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Women 2.0 is a place for women to share stories from the startup trenches: building a startup, debating when to quit the full-time job to pursue the entrepreneurial passion full-time, getting invited to the vice president’s house (yes, this is the picture)…

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These entrepreneurs explain what they learned - how to prototype your startup idea without technical chops, what books to read, and more.

Here are the top 10 articles from women entrepreneurs reporting from the startup trenches:

1.) Juggling A Full-Time Job And A Startup (Hint – It’s Not easy) - by Brittany Haas (Co-Founder, Happily Ever Borrowed)
2.) 10 Essential Books For Women Entrepreneurs Building Web Businesses - by Tara Hunt (Co-Founder & CEO, Buyosphere)
3.) How To Build Prototypes Without Technical Chops - by Andrea Lo (Founder & CEO, Piggybackr)
4.) Learning How To Cry, Being A Girl – And Being A CEO - by Miki Johnson (Co-Founder, Parsecco)
5.) Raising Money While Pregnant And Launching My Startup – With A Newborn - by Orit Hashay (Founder & CEO, Brayola)
6.) 7 Observations From A Woman In Tech - by Paula Long (Co-Founder & CEO, DataGravity)
7.) A Letter To Yahoo! CEO Marissa Mayer - by Amanda Steinberg (Founder & CEO, DailyWorth)
8.) Ms. Sankar Goes To Washington - by Pooja Sankar (Founder & CEO, Piazza)
9.) 10 Lessons From One Year Of Being An Entrepreneur - by Daisy Jing (Founder, Perfect Beauty)
10.) 5 Useful Things A Non-Technical Founder Can Do - by Elizabeth Yin (Co-Founder & CEO, LaunchBit)

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