I'm beginning to feel like flat-earthers and creationists need to be punched as well. They're trying to destroy the basic idea that ordinary people can reach an accurate understanding of the world around them through critical examination of evidence, that we don't need shamans or priests to tell us what to believe -- and that's one more path to the same place that Nazis want to take us, with all truth being centrally dictated.

Someone please tell me why this is a terrible argument.
Don't Rock The Boat Baby

Respected Scientist booted from Wikipedia after espousing Intelligent Design..How dare he not think life "Just Happens" naturallllly.

“This whole process of trying to delete Dr. Bechly proves the small-mindedness that prevails these days and the threat deep thinkers like him pose to certain members of society. His interpretation of Origins issues are his personal business. He is an outstanding academic and scientist in his own right; if he hadn’t changed his stance this wouldn’t even be an issue,” one anonymous user wrote, going on to summarize Bechly’s contribution to the field of his expertise.
read more: https://www.haaretz.com/science-and-health/.premium-1.823247
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