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Wood Resources International LLC
Internationally recognized forest industry consulting firm.
Internationally recognized forest industry consulting firm.

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Are you familiar with "biomass torrefaction"?

Question: "I need a short answer, why should I subscribe?"
Answer: "Good data helps you to make good decisions and to avoid mistakes. Was that short enough?"
Question: "Yes, thank you!"

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Our Market Briefs provide excellent, summary information. You can also sign up to regularly receive them! #woodprices

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How do you like to review data?
- Just the numbers please
- Visual Charts
- Text descriptions

Are you a former subscriber of Wood Resources Quarterly? Send us a message today to find out why it's a great time to come back.

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With a few exceptions, sawlog prices were lower throughout the world in the 4Q/16 than they were in the previous quarter.

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A market is doing well when you start reading stories of theft. #woodpellets

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The nice thing about data is that in our interconnected world you can use and access it from virtually any location. That's true in the office, on travel or stuck at home due to the weather.
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