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Ist Ihnen auch schon einmal aufgefallen, dass Antivirenprogramme oftmals einen Großteil der CPU-Last ausmachen, zudem viel Arbeitspeicher fressen und den ganzen PC verlangsamen? Mich beschäftigt das Thema seit Jahren, weshalb ich bereits eine ganze Reihe…

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Responsive Webdesign, mobile Homepage: Was ist der Unterschied?

Responsive Webdesign ist derzeit ist aller Munde. Zu Recht, denn jede Homepage sollte auch auf dem Tablet oder dem Smartphone gut lesbar sein. Was aber ist der Unterschied zur mobilen Webseite? Ich erkläre es Ihnen hier. Responsive Webdesign: gleicher…

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Wer schnell herausfinden möchte, welches Theme eine Wordpress-Seite benutzt, kann das über machen. Die Seite erkennt auch einige (nicht alle) Plugins. Profis schauen natürlich weiter in den Quelltext ;-))

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Falls Du eines der top OnePlus-Smartphones ergattern mochtest:
Leider geht das nur über eine Einaldung (Invite) #oneplusone #oneplus #oneplusinvite #summershots  

Noch was zum Thema Shop: Welches Bezahlsystem/Payment Gateway würdet ihr empfehlen?

Moin, ich brauche für Wordpress keinen ganzen Shop mit Warenkorb, sondern "nur" ein Bestellformular unten auf einer Seite. Ist das mit WooCommerce darstellbar? Oder empfehlt ihr ein anderes Plugin bzw. eine andere Lösung?
Danke schonmal ;-)

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Yet another Wordpress Plugin Review
Do you want to see my list of Must Have Wordpress plugin's? They are at the bottom of the post. But first, there is a reason I am writing this.

I was rather critical of this Infographic because it's just a list of 30 Popular plugins. Looks nice, but it doesn't offer any value or important information. It's not clear why they're in this order or what qualifies them for this list. 

I referred to it as, "a really horrible list" I was called out for my harsh criticism and asked to explain why. So, I guess I need to put my money where my mouth is.

I hope to make a blog out of this, so please tell me your thoughts and be critical, I can take it. I need your comments. Please share this with your Webdesigner friends, I know you have one ;)

Here goes the over simplified quick review of why I think this infographic is horrible.

[All links to websites are pages that were built by Webination Station except one (see point 6)]

Here it goes...

01⇒   All in One SEO Pack and 13⇒ Wordpress SEO by Yoast are the number 1 and 2 of SEO plugins. Yoast is considerably more robust in many ways because of added features like OG data for social media to headers, breadcrumbs, and  integration with Webmaster tools like  Google Analytics, Bing and Alexa. Yoast manages a lot of the SEO details much better that All-in-One but I can't go into that in this post. Also when you install Yoast you will not need to install 3⇒ Google XML Sitemaps 7⇒ Google Analytics for Wordpress 16⇒ Google Analyticator because these are all bundled into Yoast. 

2⇒ Akismet is one of two plugins that auto installs with Wordpress. It always cracks me up when someone adds it to a list of most popular. If that is the case, where is Hello Dolly?

4⇒ Contact form 7 and 20⇒ Really Simple Captcha Must have combinations in every build. 11⇒ Fast Secure Contact Form is a waste of time. Cannot be customize like CF7 and it's over simplified to the point of useless.

5⇒ NextGen Gallery is a great plugin if you need this functionality, but with recent improvements to image galleries uploaders, much of what Next Gen was created to accomplish is no longer necessary. Also NGG does not play nice with responsive and Prettyphoto (and some other lightboxes) when there are lots of images. There are many limitations to this plugin and once you start to use it, you are married to it. Be sure you need this as your solution before committing for life. See it in action on Be sure to scroll to the bottom and look at the image gallery.

6⇒ WP Supercache and 25⇒ W3 Total Cache First of all W3 is the better plugin. It has incredible integration with 3rd party applications like Cloudflare and Amazon Cloudfront. There are many OTB features that are easy to turn on/off that will allow you to have more control over what is being cached and how (Page, Minify, Database, Object and browser) Cache is very delicate and can significantly improve load speed and therefore performance and SEO, but It can also break your entire site and things can get crazy very quickly! I don’t suggest you attempt these plugins without first learning in a test environment or hiring a developer that has cache knowledge. Both of these are repeat offenders for not playing well with others. If you install this and things start going weird with your other plugins, it most cases Cache is the culprit. I installed W3 for and it works great. Still some tweeking and monitoring that can be improved, but overall a huge success. Just ask +Dustin W. Stout  (disclaimer: I did NOT build, I only assisted with some minor code tweeks and plugins)

8⇒ WP Touch – Do not recommend. Frankly I don’t like it at all. But, if there's no other solution and you can't migrate to a responsive template immediately, then this might be your only choice. Well it is small pinch better than serving your site to mobile at desktop size. But do yourself a favor and only use this as an emergency and only for a short while

9⇒ Wordpress Importer Another given like Akismet. If you need to migrate or rapid populate the database, you need this.

