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Goal of the day so far? Here's Alex Tettey's screamer for Norwich against Sunderland.

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Nice goal but didn't you see Rooney's today

Glory Glory
Yeah....much better than that fat bastard goony.....!!
Rooney is definitely not just goal of the day but goal of the season.. 
Rooney's goal was shite.... Like his hair transplant....
fuck off rooney looney he was lucky
Rooney was better. Pure instinct and clinical. Tettey was a good 1 Def more hit n hope tho. Could gone anywhere. 
+mega ste guess you are Arsenal/Liverpool fan. If a player from a team you support would have scored that, you would have gone ballistic. -_____________-
Amazing Saturday full of goals ..Rooney's goal gets top spot for me. 
This one is the better goal. Yes Rooney goal was impressive, but the keeper was terrible. At Tettey's shot, the keeper had no chance. 
Rooney's was easier because the goalkeeper was out of the goal. Tettey's is more difficult because it was a volley, he was being challenged by an opponent and the goalie was in goal
I think people who are saying rooneys goal was easy should try hitting the ball 56 yards from the net....then talk.... :P
Yeah. And with a goalkeeper. Not sure the ball will reach there.
No one is under rating Rooney's goal +sumith p we're just comparing two goals
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