants layer will now place dead shrubs on sand and hardened clay
* Bug fix: an error would occur when trying to run a script in WorldPainter which did not have a descriptor comment block at the start. This has been fixed; a descriptor is no longer required for simple scripts without parameters

You will be offered the new version automatically when you next start WorldPainter, or you can download it from Let us know if you encounter any problems and please +1, share and enjoy!

We just released version 2.1.4 of WorldPainter, which fixes a few bugs and doubles the number of custom terrain slots, a popular request.

* 24 additional custom terrain slots have been added, for a total of 48 possible custom terrain types
* Remember previously used directories better by working around a bug in Java on Windows
* Change the language of the donation page to English
* Bug fix: allow complete removal of layer with rotated brush, instead of leaving 1% behind
* Bug fix: allow selection of Roofed Forest M (157) biome

You will be offered the new version automatically when you next start WorldPainter, or you can download it from Let us know if you encounter any problems and please +1, share and enjoy!

We just released version 2.1.3 of WorldPainter, which adds a few small features and fixes some bugs, one rather nasty: the intensity sliders on the Caverns and Chasms, Resources and Other Layers tabs of the Dimension Properties screen would not keep their value, but creep slowly to the right. This has now been fixed: but PLEASE NOTE: if you use any of the "... layer anywhere" options on the Dimension Properties screen you should check your worlds and fix the intensities if necessary! Sorry about that.

Here is the full change log for this release:

* Annotations have been added to the brush filter "only on" and "except on" settings, in a separate submenu. You can either choose any annotations, or a particular colour. PLEASE NOTE: Annotations are displayed on top of everything else, which will make it seem as though nothing is happening when you paint "only on" an annotation. Hide the annotations using the "show" checkbox on the Annotations panel to see the effects
* The Merge world dialog has been slightly rearranged and reworked to make it clearer that "merge biomes only" always merges the entire Surface dimension and disregards any tile selection
* Bug fix: the intensity sliders for the "... layer everywhere" settings in the Dimension Properties no longer slowly wander to the right
* Bug fix: fix wpscript to make loading worlds from before version 2.0 work again

You will be offered the new version automatically when you next start WorldPainter, or you can download it from Let us know if you encounter any problems and please +1, share and enjoy!

We just released version 2.1.2 of WorldPainter, which adds just one new feature:

* It is now possible to Import and Merge the Nether and End dimensions!
+ The Import Minecraft Map screen now has checkboxes, checked by default but only enabled for the dimensions the selected map actually has, indicating whether you want to import the Nether and/or End dimensions. You must always import the Surface dimension
+ Similarly the Merge screen now has checkboxes indicating which dimensions you want to Merge, also enabled only for the dimensions actually present. Here you are allowed to skip merging the Surface dimension
+ Any dimensions you chose not to Merge are copied unchanged from the existing map
+ WorldPainter remembers which dimension(s) you chose to Merge the previous time, in the .world file
+ If you make a tile selection on the Merge screen you can only merge that dimension

You will be offered the new version automatically when you next start WorldPainter, or you can download it from Let us know if you encounter any problems and please +1, share and enjoy!

We just released version 2.1.1 of WorldPainter, a small amendment of the previous release with the following points:

* WorldPainter now remembers the ten most recently used worlds; you can open them from File -> Recently used Worlds
* The Minecraft world border is now displayed in the editor as a red dashed line. By default the border is very far away (thirty million blocks in each direction) and you will never see it, but you can adjust it on the Dimension Properties screen
* The image on the button of the currently selected brush is now rotated according to the current brush rotation

You will be offered the new version automatically when you next start WorldPainter (except please note: if you upgraded to 2.1.1 yesterday evening (UTC) you may have received a version which does not check for updates!), or you can download it from Let us know if you encounter any problems and please +1, share and enjoy!
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