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Intresting take on iOS.

One thing I find totally annoying, is the "getting back" experience on iPads.

On iPhones it's more or less straightforward and there always should be the back button at the top left. But on iPads I always have to look where it actually is. Back doesn't always work as expected on Android either - but it's still much better.
OK, here goes Day 1 with an iPhone

This was a bit of a mixed bag.. The Apple's takeout app for Android is not very well programmed. If you make the app go to the background while the transfer process is going on it gets terminated. Not only that, but the iPhone doesn't realise that it happened. You'll just have to wait ages for the the iPhone to timeout so you can start again.

Once the transfer completed the iPhone took it's sweet time to "move things" and then promptly proceeded to crash and get stuck in a loop with black screen and a spinner...

Fortunately, helpful people on G+ explained me how to hard reset the thing (I tried old tricks but iPhone 7 reset is different due to the new home button).

Then again, at the end I had all my photos, contacts and messages moved. The system even downloaded all the apps I had on my Android that were also available in the App Store to the device (although I did have to go and stop each download and start them again to get the thing working.... strange that this exact thing happens on Android when restoring a device very often as well.)

This thing feels like a toy. I can't believe that the phone costs 800+ EUR. Compared to my Nexus 6p the iPhone 7 is just a plasticy cheap feeling piece of glass. There's nothing inspiring about the design. Just boring.

Home button
This might be the worst thing I've used so far on any phone. The iPhone 7 introduced a home button that isn't an actual button but isn't capacitive button either. You actually have to physically press against an unmoving glass. My thumb actually hurts after one day of use. I absolutely hate this idea of faking a button that you still have to press. It might work in marketing but I think this is just idiotic.

I'm sure I'll learn a way to press the stupid thing in a way I don't hurt my old joints...

One button, million functions
Everything in iOS seems to be overloaded with tons of function. Home button has million functions and you have to take time to learn them. Same applies to the launcher. This force touch is just one more overload to tap. It'll definitely take time to learn to use it. It's also completely hidden. How do you know if something supports force touch? You don't. Usability seems to be a BIG issue in iPhone nowadays.

Oh well. This one I turned off after just a while. The virtual assistant kept jumping on when I didn't want to (relates to the overridden buttons and gestures). Good thing you can disable the feature. Siri is useless. Don't need it, don't want it.

iOS used to be super smooth. Used to. This 800+EUR phone is laggy and slow. Still... iOS still beats Android in rotation EVERY TIME. Everytime I rotate the phone I can't believe how nice it feels compared to the sloooooow Android rotation lagfest. Other than that iOS doesn't feel any more smooth than Android. In fact, it feels much slower in many places.

Lack of touch feedback
It seems to be very rare in iOS for apps to have touch feedback. I don't understand why... Even the Apple apps often miss this simple and nice usability improvement. I just don't understand why this seems to be the case.

Ugh. What's up with notifications. On the lock screen who thought that swiping something away means that I want to open it?
Why don't I have notification visible in the top bar? There's no glanceability at all. Apple really should just follow through and copy Android notifications completely. I'm sure iOS users would be very happy.

Day 1 summary
So yeah. It's all pretty much negative... but what did you expect? I'm an Android user and I'm so deem in the Android system that no matter how good iOS is it will feel wrong and strange to me. This is why I set myself a challenge to stay with it. I will keep using the OS for 29 more days and I expect many of the things I initially dislike to grow on me and I expect to fall in love with features I didn't know I needed.

Despite the initial (expected) impression I bet there will be a lot of good things to say about this thing in the later posts.

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+Wolfram Rittmeyer​, I suspect most of the unexpected behavior of "back" on Android is actually due to the incorrect implementation of "up" in most Android apps. Most apps implement "up" to do the same thing as "back", so when apps get it right, it's confusing.
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Wolfram Rittmeyer

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+Michael Kuechenmeister This law still exists in Germany. Though the company most pressing for this law - the Springer Verlag with the newspapers Bild, Welt and many more - chose to bite the bullet after traffic went downhill and granted Google a free license.

Why they - despite this disaster - still think it's a good idea on an even wider scale is beyond me. The EU is completely out of touch with reality here.
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Wolfram Rittmeyer

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Interesting testing reading about ActivityTestRule #AndroidDev
The purpose of this post is to shed some light onto the order of operations for test cases written using Espresso’s new ActivityTestRule. Specifically, discussing when methods like beforeActi…
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Wolfram Rittmeyer

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MozFest 2016, October 28-30, 2016 - Ravensbourne, London

"The world’s leading event for and by the open Internet movement.
Join us to build, debate, and explore the future of our lives online."

In case you are in London for Droidcon (October 27-28) anyways... :) 
Three days of building a truly global web together. Come with an idea, leave with a community.
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Did you try to align one view to another one's center in ConstraintLayout?

Currently that's not supported out of the box. In this quick tip I'm showing how to achieve this with a little trick.
This post shows how to align one view's edge to another view's center in Android's ConstraintLayout - even though this is not supported out of the box.
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FINALLY it is here! Our Call For Papers for our #DevFest   that will take place the weekend of October 22-23! We are looking forward to YOUR contribution! #DevFestDUS  2014 was a huge success - and now, 2016, we are back again! Submit a talk - and help spread the word, the #CfP   is open to anyone! We welcome speakers from other cities and regions as well!

