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World Jet Inc

$2.80 / Gallon Of JET A 
$5.10 / Gallon Of 100 LL AVGAS
Now Phillips 66 Branded Dealer!
Come get your WINGS Points with every purchase!

$3.10 / Gallon of Jet A
$4.55 / Gallon of AVGAS
As of 02/18/2015
Volume Discounts Available

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2200 Year Old Terra Cotta Soldier - New Edition to the Lobby At World Jet - Come See Him!

This original terra cotta soldier was originally painted. When the tombs were opened the painted surfaces had deteriorated to the original clay as they are seen today from inside the tomb. An artist here in the states painted this soldier to match his original colors and theme from the Xian Dynasty over 2000 years ago.

Let us know what you think!

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