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It's a startling image, but the question is... is the person an Everton fan or a Manchester United supporter?

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um,, one step forward two steps backward for Manchester United  under david moyes..
Manny O
Lool. Interesting question. With the rubbish season they've had, I bet it's the latter
+Ahmed Bilal Dar doesn't matter how much time you give him. He is rubbish as a manager. The only way united will be a force again is to get rid of Moyes. The quicker United wake up to that the better. "Oh Sir Alex picked him". So fkn what. He made a big mistake didn't he. Wake up United. 
As Gooner, this is hilarious. If Moyes is sacked, who'd replace him?
The thing is though, Sir Alex had a terrible start when he took over as Man United manager. He was on the verge of being sacked, and I think it was six years into the job that he actually won something. Now he's one of the greatest managers that has ever lived.

Now, I'm not saying that Moyes will become the greatest manager who has ever lived, but if it took time for Sir Alex to do well at Man United, it will definitely take time for Moyes to win a major trophy. Man United need to give him more time, in my opinion.
+International Football seriously? come on. What did Moyes do with Everton in 10+ years. Nothing!! Now Martinez has them flying. He's going to do the same with United. Nothing!! Sir Alex had to rebuild. Moyes inherited a title winning side. Sir Alex knew how to manage and get the best out of and use his players. Moyes doesn't. That's the difference. Tactically he is inept, and his player choice has alot to be desired. United are doomed if Moyes stays. 
I just heard from numerous media source and the source that broke the news about sir alex Ferguson retirement that that loser is going to get sacked moyes is going to get sacked he's going to get sacked pack your bag and go away if that turns out true I'm throwing a party and unlimited free meals and booze. 
+Manny O who knows as long as he's going I'm throwing that party I love that team and he ruined it. 
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