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World Leaders Forum Dubai
Global Initiative, Think & do Tank - Sustainable World in Peace
Global Initiative, Think & do Tank - Sustainable World in Peace


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Congratulation Mister +Maxim Behar - great to connect w u - kind regards +Madame Sabine Balve founder and president of +World Leaders Forum Dubai and +Global Tolerance 2017
The new business season starts and I would like to say: Welcome to ICCO - the largest and the most influential Global PR community.

Click the picture to watch the video!

If you did not subscribe to our Global PR Summit in Helsinki on October 5/6, please hurry up to do it at and also - countries, which are not members yet are welcome to contact me...:)

It is great opportunity to be aware of the latest news of PR and Social Media world, to share knowledge, to participate in ICCO Global PR Awards, to be part of the modern business!

#iccopr #publicrelations #icco #summit #globalorganisation #summit #awards #pr #ethics #international #MaximBehar
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1. Part of Madame Sabine Balve WELCOME KEY NOTE SPEECH 4 #Peace at #UnitedNation, #UNITAR HQ held online - and was going ahead into a FREE Speech in the second part in front of #Generals and f. Deputy Secretary General of #defends department #America (who served all presidents of america!) Follow up brainstorm meeting 8 hours for White paper
Also present #Nato representatives and H.E. Dr. Talal Abu Ghazaleh (former deputy chairman of the #UN Global Compact)
Her KEY NOTE speech as a "Voice from the Middle EAST" - a #German #Christian #Female, WHITE FORCE in the Middle East #ME
and with Questions and Answers later in front of Audience (2.Part) AFTER the Welcome Speech!
In Support of #WomenEmpowerment #GenderEquality #Planet5050 #SDG #UrbanGender and a UNITED World of Tolerance and Peace!
Madame Sabine Balve, Founder & President of Global Initiative
World Leaders Forum Dubai - Global Movement
Earth Ambassador Award by World Leaders Forum Dubai
Global Citizen Club by World Leaders Forum Dubai
‪#‎WOMENEMPOWERMENT‬ ‪#‎SDG‬ ‪#‎Planet5050‬ ‪#‎GenderEquality‬‪#‎IWD2016‬
‪#‎UrbanGender‬ ‪#‎IMFGender‬ ‪#‎UNHABITAT3‬
‪#‎UNWOMEN‬ ‪#‎ChangeAgent‬ ‪#‎WomenLeaders‬
‪#‎Dubai‬ ‪#‎AbuDhabi‬ ‪#‎UAE‬ on the way to ‪#‎Expo2020‬
Special Thanks to Dr #Linton #Wells II - former #CIO, Department of #Defense in #USA, serving Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense in America through two administrations of both parties, both the Democrat Bill Clinton and the Republican George W. Bush (51 years for gov. of america).

Thanks for his visit ... during 8 hours Debate about a White Paper draft, we explored our views about #Sustainable #Peace #Military #NatSec #Policy #resilient #Cities #Urbanization HABITAT3

Many thanks to Dr. Linton Wells II for his ambitious engagement!
(Pictures coming soon of him and myself as the founder of WORLD LEADERS FORUM Dubai, GLOBAL THINK / DO TANK - "Vision for a Sustainable Future" Slide)

Further Topics of the intensive exchange:

1. How to reduce pressures for #migration and #radicalization through "Sharing #Economy" Initiatives, Building #resilient Opportunities in #Culturally Aligned #Diverse #Environment #Projects.

2. Mutual aspiration such WORLD LEADERS FORUM DUBAI, Global Initiative and my impact as a positive 'WHITE FORCE' in the Middle East .. for Peace building and STAR TIDES PROJECT and other global associations

3. My passion for Human Development Worldwide and impact on the Global community as a 'German Female Christian Voice' reporting LIVE from the Middle East. My personal experience in the Middle East during the last 10 years as a credible German Female Christian 'Witness' speaking about the Muslim Society not only UAE as well the rest of the middle east and my views about Islam as a peaceful religion.

