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WoodBlocX is an exciting concept in garden landscaping, perfect for raised beds, retaining walls, herb gardens & more -as featured on the Alan Titchmarsh Show!
WoodBlocX is an exciting concept in garden landscaping, perfect for raised beds, retaining walls, herb gardens & more -as featured on the Alan Titchmarsh Show!

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We recently helped Sean to develop his allotment with some lovely new raised beds. Take a look at our video.

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Don't forget when your weeding your carrots not crush the foliage as it attracts Carrot Fly!

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When we spend so much time helping our carrots, cauliflowers and cucumbers to grow it would be a real waste to let the pigeons get in there for the first bite!

Crop protectors allow you to defend your veg against invaders, but make sure you choose a net that matches your needs.

Shop online at

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Ground Elder can be a real pest, and a tricky one to get rid of when it takes hold of your vegetable patch. But if you follow these quick tips you should be able to banish it from your garden in no time.

The key thing is to make sure you pull out the whole root, not just the plant itself. Each section of the white fibrous root will grow back into another plant, so dig down and make sure all the little pieces are taken out to.

Then check back to the same area a once or twice a week for the next 4 weeks to make sure no more pop up.

For more hints and tips, check out our channel on the WoodBlocX website -

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WoodBlocX Landscaping was approached to transform the outdoor dinning area of the Sanchez Brothers restaurants in Bristol, and working in collaboration with Jekka’s Herb Farm were able to help them to deliver a welcoming and fragrant area that fits in with their look and feel.

We produced 22 planters consisting of 1255 BlocX and 3942 dowels. We prebuilt the planters at our warehouse here in the Highlands of Scotland before shipping them down to Bristol. The benefit of this? The whole install took place in only 5 hours, and with an early start the team got the work completed before the restaurant opened for service.

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Managing forests and woodland is nothing new – in the UK we been managing our forests for thousands of years already.

It is akin to the more common place agricultural farming in many ways but on a far longer time scale. On average it takes 30-50 years before trees are ready to harvest. In actual fact if we look over the North Sea to Scandinavia the farmers are also the foresters. As in Scandinavian countries the farmers plant crops and farm livestock in the hospitable basins of the valleys and plant trees to harvest on the inhospitable hill tops.

In the UK we are seen as leaders in sustainable forest management aiming to maximise productivity without forgetting the importance of maintaining and expanding our wooded areas. The life cycle of wood - from the growing of seedlings, to planting, managing and harvesting the trees, to the processing of the raw material to produce thousands of products from timber to paper to WoodBlocX and renewable energy products is vital for sustaining the vibrant industry we have here in the UK.

WoodBlocX is proud to support the UK forestry industry, sustainability and our woodlands. So join us in not taking our woodland for granted!

You can read our full blog on "Why Our Forests Matter" here - and you can find out even more information, or check the facts at the links below: - ( -

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3 years ago the WoodBlocX team collaborated with Cath and the Edinburgh Botanic Gardens Education team to bring their vegetable gardens to life.

We helped them build a area of six raised beds for the wide variety of education programs Cath and the team offer. These cover everything from young nursery groups all the way through to adult groups, and have been put to good use over the years with a wide variety of crops grown across the beds.

We had the pleasure of catching up with Cath and Pilrig Park School pupils to see just what they have been doing with the WoodBlocX.

To find out more about the educational opportunities available at the Edinburgh Botanics visit this link: - 

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Home Farm is located in the village of Cambusbarron, south west of Stirling and just 6 minutes from the city centre.

This peaceful and picturesque village dates back to the Bronze and Iron Age and is close to the historic area of Gillies Hill, not only the site of an Iron Age fort believed to have housed the camp of Robert The Bruce prior to the Battle of Bannockburn, but also home to a variety of wildlife such as Roe Deer, Peregrine Falcons, Red Squirrels and Buzzards.

WoodBlocX were chosen to add a decorative and practical retaining wall to the back of the new builds. The retaining wall measured 48 meters in length with a height rising to 850mm. We had to incorporate a step into the wall as well as a slight curve to take into account the undulating back.

The combination of the stone wall at the top of the bank and wooden retaining wall makes a really nice feature that when planted, will help bring to life what could have been a dark and uninviting space.

You can see more on the project in our blog post here: 

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WoodBlocX is once again a Gold trusted Merchant!

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It's Valentine's day on Sunday and we've got the perfect gift for that special someone.
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