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Quick survey: Which of these stats do you find more surprising?

a) Women account for over 60 percent of the world’s hungry.
b) Hunger contributes to five million child deaths each year in developing countries.
c) Asia and the Pacific region is home to nearly two thirds of the world’s hungry people
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c) for me, but does north korea skew this?
Sam - Although there is hunger in DPR Korea, it's not a huge factor overall - the entire population is around 25 million. There are an estimated 578 million hungry people in Asia and the Pacific.
that's quite shocking, i'd always consider it an increasingly developed region, but inequality comes into play no doubt... that's a terribly high amount of people....
Definitely c. I knew that Asia was over 50%, but I had no idea it was 2/3 of hungry people. Living in a Western society, I often forget the signifigance of Asia in world affairs. But with the rise of China, that will soon change.
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