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Wolfy the “Badass mightyena” Cool Wolf
Zero The Wolf is my mate, harm her or my pups and I'll rip your head off!!! I love RPs. I don't post much, so a lot of people to disappoint.
Zero The Wolf is my mate, harm her or my pups and I'll rip your head off!!! I love RPs. I don't post much, so a lot of people to disappoint.

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First things first, let's make something clear guys, Wolfy the wolf is my OC, drawn by +Angie​​​​​​ (ex Cutie Pie)​, just because I RP as a mightyena, it doesn't mean I don't use him anymore, understood? P.S. on the pic with two wolves, the white wolf is +Angie​​​​​​​'s wolf.

Now for the introduction:
Hiya! I'm Wolfy, I love RP-ing, I do it everyday, I usually am a mightyena, but I can be a wolf. I use also Fluffy Paws as my first and only MLP OC. Everyone is my best friend!!! Don't boop my nose, or I'm gonna violently snuggle you.
People who you need to follow:
+Angie​​​​​​​ awesome artist, a great friend , she drew all of the wolf pics and the MLP OC, she is mah creator, and I'm her best plushy. Yup :3
+Ibuki Mioda​​​​​​​ also an awesome friend
+Jenna The Wolf​​​​​​​ because her character Zero is my mate
+Bagheera Black Panther​​​​​​​, awesome guy.
+*****​​​​​​​ awesome at RPs
+Cereza Umbra​​​​​​​ best fwend!
+Death The Kid​​​​​​ good RPer
+cc and sky the eon duo​​​​​​​ great friend
+Twist The​​​​​​​ my best friend and awesome RPer
+Jonathan Charles​​​​​​​ awesome at RPs.
+Wisp​​​​​​​ great friend
+Rita Raquel Wilde​​​​​​​ great friend
+Lucy The Australian Shepherd​​​​​​​ great friend
+Tennori The Latias ラティアス​​​​​​​ great friend!
+Sakis Efraimidis​​​​​ great friend!
+Purple Rose​​​​/+Fusion Reshiram​​​​​/+Storyswap Asriel​​​​/+Betty Noire​​​​ awesome friend
+*****​​​ an awesome friend, she gave me a nickname "Mr. Badass"
+Hawlucha the Hawk​​ makes awesome RPs and is a great friend​
And a lot more! Write in the comments if you want to be in the shoutout.

Guess that's it for now. Stay safe and be more positive!
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(I put it under edits)
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// All starter pokemon. I think
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// Okay... gonna do this...
1) the watery one
2) the Ferrari
3) Alan Walker: "Faded" is what I listened to last
4) KuruHS NFS marathon part 4:
5) I did best damage as Dredge!
6) Google Play music, it doesn't work anymore
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Name: Koga (title: The lost hand)
Alias: none
Age: I think 20 or something
Gender: male
Type: (?)
Ethnicity: unknown
Nationality: unknown
Sexuality: straight
Relationship Status: single
Species: human
Occupation: none
Location: well, he lives near the academy
Likes: relaxing, peace, training
Dislikes: the Thousand Hands Guild, evils
Powers/Skills: (you can see his abilities in this video)
Weapons/Tools: ninja SMGs (both have 35 bullets per mag, total: 70 bullets per mag), fire claws
Alignment: he helps the academy
Bio (MUST NOT BE SHORT): Once, a nameless street rat challenged the tyrant Zhin. For the boy's remarkable skills, Zhin granted him a new life in the Thousands Hands Guild, and a new name: Koga. The Guild was Koga's family and he became their finest ninja. But not all families get along. Jealous lies spread, false evidence was planted, and Zhin's fury forced Koga to flee. Now the exiled ninja fights for his new family -- The Paladins -- as he searches for the one who betrayed him. (That's his lore in the actual game)
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(Quick reminder: When I use Wolfy, I RP in 1st person)
I parkoured to the top of the roof of the academy, looking out on the city in the night, I sat down, I had weird dreams, where I was back in my father's clan, but it was always the same, the death of my father's clan members, and right after that my parents' death, it bothered me a lot, those nightmares haunted me, I couldn't sleep, I sat there on the roof of the academy, as the moon was shining bright, I let out a soft howl to the moon, then stopped, realising someone was there, as I could tell because I got their scent Why are you here?

(Kinda didn't know where to put it, so I put in The City)

// I am back from the excursion, but I fell asleep since I was tired. I'm awake now

// I hope I will be okay in the cities. It's foreign territory for me... I am paranoid about it all.

Sorry for not being active guys, I didn't RP at all here. I am gonna be on a kind of hiatus from 23rd to 28th... I'm going on an excursion to Prague, Dresden and Bratislava, and an another city I can't remember how it's said in English.
+Zion._.Omega you are in charge while I'm gone. Alright?

// I am gonna be on a kind of hiatus from 23rd to 28th. I'm going on an excursion to Prague, Dresden, Bratislava and Vienna.
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