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there is an issue open about Flatpak support for Steam

for now it doesn't say much, but you can sub and follow! ..or wait me, that I already sub, to re-post anything new, because this is gonna be so GREAT!.. if it happens!

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+alex diavatis​ Yeah, but Ubuntu is "Linux". So, snap is the next "Linux" standard. 😁
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server down! server down!

apart that anonymous reviews and ratings are stupid and useless, it is even politically incorrect! only terrorists have something to hide! please give GNOME logins, please make all (non sensitive) server data public available!

meanwhile you noticed the treats between RHEL and Fedora? RHEL customers are some royal people, and Fedora users are third world ..Geez!

#gnome   #terrorism  :p
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I want to share something from my experience in Linux desktop projects that are not enterprise. And by enterprise I mean not large teams, or not enterprise support. In fact apart Red Hat and RHEL, I dont believe there is any other Linux Desktop that has a large team (for the size of such projects) including Canonical and the be loved or the be hated Ubuntu :p

A couple of days ago I uploaded a video showing how to update +elementary from daily. Then +Daniel Foré let a comment DONT DO THAT!! IT WILL EAT YOU ALIVE! ..and because my responsibility is unquestionable (LoL!) I had to re-share this! Daniel is elementary supreme leader after all :p

Then again, on another elementary video I had uploaded (I got plenty of e! ha!) I red a comment from a guy saying, "I have elementary for a couple of months and AppStore is keep crashing!"

Look! I'm not gonna make a case from a single comment, but I will share my own experience to make my point!

The problem with Linux desktop things, is that every main developer is working towards to the newer version, and that makes the patching and fixing of older or current versions issues, a very annoying and expensive procedure, that developers aren't really willing, or it is not feasible to do.

So the reason you see me using always the latest, at least on the projects that matters to me, isn't because I'm a junkie who needs the latest commit to get high, but because I find the "latest commit" to be better than everything previous.

Of course the "latest commit" sometimes can break things, and in any case you should be able to revert it. But also notice that the "fcked up commit" usually is very soon been followed by the "fixing one". So not a big deal!

In the case of "stable software" though, a bug can remain bug for months or even years ..if you use these weird things called LTS ..LTS my ass! There is not LTS support at all! Bugs just remain bugs for YEARS! Yeap, I'm highlighting Ubuntu here, that offers Long Time Support on things they don't develop and they cannot develop themselves, and upstream projects dont offer LTS!?!

..How they do that?!? LTS basically means we dont update things, so you will get used to and live with the bugs :)

I'm jumping to Fedora case, that I ditched for Arch. First I quit Fedora on 22 (starting at 15), then I started Rawhide till 25 (in parallel with Arch), and then I completely quit booting Rawhide.

Whats wrong with Fedora is what makes my point so strong. When a new Fedora release is out, everything is awesome. But the next few months things are getting worse and worse. And my guess is that Red Hat developers are focused on the next Fedora release, and they dont care about the current that much, even if they are supposed to provide 2 releases + 1 month support.

On the other hand, Rawhide is superb. However Rawhide goes completely to the other edge. For example they include Xorgs that aren't currently supported by NVIDIA drivers, and downgrading XServer in Fedora is really a pain in the ass! Or they ship development versions of GNOME, and sometimes (specially on the past) development versions of GNOME were quite buggy. Lately things are more stable.

So my recommendation, at least on things you are heavily use, is to stop using old versions or Linuxes that not update things in sync with upstream releases. And on the projects you love, get them from sources! You have a 80% chance to be, faster, smoother, better!

..and if an issue, just open it! Good projects have good developers (aka developers that care!) that fix things in a couple of days! As long as they are aware of it! ..and obviously is the only way to file a bug and improve a project! It makes not much meaning to open an issue, if you aren't using upstream! It might have already been fixed!

And if flatpaks and bundles? The case remains! Use the latest flatpaks, and sometimes the beta versions! For example Atom developers recommend to use Atom Beta, rather Atom stable!

And about development, databases etc etc, that is the main thing that someone will use Linux at first place, it REALLY DOESN'T MATTER! Those things will work exactly the same everywhere, in any Linux! So don't be bothered about those that much, when you're going to choose a Linux!

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+Stephen InGermany First you format your drive .. :p
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if you use GNOME Calendar, there will be a new view for you, in 3 months from now! The code is on master for 324 release

..the code and the bugs :p

#gnome   #calendar  
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lame lame Lollypop :p

on 1:10 with super speed I press F9 to stealth my Windows stick from Files sidebar, and on 2:06, LoLLyPoP makes it so VISIBLE! Like is gonna play songs from Windows10 image! haha! LAAAAME!
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+Gurkan Huray ah yeap! that shell theme isn't very good :(
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FINALLY!! One of the biggest annoyances in GNOME is now GONE!!

