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Unemployment is the global problem. From Romford, London to Riga, Latvia, the pictures are same. It’s not that the person is not educated enough. In London, the Oxford and Cambridge University is located. But you need to know, from where you get the job.…
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Easy Way To Hire Staff - Workers Direct
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How to Identify Fake Jobs

Poor job hunters! The stress of trying to find a job in this poor economy that matches our skills and salary requirements is hard enough. But unsuspecting job hunters now have another battle to contend with - JOB SCAMS and FAKE JOB OFFERS! No - they may not all be looking to rob us of our money but they are certainly robbing us of one commodity that can't be replaced - TIME!
Scam job offers are all over the Internet as creative web scammers are finding a way into our lives. Craig's List scammers are especially prevalent because the job posts and listings are free. You probably get the money scam spam emails that say "Make Money on Craig's List"! Well the money they are making is most likely at our expense. Millions of people every day are searching job posts online trying to find the perfect job. Everyone would, ideally, like to work at home and make lots of money or work for a company that allows telecommuting. Interestingly, these perfect job offers are all over Craig's List!
If you go on Craig's List looking for a job - be forwarned! There are many posts that aren't jobs at all - simply evil ways for people to make affiliate money, to get you to sign up for their service or a money scam that gets you to accept fake bank deposits. The fake job posts are everywhere, in every city, for all job types - especially looming in the part-time job category. Craig's List is a free post system so it is a big attraction to scam artists from across the country. I tested a few of the postings to see if they were legitimate. To my dismay - very few were real job listings. It is a shame because the few real job post ads have to be entaggled with all of the bogus crap jobs.