My Global Outreach & Global Exchanges in the CYBER WORLD in order to reduce radicalization trends in Europa and America and to Stop #ISLAMOPHOBIA by Encouraging Cross Cultural dialogue between EAST and WEST ..... to UNITE PEOPLE, all Nations, all Religions and all Ethnic backgrounds Globally, as ONE HUMAN Society with shared Human Values with my Global Movement named "World Leaders Forum Dubai" and the Global Citizen Club "Ponte Del Mondo" with more then 25.000 global members!

4. About 4.0 industrialization and NEW Technologies #Robots #AI #3D and the impact of this inventions on Global Society, and the near Future.... (expectations next 5 - 10 years) ....

WE LIVE in EXPONENTIAL Times, due to the exponential growth of innovation in technology. The growth of such progress will increase in the next years to come, creating disruption in many aspects of our lives, and how to prepare a soft transition during disruptive times

As the Chair of the Futurist Board of the LIFE Boat Foundation and by leading my Global Movement with the Name "World Leaders Forum Dubai" i gathered more then 155.000 global members and i m surrounded on the board by brilliant brains such as i.e. Google Director Ray Kurzweil and his co-founder Mister Peter Diamandis, Co-founder of the Singularity University and founder of X-Price and other Nobel Peace Awards and GENIUSES on our planet

The World in 2050 - Inspirational speech at the World Government Summit in Dubai - expectation are that 40-50 % of the current jobs will disappear, this is what we have to focus on

Many thanks again to Dr. Linton Wells II for the ambitious meeting, for the encouragement and inspiration to continuo the great work!


About myself, ( Madame Sabine Balve ) - please connect - i'm the Founder and President of:

1. World Leaders Forum Dubai - Global Movement
an (independent) Global Think and do Tank with more then 155.000 Global Members and

Global campaign about Global Challenges & Opportunities of the Century with the objective of Creating, Selecting and Promoting of thousands of ‪#‎EarthAmbassadors‬ for ‪#‎Humanity‬ ‪#‎Sustainability‬ and ‪#‎Peace‬

2. Earth Ambassador Award by WLFDubai
- some of my / our humanitarian + sustainable work of our earth ambassadors

3. ‪#‎GlobalCitizenship‬ Club, WLF-Dubai “Ponte del Mondo”

4. Madame Sabine Balve - Public Profile
#‎Vision‬ Sustainable #Future for all and #World #Peace!
Addressing #GlobalChallenges21stCentury AND #Opportunities

#GlobalNetWorker #SabineBalve #ChangeAgent #WomenLeader #GlobalChangeMakerAfrica2015, i m awarded and appointed to numerous international boards of many renown organizations,

You find me also on:
* Twitter @SabineBalve @WLFDubai @ToleranceFaces
* Pinterest #WLFDubai
* Linkedin: World Leaders Forum Dubai and Sabine Balve

More on

* the website will have an update shortly about the NEW MISSIONS since the World Humanitarian Summit 2016 is over, - successful - thanks again to Mister Ban Ki Moon @UN secretary general and the #Turkey government, who made the World Humanitarien Summit possible #ShareHumanity
It's an honor to support the sustainable development of #TheCityWeNeed as one of the main contributor of the #URBANTHINKER for the main conference #UN #HABITAT3 in #Quito, October 2016 #TheCityWeNeed recognized by UN, Body, World Urban Campaign as a NEW creative #Urban Solution 2050
#Dubai #AbuDhabi #UAE on the way to World #EXPO2020
WE are Connecting Minds and Creating the Future

Many thanks for connecting, you all matter !
Warm regards, Madame Sabine Balve X, (◡‿◡✿)
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Monsieur Gaven Gregorio Di Nobelino - 1er Prix de la Tolérance Marcel Rudloff 2017 - #Strasbourg, #France

"Enfants de France"

"Professeur d'Arts Plastiques à la vie, je viens de réaliser avec mes élèves de collège ce clip vidéo qui porte un message de tolérance et d'espoir... Nous sommes honorés et fiers d'avoir gagné le Premier Prix de la Tolérance Marcel Rudloff 2017 (Concours proposé par le Rectorat de Strasbourg à tous les collèges et lycées d'Alsace), nous avons été récompensés de ce titre lors d'une cérémonie dans les salons de Madame la Rectrice de Strasbourg en personne)."

