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Look something fantastic! KDEnLive is now available on Windows 10 ..since Jan 13 and version 16.12.1!!

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I'm not saying Kdenlive will conquer the Hollywood, not even will have some massive use among hobbyists, since the competition is way too high, but it is one of the few open source programs on its kind available in Windows. Actually, and strictly on its kind, I think it's the only one?

Lots of thanks to +Farid Abdelnour for bringing that to my attention! It was soooooo much of un-expected, because I had Googled for it a couple of weeks ago, and it wasn't there! So after Krita, now Kdenlive on 10! From KDE people!

And obviously I will YouTube that!! I just quickly sharing! So excited to share that! Even with 10 days delay! Sorry!!

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There's also shotcut on windows, not most stable from my memory...
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I just wanted to explore the full capabilities of #windows10  including their #chat   #support I had so much laugh with #iceT  clip in the end!

but seriously, imagine the same question in any Linux community! How we change our DNS to Google's public! Everyone would answer, EVERYONE, and in the same time, MS support department point us to Google support!

Open Communities Support is the best and by far! MS is wasting resources having these guys answering!
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+alex diavatis​ 😀
I guess that with studio you can doar this . From what i was reading was that the free one is the basic version. If you want to do more advance stuff you need to apendicita some $$$. Also you have the posibility to use this shit wich cost 30k😂
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a favor please! can you leave a comment of any open source UWP app you know of? I want to get some and make a video on them! For now just the VLC on Windows10 if you haven't seen it!

#vlc   #windows10   #opensource  
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there was an background changed Shell extension, that I had also open an issue, that the guy fixed it a week ago, and I wanted to demo it, but I didn't find it :/

however I found Desk-Changer, which allows profiles, and each profile can load different wallpaper sources and cycle them periodically.

but if you watch the video, you'll see this isn't about the extension! This is me challenging you!

#gnome   #shell   #wallpapers  
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okay now i got what happens!

You create a new recipe, then you save it, then you export it, then you open a request on and you attach it, and then the Recipes maintainer (thats +Matthias Clasen ) is pushing it on master!

so you realize this is mostly a GTK demonstration application, rather a real app. At least till it gets a web-service with logins. And even then, there will be again some major issues!

A. When you cook is more likely to use your phone for reading a recipe, and GNOME (and GTK really) isn't on phones

B. Who in Linux does really care about cooking? Yeah, there are always exceptions!

C. Assuming that this app will be available on Windows (that have more cooks!), I'm telling you, Windows users they wont install anything outside of Windows Store, and UWP apps in general. Apart the games and professional apps!

Speaking for the app itself, it is probably the best thing (regarding its kind) under ...excluding the missing web-backend that makes it not useful though.

I'll upload another video on this, to watch (if you haven't already seen it) how well made this app is and in a very short development time!

#gnome   #recipes   #food  
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+eru san LoL @ "Something!"
That reminded me! 2 weeks ago I ordered a free Fedora DVD! Did you know that Fedora is mailing hard copies on homes for free?

It was a fantastic package! ..I would do a live unpacking on YouTube ..but THEY DIDNT SEND ME ANYTHING! They sent me something! The same something you'll get from GNOME :)
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one of the most requested things for GNOME Shell on Windows 10 :p

Just in case you dont follow Windows 10 news! I think that came on 15007 build, my build is 15014! But in general if you dont have Windows, and aside if you like them of not, they have AMAZING HUGE DEVELOPMENT! Almost every week there are new and major things! Apart the File Manager, that still sucks :/

PS. Edge rocks! Seriously!

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+Gurkan Huray so you could say Apple copied the UNIX kernel then changed it.... Sounds familiar.... 
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I just installed DaVinci Resolve, which I'm not sure whats the case in Linux it available but you have to get the paid version? Anyway, I installed Resolve and ..this is the best looking video editing program I ever seen!

So, I had this stupid idea to take a single screenshot from the default view of each video program I have!

In Windows I got
DaVinci Resolve
HitFilm 4 Express (the compositor view)
Adobe Premiere
Adobe After Effects (the worst interface of all 4)

In Linux I got

I was thinking to make a 30s each app video, doing the exact same thing, and show you whats the major differences between these 7 apps on something very basic ..but just having one screenshot from each app, it will do!

Also, to mention Natron that I forgot to screenshot, and I cant use anyway (node based, and extremely complex), and there is also Lightworks available in Linux, which I dont like at all. And node based too!