20 Sure Signs that a Job Post could be one of the Craig's List Job Scams
It has a generic, over-used or vague job title. Admin Assistant or Customer Service Rep are popular ones.
The jobs that indicate that "Telecommuting is Ok". This attracts many people and gives them more responses.
They fail to list a specific location for the job - i.e. they list no location under the city or area that you are searching.
They list a salary or hourly wage that seems too good to be true or too specific like $13.64 - 34.23 / hour. What the...?
They list it as a government job.
They post a job with a title that doesn't match the description.
They use strange sentences or misspellings.
A search for that job title in Google - example "Admin Assistant Craig's List" and comes up in many other cities with the exact same job post. Because Craig's List is free - they can easily post the same bogus job post in every city.
If the description has a bunch of exclamation points and promises high income in one week.
If the description boldly states "No Experience Necessary" but has a promise of high pay.
There is no job contact information. A quality job post will tell you who to email or give you a valid company website.
A link that is to a home business or multi level marketing opportunity website. This isn't a JOB - but a business venture. If you were looking for a home business opportunity you would have searched that category.
A link that redirects you to another site.
A link that takes you to a job membership site and asks you to register.
A quick response to your email inquiry that tells you they have reviewed your resume when you didn't even send it.
A quick response to your email inquiry that leads you to another website that promises you more job openings - like government jobs. Click after click - nothing but a time waster...
A response to your email inquiry that asks you to sign up for a web-conferencing service so you can be part of a training call.
A response to your email inquiry with a name and company that does not exist.
A response to your email inquiry from someone in a foreign country looking to hire people in the United States to handle accounts payable or receivables.
The same auto response to all of your emails. There isn't a real person at the other end of the email account.
Tips on How to Avoid Being Scammed by one of the Fake Job Offers
If you suspect that a job post is bogus - follow some of these guidelines to avoid spending much of your precious time and energy.
Send a generic inquiry first. Do not send your resume right away. Do not waste your time on a cover letter and reformatting your resume for a scam. Tell them you are interested in the job but would like to know more about the company and the location. Be sure to ask who you should direct the resume to.
Search for that job title in Google - example "Admin Assistant Craig's List" and see if it comes up in other cities with the exact same job post.
If they reply to your email. Check the name, company and website. Always check to make sure the company is a real company before you continue to waste time pursuing the job offer. Do a Google search on the company name or contact name to see if they exist or if there are any complaints written by others about this job offer.
Check the website address they give you. Does the website seem legitimate or does it just redirect you to another site? If the link is something like "". Check the main website by taking off the "submityourresume.asp" and search the "" to see what the website is really about. If it is bogus it will have nothing to do with the job offer or the company.
Never pay money for anything. Never give your credit card or bank account info. Never open a bank account for a foreign company!
How are the Craig's List Scammers Making Money?
I figured out a few but I am sure there are many, many more!
When they send you to site that asks you for a membership the site they send you to is usually a job listing site that promises you more job listings if you subscribe. When you subscribe the sender will make affiliate money or get free traffic to their website.
A bogus Government Job site that is all Google Adsense ads or affiliate links that takes you nowhere and finds you no job! They make money every time you click in frustration. They also make money if you click an affiliate link and sign up or subscribe to a service.
A creative person came up with idea of having their job candidates sign up for a web training call using a web-conferencing services that pays for every person who signs up. This person will get paid if you follow her instructions to sign up for the web call. In the case that I found they get $3 for every person that signs up for a 14 day trial and another dollar amount if they actually sign up. This "company" then delays the call so you are forced to hang on to the service and pay for it - allowing them to make more money from you.
Foreign countries looking for Assistants in the United States that are honest! They promise you the moon and the stars but really just want you to open a bank account - collect checks (that will eventually bounce) and make payments. You make the payments thinking the money is really there and then the check bounces. Because it is overseas you are stuck and liable for the money!!
This isn't so much a scam but is misleading and happens even in newspapers - a great job position is advertised but it may not really exist. It actually hooks you up with a headhunter who will offer you lower paying jobs down-playing your experience or credentials.
Postal Service Jobs post with promises of high pay. The problem is you have to buy the test and course materials to be able to apply for these jobs. This is from a company not affiliated with the U.S. Post Office. They do tell you that but are quick to take your money for something that is actually free.
Very scary - although I never ran into this - if you think you have a legitimate job and supply them with a W-4 that has your personal information including your social security number. Could a job scam post lead to identity theft? Probably... so beware!
Update -- 2015 New Scams Found!
When I first saw the ads for people to sell on ebay I thought "wow! I can do that!". Then I thought, "Wait....why can't they just do that...". In one ad the guy said he went over his quota on ebay and couldn't be bothered opening a new account BUT was willing to give you half of his profits for using your account. Interesting isn't it?
I imagined how this would work. They give you the ad and pictures to place on ebay (doing all of the work for you) and you place the listing under your account. Someone buys the item and you get paid in your Paypal account. The person says they shipped the item and you give them 50% of the profit. I imagine they they never ship anything or if they do it is crap. You then get a return request or a complaint and ultimately have to refund the full amount of the listing. The other person is long gone with 50% of the "profits" and you are left owing money. Sound like a situation you want to be in.... I don't think so. In summary...if it sounds too good to be true is. Simple as that.
Ebay and Amazon Sellers Wanted

Compensation: Up to 40% of Profits We are a Wholesale Distributor of Cellular Phones, Electronics, and Accessories, looking for qualified sellers to list our products from home. Make UP TO 40% of the profits working from home. We supply the inventory, distribute and fulfill all orders. Perfect for full time or for making extra income in your spare time.

We carry Iphone, Android, other Cellular Phones, and accessories. Must have your own Ebay and Amazon accounts.

Serious replies only. E-mail or call during business hours - 10AM to 6PM Monday through Friday
This is probably an ethical question rather than a concern about being scammed. You are being paid a small sum to be scammed of your morals. In these ads people would like you to write reviews for various items and they will pay you per each review. Assuming they actually do pay you. Huh? How do you write a good review for something you haven't seen, used or no nothing about? I imagine you are just writing crap. Great....that is what we need more crap online and bogus reviews. You don't want to be a part of this.
I found a number of ads telling you about ways to make money online when AGAIN they are just affiliate links or links that serve them and not you. Note the examples below. They are coming pay per click sites that anyone can access. Are they really hiring you to do a job? No these people are just using the free Craigslist posting to promote their link which gets them points on the site or money for each sign up. Don't waste your time on these.
Experienced Mystery Shopper
Compensation: $25.00 - $50.00 per audit plus reimbursement A mystery shopper is a person who visits an establishment (typically a retail store, bank, restaurant or other such places where the public does business) for the purpose of observing and measuring customer service, product quality and the environment of the establishment in general. Pay rates range between $25.00 - $50.00 per audit plus reimbursement for expenses incurred while performing the audit.