While you're cooking, RecipesApp won't let your PC to go into sleep or lock the screen! Oh God! That was so annoying!

Also for making Spring Rolls, go to Tesco and buy 1kg fresh TEST DATA! Best Spring Rolls recipe EVER!

Apart the joke, the app itself is very well made! Useless, but well made! Useless because it is missing a web-service. At least for now!
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+Marcel K Dude! RTFM! It is not allowed to use more than 2 Nautilus instances, and it is not allowed to have more than 3 tabs open on any GNOME App!

It is like you're overclocking your CPU by 200% and then complaining to Intel why it burned!

PS. Okay that joke wasn't as good as the previous, but it can stand I believe :)
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aha! GNOME Devel on Arch was updated!

So in case you want to give a try to GTK4 and Vulkan renderer, or openGL if your pathetic (ha!) card doesn't support Vulkan, all you have to do is to add this

Server =$arch

..or watch a video how to!
okay, I cant find my own video ..but anyway, just add the above on the very top of your repo list and it will work!

#archlinux   #gnome   #gtk4  
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+Andres Fernandez Perfect ! i will give it a try :)
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Two things!

A. Solus goes Flat -Awesome?

B. Solus goes GTK 3.22!
(this weekend!)

About A personally I had no doubt. It makes 100% sense! But about B here's a quick thought!

GTK 3.22 is gonna be the last GTK3 version, and if there will be a 3.24, it is going to be a maintain thing, without new things introduced.

So the question is how fast the projects will move to GTK4 (or GTK5 that will be available in ~2yrs), and specially the big projects that use lots of custom widgets, like Budgie, Pantheon, Mate, Gimp ..or if GTK3 will become the new GTK2 ..I doubt, but you never can be sure :p

#solus   #gtk   #flatpak  
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+John McHugh On the stability issue gimp wont be ready either :P
They plan to release 2.10 this year I believe after a 4 year dev cycle but that could be after the first 3.90 release or maybe the second. Added to that gtk4 will be marked as stable during their next dev cycle so it may not be as big a stretch to start the gtk4 porting work during the 3.0 dev cycle
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now people on my YouTube channel are so confused! because even if i have OSX-like icons they can't call it OSX because I have Windows10-like panel, and even if i have Windows10-like panel, they cant call it Windows because i have OSX-like icons! Isn't my plan so diabolic? :p

meanwhile i really dont get all this work people do for OSX like themes on GNOME! Guys you won't find better OSX theme than Adwaita! 6 years experience in copy and paste on what Apple does! Just change the window controls and you are done!! And this is not trolling! I kinda like it anyway!

..and also! if you use Adwaita GTK theme, try it together with La Capitaine icons! It's like one completes the other! I cant imagine why!
(also it has very active development!)

#gnome   #icons   #themes   #osx    #windows10   #wannabe   #variousstuffanyway  
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Some things I get questions often in a super long 7 minutes video ..because I was in a rush to make short cool screencasts :)

So long that I couldn't watch it my self and I playlisted it :p

0:00 - How to burn bootable images
1:12 - How to move windows from anywhere
1:40 - How to change default GNOME Files locations
3:15 - How to create "A New File" nested templated from GNOME Files
5:05 PowerLevel9k theme for ZSH, and Git indicators! Super super useful!

Files locations is bugged! Try it and you'll see! but as always I deny to use Bugzilla :p

#gnome   #various   #stuff  
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+Stephen InGermany but they never were removed.
it depends. If you need a repeatable file, it is useful. For example you can set a Blender template, so you open Nautilus->Videos -> Blender, then new Blender Template, and it comes faster than opening Blender, change settings and save as.
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just 3 things I forgot to demo on my previous Dash To Panel video

1. Icons on the tray
2. App Menus on App Windows
3. You can add indicators normally as on top panel

And the video, that is slow with fast (and loud!) music!

#gnome   #shell  
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+Lars Ivarsson exactly why this! imagine that even if lots of my videos are not available on devices, mobiles views in this channel are over 20%
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New shortcut in Files
<Ctrl+M> can now be used to rename a file, for keyboards that don't have Function keys
(<Ctrl+M> will work together with F2)

And a very important info to know, Function keys (13 in total) were firstly introduced in 1965 on the Singer/Friden 2201 Flexowriter Programatic
(no idea why I checked on that one!)

#gnome   #shortcuts   #files  
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+Anass Ahmed Aah.. So it's back.😃 Just lost it's shortcut I guess.
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