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Robin van Persie scores the goal of the 2014 FIFA World Cup thus far

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رؤؤؤؤؤعة بيرسي 
D Stone
Spain taking a battering at the moment. 
Goal no.4,unbelievable,Spain ..1st time in their history , they are not used to humiliation..
Must be one of the greatest goals ever made.
Amazing game van persie n robben tore Spain apart. Spain shocking in defence and don't look hungry in this tournament but its only the first game yet so can improve. Well done Netherlands 
Kim Isa
Wonderful goal.
Zeng W
Flying Dutchman!!!
David T
The 2 Robins are off to a flying start.
wat fuck spain dont give a shit
Holy shit spain.....der jx got fuck
Now that's what I call a Flying Dutchman.  Awesome start to the world cup for Netherlands.  HUP HOLLAND, HUP!!!
And here boys and girls, we see the infamous "Flying Dutchman 
For me one of greatest of all times.
Amaaaaaazzzziiinngggg... Good job persie
Tiki-taka against direct football 1:5!!! This sounds good!
Should have been 5 - 0 ... freaking divers
Third game in and already this is a contender, and probable winner, for the best goal of the finals. Everything was present, build up skill, foresight, athleticism and the technical ability to place that header was beyond words!
S Ss
brilliant goal! The Netherlands played a fantastic game and successfully broke Spain down
Don't like him...,but excellent goal indeed
best strikers in the world ...RVP 
Brilliant performance for Netherlands! A stunning goal for RVP.

M. Sami
I scored the exact same goal last year in a friendly game with some amateurs ... no one cheered for me :(
That's why they call them the flying dutchmen
What a great goal. This surely would be the goal of the tournament. 
It was a nice goal but Roben is a Serial killer!
They will play atleast Semi
M. Sami
It's all about physics :)
I think rvp is good at it :b
i was goin fr spain but dey sucked yesterday
fantastic goal, good job R.V.P
I was amazed at that goal when I saw it on TV. Great goal, only the first out of 5 goals for Holland, a huge turn-around from the 2010 final.
Great goal. The one Cahill scored against Holland was just as good though.
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