Chop Chop ..Done!

+Carlos Soriano merged yesterday Ernestas Kulik's patches, so from now on (GNOME 3.28+), GNOME Files (or GNOME desktop in general!) wont handle desktop icons!

i guess thats the new year's eve present from GNOME to +Mark Shuttleworth with lots of love! ..i already see Ubuntu holding back/patching Nautilus ..AGAIN :p

but hey! if you use files on desktop dont get upset! there is an alternative! if you go to the above bug report, you will read:

Use Nemo desktop.
"This is as of today is a more featureful desktop than the one in Nautilus, so probably it’s the best short term solution. It however has similar problems than the Nautilus desktop. You can read how to install it later on."

GNOME has gone to a whole new level! they actually propose to use Nemo desktop as an alternative! you never expected that, did you? :p

and in case you dont know what Nemo is, it is the File Manager of Cinnamon desktop, by Linux Mint ..oh, and it sucks!

just my opinion! 100% agree with the patches, due the technical problems, but 100% disagree doing it without providing a serious alternative option, even if i personally dont use them

#gnome #desktop
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