10⇒ Jetpack by Watch the interview review with +Jeremy Smith here.

13⇒ WP Page-Navi I love it! I use it often.

14⇒ Share  Buttons by Lockerz – haven’t tested 19⇒ Sociable Don’t like it. Does not keep good count, can’t easily modify and customize. Terrible for responsive (but in fairness, that is not the fault of just this plugin, the DiggDigg floating technique does not work in responsive) Very bulky in code / bloated. 24⇒ Add This – I haven't used this in a long time so I can't say. To tell the truth,  I’ve looked for the perfect share plugin and have not found it, so I built my own. I created it to be stripped down and not over bloated with features. I am a big fan of not trying to get fancy with your share buttons. People will click them more often if they recognize them for what they are. Stick to the standard buttons. See it in action here 

15⇒ WP-Ecommerce – First of all the only reason this is here and WooCommerce is not is because you need to pay for WooExtensions. But even though WP-Ecommerce is "free", support is not. If you need assistance (and you will, believe me!) it costs $47 to ask one question. The docs are not clear on what you get for your $47 so it makes you nervous to invest in the Gold Ticket. Over all, this plugin is poorly documented and customer support is almost impossible to get even with a Gold ticket. The forums are over crowded and sifting through them is painful. It is naked OTB and needs a lot of custom mods to make it look nice. Woo is beautiful out of the box, and easy to customize. If you have any CSS needs, you will need to invest in a developer to skin WPEC and code it to cooperate well with your theme. Worst of all about WPEC is the way it bloats your database (specifically wp-options). It creates an entry for every time the page loads. If you are using WPEC, go check your DB and see for yourself. Few people even know this is a side effect. Can you image what I went through when I had a client hit by a Botnet attack every second for a full day!  I had to quickly install Login Security Solution! Yeah, wp-options quickly grew to 1MB overnight and the entire page bogged down, throttled my client's shared server. Just the fact that this plugin is listed and WooCommerce is not is enough reason for me to describe this infographic as "horrible". See Woocommerce in action here 

17⇒ Yet Another Related Post – Love it! Every site gets this one.

18⇒ Tiny MCE Advanced – perfect for the client that wants to have more control content styling. I don’t personally use it, but many of my clients do. I think that many “do it yourselfer’s” will really like the extra toys this plugin has to offer.

21⇒ Gtrans – Why would you use this when Google has a translate widget code that is copy paste? I have not looked under the hood on this plugin because it is just as easy to cut and paste straight from Google. See it in action here

22⇒ Wp to Twitter – Haven’t tried this. Instead, I use a “must have” plugins to do this task - Tweet Old Posts . If you want a way to automate your blog to your social media channels, get TOP. Has a ton of awesome features like when to Tweet, what to Tweet, and how often to Tweet. I don't like the concept behind WP to Twitter because savvy marketers know the necessity to manually post and promote new blogs to their social networks. This is one area you do not want to automate. One thing that drives me nuts about auto posting to SM from WP is the “accidental publish”. You know the one. It happens when you're in a hurry and realize that you are not ready to publish until it's too late. Imagine what happens when you have Auto Tweets sending traffic to accidentally published posts. Oops!

23⇒ Broken Link Checker – Must have. Every build.

26⇒ Buddy Press – I have not tried this out but Social Media Examiner has pushed this thing to the limits and so I have every reason to believe it's exactly what it sets out to be. I hope to get a client that needs this so I can take it for a test drive. In fact, I will give 25% off for the first person that let's me test install for their site. 

27⇒ WP-DB Backup I haven't used this, but I am settled with Backup Buddy to manage my backups. See my brief discussion about some other backup plugins and why I prefer Backup Buddy

28⇒ Smart Youtube Pro – Not tried it

29⇒ Redirection – 301's are also very delicate and this plugin has been the sniper that messes things up and it's time consuming to debug after the fact. I strongly suggest avoiding this one. If you need to 301, try to do it using Yoast SEO first, (because like I said you need Yoast in every build). If not, then get someone to edit your .htaccess (again, be careful. Do not try this at home. Hire a professional) and last resort use this plugin, but get ready for potential plugin conflicts.

30. WP-polls I have not tried this

You made it! 

Here it is! My list of Must Have favorite plugins. I include these in every build
1. Yoast SEO
2. Tweet Old Posts
3. Broken Link Checker
4. Contact Form 7
5. Really Simple Captcha
6. Yet another related post
7. BackupBuddy
8. Login Security Solution

In most builds I use W3 total Cache, WP-Page Navi, Subscribe to comments reloaded, Tubepress, WooCommerce, and User Role Editor.

Thanks for challenging me to write this +Stephanie Calahan and +Preston Odenbrett 

#wordpressplugins   #pluginsforwordpress   #plugins   #plugin   #pluginreview   #wordpress   #wordpresstips  

See the post that inspired this discussion here

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