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Demba Ba scores the decisive goal to send Chelsea through to the UEFA Champions League semi-final!

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Well they take them however it comes
And they say chelsea has no striker.... semifinal now great
i said the cold would break these guys...........cngs to us all
Chelsea V Real Madrid ;-) semi final 
Hate to see Chelsea moving on.. They won't make it to the next round.. There are much better teams out there that would put chelsea to shame.. 
+Omar Benitez
What u talking about lol where are those teams lol good question. Home watch on TV lol like us 
+Omar Benitez That's what people said in 2012, but when the dust settled, Chelsea was the last team standing.  I'm not a Chelsea fan in any way, but as long as they remain in the tournament, they have just as good a chance of winning it.
Chelsea vs Real Madrid.. Now that's the match I would love to see in the Sami final. Mourinhio vs his old team where he fail to provide a champion league trophy. 
And now chelsea to real madrid a game to c
if torres was there, im sure he will miss hahaha
lt was a divine intervention, Denbe Ba kudos for msking Chelsea proud. Goodluck d Blues.
IT was a Once more into the breach kind of stuff...Well done for keeping attacking the French again and again.Never giving up..Brilliant just magnificent!
Mourinho's a top top bellend. 
Now back on that bench ba ...
Ekuluma Demba!!! Hahahaha... Chelsea!!!
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