Please respond if you are interested and provide name, city of residence, email address, cell phone number, and indicate whether or not you have Mystery Shopping experience.
Get Paid to Click Online Ads - Join Free (telecommute)
compensation: Commensurate with task Get paid to click on advertisements! Millions of people are doing it to make extra income! Copy the link below and paste into your browser for more information on how to start getting paid to click online advertisements.

Don't wait, take action now and get paid to do something you're already doing!

Do not hesitate to contact us via email about additional opportunities
Get Paid for Sharing Your Opinion (telecommute)
compensation: Commensurate with task Are you currently getting paid to share your opinion? If not we can show you can start to earn money for sharing your opinion and completing micro tasks online! What you think does matter! Copy the link below and paste into your browser for more information on how to start getting paid to share your opinion.

Don't wait, FREE TO JOIN; take action now and GET PAID for your opinion!
Job Post - Bank Account Fraud - Scam Example
Job Post Title: Accounting/Admin Clerk/Bookkeeping or also listed as: At Home Assistant
Job Description:
Maintain accurate record and documentation of account receivables and/or payables on behalf of the company.
Make light accounts payables on behalf of the company.
Accurate documentation of Company files, duplicate bank slips and checks.
Proper recordings of transactions that involves you.
Make payments to any of our branch offices where shipment of product originates, as you will be instructed to.
Keeping Company's information very confidential.
Making orders if contacted by clients and keeping tab on all order- documents that you make.
Respond to customer enquiries (internal/external).
Job Benefits:
Good communication skills.
You will earn an enviable monthly salary of $5,000.
You have salary option of Monthly or Weekly payment after your three months
probational period.
You will have opportunity of benefiting from our Fringe benefit packages, e.g., A pre-paid trip to our office in Manchester UK, Selected South American Locations or any of our shipment
locations all around the world with free Lodging accommodations.
You will work for approximately 10hrs a week.
You will not have direct supervisor though we do not appreciate abuse of this privilege.
10% bonus is accrued to you for processing payments successfully or forwarding a
successful order to the company on behalf of any of our clients/customer.
Job Requirement:
Good communication skills.
Efficiency in use of MS-Word and MS Excel.
Quick decisive mind and good work ethic.
A little knowledge of Documentation.
Own a verifiable mailing address.
You must be a fast-paced learner.
Easy adaptability to new challenge
We are looking for employees who satisfy our requirements and will be a competent assistant to the company, now limited to ten candidates.
Email Reply to my Inquiry:
Dear Applicant,
Thank you for your recent online application received on our Craigslist's Ad.
Welcome to THE REAL WOOD FURNITURE COMPANY. Please be informed that your application as been received and it is receiving consideration by our Human Resources Unit.
We are REAL WOOD FURNITURE COMPANY. We have branches all over the world consisting of small subsidiary companies.We act as a medium of goods and services exchange between sellers and buyers (That is we help small businesses to sell their products abroad as well as help buyers receive their goods and sellers get their money in due course). Our main office is in London England, while our executive branch office is located in Bell Garden Califorina USA.
There are basically four segments of the Company, They are:
1. REAL WOOD FURNITURE pre-Columbia arts.
2. REAL WOOD FURNITURE gallery of Levantine arts.
3.REAL WOOD FURNITURE African arts and Statuettes.
4.REAL WOOD FURNITURE Museum quality arts.
We also supply these services: Italian Marble Fireplaces, Brazilian custom made leather funitures, French wall paintings, Austrian door etches, etc.
We produce quite a range of Artifacts and Antiquities, which includes but not limited to Urns, Vases, Plates, Jewelries, Lapis Lazuli Necklaces, Clay rhytons, etc.Our goal is to always provide fast, personal, and professional service leaving our customers with a sense of purchase satisfaction. We provide a wish book for those looking for that vintage something special that may not be in stock at the time.