► Plus de 100 personnes (élèves et équipe) sur le tournage du clip vidéo
► Un grand MERCI à tous ceux qui ont contribué au clip !
► Le Studio d'Enregistrement (Arrangements) : César Medan
► Aide Chorale : Michel Maggay
► Redingote Costumes : Kati Durand / Costumes et objets
► Photographes plateaux : Tania Kagan
► Cinéxo
► Karen Meyer - Coiffeuse/Maquilleuse-Kar Act Hair
► Tous les Rôles, la Figuration et Silhouettes qui se sont donnés corps et âmes mes élèves du collège Saint-Exupéry et du collège Bel Air de Mulhouse
► Monsieur Kula le Principal du collège Saint Exupéry qui m'a fait confiance

► A tous encore une fois MILLE MERCI !!!

Dédié à l'association Marcel Rudloff et à tous mes élèves


#EarthAmbassador #EnfantsDeFrance #1erPrix #Tolerance #Peace #Gaven
#SabineBalve #WLFDubai #Dubai #MyCityDubai #Expo2020
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WORLD LEADERS FORUM DUBAI, Earth Ambassador - OVUM 4 Future, video presentation of Mister Armin Kölbli

#EarthAmbassador #Ovum4Future #OVUM4Peace #Peace
#SabineBalve #WLFDubai #Dubai #MyCityDubai #Expo2020
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Congrats to our NEW Earth Ambassador - OVUM 4 Future 🌹😘✌️ Mister Armin Kölbli, his report about OVUM EGG at German TV:

#EarthAmbassador #Ovum4Future #OVUM4Peace #Peace
#SabineBalve #WLFDubai #Dubai #MyCityDubai #Expo2020 
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During the (*Memorandum of Understanding) Official Ceremony, +Madame Sabine Balve at the left side of His Excellency and other officials such as the secretary general of the energy department of Dubai, UAE - Mister Najeeb Zafraani and the president of the New York, NGO - signing the agreement based on the INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY of Madame Sabine Balve (copyright by Madame Sabine Balve) as the Author of the conference agenda and sole negotiator of the whole MOU negotiation onside in Dubai UAE.

(6 Months, full time work 24/7 with her team, she had financed upfront as of the emergency of FUKUSHIMA (which happened at 11. March 2011) and her direct updates (melt down,melt thru) already at the second week after the accident by high ranked influentials from Japan and by the top scientist Dr. Helen Caldicott (who has 30 honor doctor for her exclusive studies of chernobyl and the impact at the health of people thru this accident).

There was NO TIME left Madame Sabine Balve who had set up already think tanks at that time of high caliber scientists and other influentials to debate HOW to encourage world wide governments to globally collaborate to help the world by helping Japan to solve this disaster - the way forward was by global collaboration ... of all nations - since this was and is effecting the health of millions of people

Until today ongoing with 300 tons of contaminated cooling water, which get released into the ocean and effects the wildlife of fish there - our food channels of the pacific .. the health impact of people especially the northern hemisphere for the future is ongoing ......

Based on Madame Sabine Balve's 24/7 work over 6 months period with her secretary and her generosity (although she was at that time heavily effected by the global financial crisis to finance this with her assets which were actual meant to be used to pay her own obligations - as a true humanitarian and global citizen and a women leader and mother of one son and grand mother - she had ONLY one choice simple to give it all as a "mother for all children" of the northern hemisphere ...

Based on her copyright intellectual property (conference agenda, marketing plans etc. and all her negotiations till to HER official LETTER to His Highness to ask him for his honorable patronage) and based on her financial upfront finance to make this MOU happening (which were never compensated by nobody) this conference was agreed, also was agreed in point 2.9 of the conference agenda a Global Movement Campaign (which madame Sabine Balve also financed and worked full time 24/7 - 2012-2014 - to make the objectives of a sustainable energy future for all (the slogan of the UN year 2012) happening.

