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I'm a bit early for the Düsseldorf GDG meeting. Killing time drinking a coffee in a café named "Café Knülle" which translates to "Café blind-drunk" or probably more accurate to " Café pie-eyed".

Maybe I should switch to beer. Probably more appropriate here :-)
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I like the Düsseldorfer "Alt". Great beer!
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How we #androiddev  love #gradle .
Common practice is to save your #android  build archives. Besides your signed apk it might be wise to save some additional artifacts as well. Most common ones are Javadoc, your source files and perhaps your proguard generated files like the mapping file.

This post shows you how gradle can take care of this for you.

#gde   #blogpost   #android  
When building Android applications or libraries common practice is to save your artifacts to a local file storage or repo. Beside your APK there are some additional artifacts you want/need to save, and you want gradle to do this. Most common ones are Javadoc, your source files and perhaps your ...
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cc: +Wiebe Elsinga You made some folks happy with your great post :-)
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Groovy Playground on the web

I just wanted to share with you a small webpage I created for explaining Groovy on conferences:

It has pretty much the same intention the Groovy web console has. I just polished things a bit and e.g. made interactive output highlighting (see which output is generated by which line in the source code).
Groovy Playground. by Tim Roes. Output of Script. {{ result.executionTime }} ms. Your script took too long to execute, so execution got interrupted. Execute information.
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Any of my followers doing motorbike trips? Than this might interest you.
I have just released a new website for an app that I will be releasing this year. Please take a look and share with your friends. Many thanks! 
Here are some of the features that Pillion will offer;. Communicatation via your mobile phone to one or more other bikers (or a pillion passenger!) Remember and customize previous connections; Chat using Bluetooth or wired headphones and microphones ...
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Thanks mate! 
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Release Candidate 1 is published!!

It will be automatically updated if you currently have beta 9 installed.

Please verify and check everything.  Let me know of all problems, nit picks, things you don't like, that are misplaced, whatever!

You can find the link to the bug tracker in the "About this community" and in the "What's New" in the app.

Thank you all for your help :)
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Wolfram Rittmeyer

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The reports of Google+'s death have been greatly exaggerated (again)

Google+ Chief Architect +Yonatan Zunger says there'll be "no big user-facing changes" connected to the reorganization of G+, Photos, and Hangouts that we've been hearing about over the past several days. ¹

His full comment: ²

A lot of misunderstanding and speculation. :) The internal org was renamed "Photos and Streams," because Sundar likes org names that match what the teams do. And since our org includes Photos, Google+, Blogger, and News, there you have photos, plus several streams of content.

No big user-facing changes tied to this at all.

So stand down, gravediggers. This "ghost town" is still alive and kickin', and we ghosts aren't goin' anywhere anytime soon.

¹ Context:

² Via:
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Good to hear that G+ is finally deprecated. (I'm just kidding)
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Great post from the G+ Team on different strategies they have developed for Android UI testing.

1. Write as many unit tests and integration tests as possible.

2. Hermetic tests are the way to go.

3. Use dependency injection while designing your app. Build your application into small libraries/modules, and test each one in isolation. Inject test doubles and fakes through a different test graph.

4. Componentize your UI tests in self contained small modules. Fast and stable tests have proven to drastically improve developer productivity.
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This "en par with iOS or even better" of the fileee app is admittedly a few versions down the road. But it's progressing nicely. And eventually it will be!

Hey everyone, we are currently preparing the next release. We still try to pinpoint some bugs about the sync if you use it heavily on multiple devices (thumbnails get lost), but yeah... we might release it at the end of the week.

Also we published our latest product, the fileeeBox ( - sry currently german only). And yes, android support is already on its way, this time we will make sure that android is par en par with iOS or even better :)
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Mit der fileeeBox verbindest du dein digitalen Aktenschrank mit deiner physischen Dokumentenablage. Nie wieder abheften! Dokumente einfach in die Box legen, das war's! fileee merkt sich wo sich was befindet, sodass du im Bedarf die Originale ganz schnell wieder raus nehmen kannst.
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+Eike Thies but you do not want to archive scans as such. 
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Wolfram Rittmeyer

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Hope this feature request will eventually make it into the tools namespace.
One thing that would make the layout previewer a lot more useful: a tools:layout attribute for merge tags!

Usually, when I make a compound custom view, I do the following
1) I create class MyAwesomeView that inherits a layout (e.g RelativeLayout)
2) I create the file my_awesome_view.xml that will be inflated from the previous class
3) I make sure that the root is a merge tag so that my view hierarchy is not unnecessarily deep!

The problem with that is that as soon as I change the root of the layout for a merge tag, I lose the previewer.
So usually what will happen is that I will have to go to the root, change it for a RelativeLayout, test my stuff and finally change it back to a merge tag. It works but I think that this is an uncessary step. What is worst is that sometimes I might forget to put back the merge tag and I end up with a hierarchy that is deeper for no good reason.

So here is my plea: add an attribute in the tools namespace so that the previewer can treat merge tags as if they where a layout!

Feature request filled, now lets hope the gods and/or +Alex Ruiz / +Tor Norbye  will hear it :)
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+Adam Powell +Paul Lammertsma What I had in mind was a tool attribute that forces the previewer to replace the merge tag by whatever ViewGroup you had in mind. Of course this implies that the merge tag will be inflated in only one type of viewgroup but that covers the usual custom view case.

Assuming that you want the merge tag to be inflated in a LinearLayout that is vertical... well... just set it directly on the merge tag using the tool namespace (e.g. tools:orientation="vertical") and the layout previewer should pick it up if it is treating the tag as a LinearLayout.

In the past years, I found that I use merge tags as the base of custom views a lot more often than I reuse them in different layouts. When I have views that need to be reused together, they usually have some common logic so they gets extracted in a custom view.

It's probably hard to implement and it wouldn't cover all cases for sure. But it would beat having to replace the root of the merge tag every time you want to edit the layout.
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Wolfram Rittmeyer

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Check out Realm - a free database for mobile storage. Up to 10x faster than other solutions! Review by +Moritz Post
Often times mobile apps are used to display content. We want our apps to start up fast and bring us to the content as soon as possible. Therefore we store data locally for fast retrieval and offline caching. Popular solutions for such a local store is SQLite on Android or Core Data (SQLite) on ...
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I will fully admit that I'm still trying to learn/implement testing. But you can create alternate database files for testing or create objects that are stand alone outside of a production database. So there are things you can do to set up a test db. But probably more difficult than pojo model objects. 
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Don't break the chain: use RxJava's compose() operator.

One nice aspect of RxJava is that you can see how data is transformed through a series of operators: Observable.from(someSource) .map(data -> manipulate(data)) .subscribeOn( .observeOn(AndroidSchedulers.mainThread()) .subscribe(data -> doSomething(data)...
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