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Stevan Jovetic opens the scoring for Manchester City against Chelsea in the FA Cup with this inch-perfect goal.

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Hazard legends play in the pitch not with the media, one good game and you compare yourself to Ronaldo and Messi? Boy you are not even in Super Mario's league
I can see a repeat of last years FA cup final on the cards. Could it be a city vrs wigan final. Hopefully a different outcome if it is.
Revenge is best served as cold dish.......hahaha.Lol
wonderful team, wonderful players, wonderful victory 
This time round i guess mourino has no excuse to defend himself...
People say yay chelsea out because they know if we won today we would go all the way not like city losing to wigan I see a repeat!!!
Chalsea must also learn dat ather teams are nt weak, nice day Maurinho.
City is the the best all the wayyyy!!!

Pathetic. I am so disappointed with Chelsea's form today.
Mou Wins He Brags N Loose He Makes Xcuse N Complains Like A Bathered House Wife...Oh Da Officiating Poor, Hahahahaha..
Man city are a great team to watch with the money at their disposal how can they not win every cup if they give 100% they should win everything Bayern Munich should only be their only hurdle forget barca n real
Jose needs to be applauded for he's tactics cause their as no excuse for the loss the other week jose done a number on city the other week
If jose was the manager at city I bet they would win every cup available the guy won the champions league with Porto 
Pathetic, Andrew Noonan? I wonder how we won the Champions League with practically the team we have now, and how we are currently second in the best league in the world...
Jovetic great T_T but I like Chelsea >"<
its no excuse, city rested ahead of chelsea from the mid week, so city had advantage. Mourinho, deserves city's respect beating them home and away. He is right when he said "they should be talking about champions league. Mou, has never said chelsea will go far rather a little horse. When he finishes findtuning the team he inherited, people will have a course to keep quiet and applaud his performances. I believe in his words, if he dear says he will win, he stands to fulfill it. when he is not sure of winning he praises the team that plays better, that is the character of a good coach. ln the league, mou, said city will attack and likewise chelsea. he has always made the media lively. he remains one of best tacticians and the only one. 
+Andrew Noonan : ya, and him used Man City very good for F.A cup.
sorry, I say no good english, because I from VietNam
Chelsea will champions Premier League <3
Well done man city!! Man city rules!!!!
Can I dare say nowadays Man City plays like 03/04 unbeaten Arsenal? Players are always running forward, balls are passed forward and penetrate opposite defenders. I am not a Man City fan but I think they do play some tight and elegant footballs. Pellegrini does know how to roll football.
poor stuff frm chelsea...but they will bounce back.
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