Based on her World Energy Agenda 2012 - with the Slogan "A Forum for World Leaders" also coined by her - and copyright by her on all paper of the negation mentioned also her 500 + emails with the gov. authorities was sole only done thru her and her private emails.

The name of the NEW Global Movement Campaign was: World Leaders Forum Dubai - as the conference was in Dubai in October 2012and the slogan coined by her for this emergency conference was "A Forum for World Leaders"

Her call and Agenda asked the leaders of UAE to invite all UNITED NATIONS, Member countries (193 head of states, minister of energy departments and head of states, PM, Presidents or Kings etc) to join this emergency conference.
on short notice joint 60 gov. head of states - thanks for your contribution!

Madame Sabine Balve would always do the same again ... although she was never compensated for her tremendous work - as a true humanitarian standing up at a moment of EMERGENCY such as FUKUSHIMA was and is until NOW is the obligation of EVERY ONE ON OUR PLANET

Madame Sabine Balve has no legal connection and distance herself from the NY, NGO and founder. She wish them all luck but has rejected to work with them.

She has met the founder only once in her LIFE during the MOU official celebration and sign (based on her efforts and tremendous work and based on her intellectual property with copyright symbols)

To the history of this contact: she was contacted by this NGO from NY ONLINE (via email and Skype) as they had heard of her SUCCESSFUL EMERGENCY THINK TANKS (period of March 2011 - August 2011) where she had joint in tireless work worldwide scientists and wealth and influentials in order to help Japan. She was known at that time as of FIRST hand information of the melt down and melt thru and her deeper knowledge of the drama of this ongoing accident

There was a previous MOU existing with authorities of Dubai with this New York NGO (which was expired as the NY entities had not delivered) the internet media report about this MOU gave Madame Sabine Balve the confidence that all must be OK and as she was asked to be the sole representant of this NEW MOU negotiation (by SKYPE call and emails) she agreed (although there was no budgets existing from the NY NGO to do this.

Madame Sabine was to concerned as she knew the impact at the health of millions of people thru the release of radiation by air and water as that she could have started to see this as a COMMERCIAL ACTION - it was an EMERGENCY SITUATION - which had to be solved DIRECTLY and NOT one single MINUTE could have been wasted - she would always give again EVERYTHING also her last assets ........... to serve HUMAN SOCIETY and OUR PLANET during such a Global EMERGENCY .... this made her meantime to a kind of "holy saint" she is countless awarded and asked to become an honorable member to many influential international organizations and boards of people and org, who would do the same like her ... to give her last belongings to protect children and families of our planet (especially the northern hemisphere) this makes her to a HEROINE / HERO

and there was until today not one dollar paid to her
from the generous payment made towards NY of 10 million $ (although this NGO had not done one single contribution not in work and not financially for this MOU, also not for the global campaign Madame Sabine Balve had paid upfront)

BUT Madame Sabine Balve will and would do this always again ... its her obligation and ethic and moral to serve our planet and our people worldwide!
(especially during such EMERGENCY situation - we can't be always greedy thinking only about ourself sometimes we need to do MORE for our people and our planet - and for our children - as we need one time to look in the face of our BIG POWER above us and report what we have done here on this planet and it feels good when you can say: YES, i did something - i did NOT closed my eyes ... and i served as a Global citizen the greater good of all our children - instead of closing the eyes and ears and NOT doing anything ....

Keep in mind we have ONLY one Planet and this is OUR ONLY HOME - there is NO PLANET B, so once this one is destroyed then we can't run away more
or at least the options mars and moon are still NOT in place ... maybe we should work on this ?? :)

God bless you all - i don't regret anything what i did to help our earth , X

#MYCITYDubai #Dubai #MyCityAbuDhabi #AbuDhabi #UAE
We love you so much ...
For our founder +Madame Sabine Balve it was also a heart mission to see UAE as a World Leading Country of the HIGHEST #Ethic #Moral in the Global Community of the United Nation, 193 Members countries

Madame Sabine Balve's independent Think and do Tank is recognized is as an creative #URBAN Solution for the city, we need in 2050 - when our planet has 10 billion habitants standing for a sustainable future for all
with a world in #peace ... Ramadan Kareem, God bless you all!
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