Don't wait, submit your talk as soon as possible!
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Wolfram Rittmeyer

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#GDGDUS - GDG Düsseldorf - and WTM - Women Techmakers Düsseldorf have our next meetup coming up - July 27 at Garagespace Bilk

First an introduction to Progressive Web apps and then we will talk Google Nearby API, Edystone, beacons and Internet of Things in an Android talk.

Christopher, who attended the Progressive Web Apps event in Amsterdam earlier this year will guide us through Progressive Webapps, and Pascal will present his talk from Droidcon in Berlin in June, "Let's get physical - with Nearby and Eddystone" .

And what IS a "Progressive Web App"? In short:

• Progressive - Work for every user, regardless of browser choice because they’re built with progressive enhancement as a core tenet.

• Responsive - Fit any form factor: desktop, mobile, tablet, or whatever is next.

• Connectivity independent - Enhanced with service workers to work offline or on low quality networks.

• App-like - Feel like an app to the user with app-style interactions and navigation because they’re built on the app shell model.

In short, Progressive Web Apps are enablers, especially with the offline functionality, improving the user experience for your users and potentially increasing business for business owners. As designers and developers we need to understand the latest and the greatest - and Christopher will give us our first introduction.

Pascal Welsch needs no further introduction, an experienced Android developer who is a long time member of GDG and have presented many interesting topics - now Pascal is back.

We will be learning more about Edystone beacons, the nearby API (Trello uses this, for example) and lots more. Put a beacon on your coffee mug and never lose it again?

As a little add-on, a surprise, we also have an interesting an inspiring talk about something completely different - related to tech, of course, but this one takes beyond the traditional space - come and join and see for yourself.

As always, networking, having a snack, catching up with everyone and getting engaged in new and interesting topics is half the fun - so come and join us even if you don't immediately feel you can use what you learn from the talks, I can guarantee that you'll always learn something, if you come with an open mind and bring a smile. Our discussions are always interesting.

Sign up either here or via Meetup,

See you on the 27:th!
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Wolfram Rittmeyer

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Android Studio 2.2

#AndroidStudio 2.2 is out today in the stable channel, a huge update designed to help you code faster with smart new tooling features built in

This update is packed with over a dozen new features, like a rewritten layout designer with the new constraint layout, support for Android 7.0 Nougat, Espresso test recorder, enhanced Jack compiler / Java 8 language support, expanded C++ support with CMake and NDK-Build, improved Instant Run and much more!

You can check for updates on the Stable channel from the navigation menu (Help → Check for Update [Windows/Linux] , Android Studio → Check for Updates [OS X]). You can also download Android Studio 2.2 at
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Wolfram Rittmeyer

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Did I mention that +JR Raphael calls it like it is? ( +Robert T. Best )

Google is terrible at UI. Apple can make a UI pretty, easy to understand and functional. Google can make a UI pretty and.. well, that's it.
Google Play (hamburger button in the horizontal center of the screen, share button in the vertical center(!) of the screen) and YouTube (don't get me started) are terrible.
Google encourages app developers to color the status bar and navigation bar with their brand colors. But that bar is also turned orange when battery saver is on. What happens if my brand color is orange?? Poor user...
As a developer I'll look at Google code to see how to implement something, but I never look at Google applications to see how to present something. 
Android has a lot of good things going for it, but not all of Google's recent progress has been positive.
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+Michael Kuechenmeister yep, that's one of my biggest beefs. Google does not follow its own recommendations.
Bad tablet support
Portrait only applications (that one makes me boil)
Play Store not using toolbar with actions
The list goes on and on... 
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GDG Dusseldorf would like to invite you to our September Meetup!

We have two talks planned.

Gisele is introducing us to Teched -
Learning and Tech update
an update on what's going on, with a chance to do some hands-on exercises.

Our second talk is by Dmitry, a long time member:
Mobile development, Material Design and what Dart has to do with all that

This talk will be about Flutter framework, a Dart VM + brand new UI framework heavily focused on Material Design. Please mark the date in your calendars and come and join us at GarageSpace Bilk on Bilker Allee

Bring an open and curious mind and a good mood and and come and join us for tech, networking and inspiration!

See you all in September!
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Wolfram Rittmeyer

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Does your app have personal content? Help your users find it directly from the Google app for Android, even when they’re offline.

We’ve opened up early access to our updated Android API for Firebase App Indexing, with new functionality to index personal content from your app.

Content from your app can then appear for relevant queries in the Google app on Android in the new “In Apps” tab, or as an autocomplete suggestion:

Searching personal results happens entirely on users’ phones, so they can search even when not connected to WiFi or cellular network.

We’re starting with an initial set of apps, and will continue expanding over the coming months. If you’re interested in early access, let us know at
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Wolfram Rittmeyer

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Over the past months I have been trying to figure out RxJava's SyncOnSubscribe and recently it finally clicked, so I decided to write it down so that I can read it again in the future ;)

#androiddev #gde #blogpost #android
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