Historically, telecommute Employees form 37% of our total Employees number all around the world. This is as a result of the amount of demand garnered by our products around the globe. We therefore seek new employees periodically to meet the increasing demand of our product.
We simply desire the best services in our Employees both Telecommute (Work from Home) and regulars.
We are glad to offer this job position to you. To take up this job offer, send a blank message to us at or Give us a call at +447045716280,02071178345
Acknowledging this job and we shall proceed with your application process.
Yours sincerely,
Brian Dixon (Human Resources Manager)
Contact Details:
Brian Dixon (Human Resources Manager)
The Real Wood Furniture Company
Address: London House,
Oxford Street,
Woodstock, OX20 1TS,
United Kingdom.
Telephone :+447045716280 ( UK Agent)
02071178345 ( UK Agent)
323-657-5937 (USA Agent)
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Teacher supply agencies across the UK are being forced to search as far afield as Canada and Singapore to plug school staffing gaps as a result of a shortage of fully trained recruits, reports
However, strict limits on work permits have meant that up to 60 teachers recruited from the USA scheduled to start work in September are unlikely to turn up - as they have been refused permission to work in the UK.
Tish Seabourne, Managing Director of education recruitment agency TimePlan, said she had written to Education Secretary Nicky Morgan asking her to lift the ban: “I just fail to see how in any way a special needs teacher from America is going to damage the UK economy if they come over here to teach. Yet when we applied for the Tier Two visas (the necessary work permits) in June - we were told the annual quota had been filled.  It was the same story in July.”
Both TimePlan, which has around 1,200 teachers on its books in any given year, and Aquinas, a growing agency based in Nottingham with 200 teachers, have also been trawling for recruits in Canada. Australian and New Zealand are also being targeted.
Recruitment to the profession has been hit by a “four times whammy”, according to Kevin Courtney, Deputy General Secretary of the National Union of Teachers.
“Firstly, as the economy picks up, there are more opportunities for alternative employment. Then there is a need for more teachers because of the demographics of the rising pupil population.”
“Thirdly, people are leaving because of the workload. The annual workforce statistics showed a 10,000 drop in the number of 50-year-olds still in teaching in the last four years to 75,500 in 2014."
“Fourthly, there is what they have done to the pay system. We’re facing a freeze limiting rise to 1% over the next four years - and they’ve stopped automatic progression through the pay scales.  It is only a minority of teachers who made pay progression last year,” he concluded.
Craig Anderson, Education Managing Director of Aquinas, said: “We’ve gone for English speaking countries first and Singapore because of the quality of the maths teaching there. We’ve certainly seen a gap in the market this year and schools are struggling much more to fill places. The main problem is there is a lack of respect for teachers and a lack of earning potential.”
“I do explain to those teachers I recruit from abroad that unfortunately there is a massive workload and there is a disrespect for teachers.  Teachers used to be held in respect like doctors but not anymore.”
Ms Seabourne added that her company has always recruited from abroad - but was having to step up its efforts as a result of the shortage of trained teachers now available in the UK: “It’s not just maths, chemistry and physics teachers we’re short of. It’s geography, special needs, and even early years in London because of the increase in the population.”
In her response to Ms Seabourne, Mrs Morgan said: “Teaching is a hugely popular career with more teachers in England’s classrooms than ever before and record levels of top graduates entering the profession.”
“We are clear that no sector should be automatically turning to immigration to resolve workforce difficulties.  As the Prime Minister has stated, we need to reduce the demand for migrant labour.”
She added that no jobs on the shortage occupation list - which included maths, physics, and chemistry teachers - had been refused permission to work in the UK.
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