The Space Saving But Intimate Loveseats for Small Spaces

There are always big challenges on how to live fully, comfortably and in big style when you live in small spaces. You may live or work in a small house, small apartment, small studio apartment, small office or in a small dormitory. You face all the challenges of small spaces. With the right mindset, knowledge and budget, you can live large in small spaces.

Broadly there are 5 main concepts to live and organize your small spaces:

1. Mindset
2. Organize
3. Design and Layout
4. Storage
4. Furniture

Living room is the prime communal living spaces for people to live together, for relaxation, resting and to engage in conversation. Getting the right comfortable sofas or couches as seats in the small living room is important. There are many choices of sofas and couches. You have the bigger sectional sofas, medium size sofas, loveseats, settees and chaise lounges. A good concept for small spaces is the dual functional furniture like sleeper sofas, sleeper loveseats. These can work as seats and being able to convert to a bed for guests or for yourself when needed.

Loveseat is a small, compact sofa that can seat 2 people. The first loveseat was designed in the 1700’s to only seat one woman wearing a wide bustle. These little couches become the favorite rendezvous spots for lovers to sit close to each other, hence these little couches began to be known as loveseats. 

Later on, creative furniture designers began to design loveseats as two connecting chairs in an S-shape. The two connected chairs allow 2 people to sit in opposite directions and face each other and yet close enough to hold each other, hence that is how the loveseats got the name.

The S-shape loveseats got out of fashion soon, as they take up large space. Now the common feature is the small compact 2 seater loveseat that is really very suitable for small spaces.

There are three most popular styles of loveseats.

1. S-shaped Loveseat
This is the first real original loveseat that rendered  characteristically the 2 seater sofa its popular name, loveseat. The S-shaped loveseat is made of 2 seats joined together and faced each other in opposite direction in a s shape. 

Hence when two people seat in the S-shaped loveseat, they are facing each other and yet close enough to kiss, hug or touch each other. Hence, that’s how the name loveseat derived. 

This is the only true loveseat. The back of the seat is cleverly shaped as an S instead of the straight form as in the common seating. The back of the people who sit on it would back up in the S curve. This clever seating position would allow intimate conversation for 2 people and at the same time, the people have their own separate seat.

2. Settee Loveseat
This evolved from the traditional S-shape loveseat which first appeared in the 1700’s. The settee loveseat is just a settee for 2 people. The settee loveseat is completely different from the S-shaped loveseat. This 2 seater loveseat is derived from the conventional 3 seater sofa by making it smaller with 2 seats and named it as loveseat. In small spaces where it is difficult to fit in a 3 seater sofa with 2 chairs, a good alternative is the combination of a 3 seater sofa and a 2 seater settee loveseat.

3. Sleeper Loveseat
The sleeper loveseat is perfect for small living room or if you live with small spaces. This is exactly like the settee loveseat but you can convert it into a sleeping space for occasional guests by pulling it out.
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