Btw from all these programs, the only you have to pay for is Adobe, which is ~30EUROS a month (on student account) for the Creative Cloud (including Photoshop, Illustrator etc).

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Henri T
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one more Windows10 post ..but it is very interesting! Check this out! On 15014 build (released Jan 19 - fast ring) MS introduced book sales via the Windows Store!

Okay, now the really interesting part! When you buy a book, the book will be available to read from a new option on Windows Edge!! How, impossible smart is that? And two weeks earlier, MS also introduced a blue light filtering that makes reading easier on cold (lol) nights!

If MS will manage to move the profit from Windows10 sales, to cloud, like Bing, One Drive, Cortana, GIS and Windows 10 Store, I'm pretty sure they will start open sourcing Windows ..and they will get much much more great development! ..and ofc open source in general, will get a huge huge boost too!

And those who have Windows10 and read the feedback HUB and Windows news, they know that Windows10 have extraordinary development!

#windows10   #books   #edge  
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+Erfan Ta You missed the point of the post! It isn't about the bookstore. It is about Edge and how things work. For example, instead GNOME Books app, that is totally failed by design in 2017, this is how things should be. Your Books on the cloud, and the web browser for reading! In GNOME's case Epiphany.

This way, you also boost your web-browser use, which is the most important part of the system. You need people to use your web-browser. GNOME needs to "force" people use Epiphany, or alternatively they can totally drop the development.
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one of the videos I should stop uploading! I left a comment on YouTube about this ..not that it matters, but anyway!

#torrents   #linux   #web  
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+ed dy of course I know! I'm subbed on Liri Shell on Github, I read the issues and build it regularly!
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I'm resharing this from +OMG! Ubuntu! and you probably have seen it, just to highlight a comment there by Gripsgård, the guy who's working on porting Android Apps to Ubuntu Phone.

So he says
"It’s not really a silly idea when people can use millions if not billions of apps, and they even can use them in desktop mode. When Microsoft can’t compete with Android, how can we? We need to accept and use their apps.”

First I want to highlight the fact that we should learn to accept some things. An effort without results, it is not an effort at all. Meaning that as a Linux user, I see huge effort on things that won't bring any results. It is obviously not possible!

Second and regarding this effort, whats the reason at first place to use Ubuntu Phone for running Android apps, and not just buy an Android?

While you can say, that will boost Ubuntu Phones market, it really wont. Ubuntu Phone needs funding, and funding comes from two sources.

A. The app store (and app ads), so Google Play in Ubuntu it will only make Google richer, and leave Canonical still unable to pay for developers,

B. and then from hardware sales, and Canonical cant build their own hardware. They need 3rd party vendors. And you see that today all big software companies are investing on hardware and hardware research. And the opposite. Hardware vendors to invest in software.

I dont know how much Canonical earns from each Meizu device sells (was selling by now), but I guess it is something really really small. And phone in desktop still needs lots of technology years to be feasible! Gimp on Ubuntu Phone is a demo, not reality. Amazing no doubt, but not real world scenario.

To conclude, if Linux Desktop and Ubuntu Phone want to have a bright future, they need to convince their users that they should donate on the projects, they need to deliver real innovate solutions (and not innovate menus!!), and for sure they need their own apps and web-services!

If GNOME uses Google accounts on GNOME Online Accounts, who really gets the benefit? GNOME or Google? least Google funds GNOME back on GSoC :p

#ubuntu   #phone   #gnome   #android   #google  
Ubports developer Marius Grispgård has revealed that he's working on a way to run Android apps on Ubuntu Phone using Sfdroid.
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i re-reshare this 6-months old video made in close (very close!) collaboration with +Per-Johan Halsli and me, to notify Johan that we reached the 100 likes and 4000 views!.. which are extraordinary numbers for this channel!

also so far, 22 reshares ..and the astonishing 31 subscriptions driven?!?

#viral  --> LoL!
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+Per-Johan Halsli I hope you have a very good excuse for not commenting by now, like you're dead, or at least you are in the middle of the dying process ..and not simply ignoring me!!
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I quickly uploaded this, because I open an issue and then +Gerald Nunn asked me for a trace, and then I was embarrassed enough to ask him back how we produce backtraces in DLang!

So if you don't want to come in the same embarrassing position, this is how you need to build Terminix for debug ..or for release anyway!

#terminix   #gnome #dlang  
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I think I have brought at least 10.000 new PowerLevel9k users with my videos :p
the PowerLevel9k guy has also included a video of mine on ..but I want for months to make a new one! Just lazy!
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