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Angel Di Maria scored in the first half on a counter attack. Real Madrid leading 1-0 against Barcelona at the half.

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lol barca defence is a comedy show.
lol,lol,lol.....2 ring circus full of clowns....hilarious shit, really!!
D Stone
Bale great goal 
Now Real can stop saying that the Refs dont want Madrid to win ha-halamela!
For all u haters. Saying Barcelona will win. Fuck u, n suck a big fat dick. Real madrid #1
I don't know but it looks like an offside ...pinto ate the 2 goals..
real madrid is the best no moor .
That was an absolutely right goalll. Congrats to Madridistaaasa
Glad Real Madrid won.  I've gotten sick of Messi and his drama.
Don't care about El Classico at all (English footy fan ;)) - the guy is miles offside from this perspective.
Simple the era of barca has ended.... time to clearout and rethink....and Leo must find a nee club and reignite his passion and zest....maliase has set in

It was really disappointing. Barca went back to their Aletico mind set. Ronado was physically not available (due to injuries) and Messi was mentally not available. After Bartra's goal Barca became more confident and I really did not expect Bale's goal, it just went too fast. If only Neymar's goal after that went then, it could have went to penalties.
Barca got robbed for the first goal 
Open your eyes it was offside 
That's because Barca got robbed 
Oh shut up, and the last two games where the games were fixed, Neymar dives, gets ramos sent off, 3 penalties, ronaldo's foul doesn't get called, The least barca deserved was to lose, and bale surely lived up to his expectations, #halamadridcopa2014  
It shouldn't be a penalty for Ronaldo it was outside the box sure Real Madrid didn't win anything last season 
The cup Real Madrid won is the first and last
+Greg Barashyan wtf are u talking about..Ronaldo foul was called and it had to be a freekick not a penalty..
Cr7 is a diver just like neymar...Most of the time referees don't believe's their fault for being cheaters
Well it doesn't matter now does it? Madrid are ahead, They won the copa WITHOUT Ronaldo, and if anybody (including Barca) beat athletico, Then madrid move up to first.
+Greg Barashyan I know it doesn't matter but u brought it up..I prefer that barca lost that's last game so athletico wins la liga
I know..Messi is better but Gareth Bale is closer to Messi then ronaldo
Messi comes in times u don't expect so believe and u will see the glory 
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