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Reddit user "cokacokacoh" wrote as a comment to my accessibility blog-post announcement on reddit:
"I think what would bring this to the fore for lazy developers like me would be
1) a video of disabled users rocking out with apps that exemplify these concepts. Make it real in an anecdotal, rich way
2) numbers that prove you can't ignore this user group. Make it real in a quant way."

I think the latter is not that important, but something like the former could indeed make a difference. Anyone in my circles willing and able to do something like this?
I'll be the first to admit that I gloss over these items... skip the accessibility talks at I/O etc... I think what would bring this to the fore for ...
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And maybe a flag of sorts, so users can find those apps that are optimized.
A flag as in a property in the manifest file. Not a actual flag.
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