+Christian Hergert is working on Language Server for Builder, currently on WIP


Lang Servers typically are language providers for validation, auto-complete, watchers etc, but they also provide a way to create custom providers.

The first plugin on this WIP branch is Rust provider. That reminds me, the Rust GTK bindinings on GTK-RS, if you want to have a look!


Meanwhile as you know next GTK will be GTK 4 (3.90) with an embedded (openGL) scene graph, and it would be interesting to see Builder been ported there, and the performance and visual benefits!

Hey, I just assume that Builder will be immediately ported on GTK 4, because you know, is the GTK Builder, and because Christian is the fastest programmer alive! But, dont shoot if, if it doesn't!

PS. Screenshot doesn't show anything from this new work! But there always must be a screenshot!

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