honestly without i mean any rudeness, it is better to upload videos like me, rather trying to implement totally useless things like global menus

and they aren't just useless, they hold the whole software back, because application developers should take into account that someone else had the brilliant idea to create application menus, so they will get complains when they are going to break them

and that post extends further from global menus to HUD! which is a mechanism that actually exports menu items, and it doesn't need more than a 5 months old baby logic, to understand why this will fail

so instead of Linux desktop developers work on a standard API (at least for GNOME and KDE) so apps can export some "commands" that can be read from HUD-like systems (eg voice commands, search etc), they are still stacked on applications menus, that everyone drops!

and i mean everyone! global menus dont even properly work in macOS these days, apart from macOS specific apps!

and even worse than those developers, are the users! some of them at least, that they applause these BS :/

#kde #bs
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