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Check out Realm - a free database for mobile storage. Up to 10x faster than other solutions! Review by +Moritz Post
Often times mobile apps are used to display content. We want our apps to start up fast and bring us to the content as soon as possible. Therefore we store data locally for fast retrieval and offline caching. Popular solutions for such a local store is SQLite on Android or Core Data (SQLite) on ...
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+Wolfram Rittmeyer Not fully sure on testing but you can use it with integration tests without a problem.
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Don't break the chain: use RxJava's compose() operator.

One nice aspect of RxJava is that you can see how data is transformed through a series of operators: Observable.from(someSource) .map(data -> manipulate(data)) .subscribeOn( .observeOn(AndroidSchedulers.mainThread()) .subscribe(data -> doSomething(data)...
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A new bug fix release for Count It! is on it's way. I neglected some of these bugs way too long. Sorry for that!
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I have been a bit sloppy with my #RateFriday initiative.

Well, but today I gave "Emergency Contacts Alerter" by +Stephen Pengilley a five star rating. It informs a contact (or multiple contacts) of your choice that you called an emergency service - when you did so.

Actually an app I hope that will never get triggered, but I prefer to err on the safe side.
If you ever dial the emergency services, Emergency Contacts Alerter will se...
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There is also a free ad enabled version in the play store :)
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The next meetup of the GDG Düsseldorf. Come and join us, if you're close by!
Hello fellow GDG Düsseldorf friends,

This is a save-the-date announcement for our next gathering. Please mark it on your calendars: February 25th 2015.

We'll have two presentations: Randy will present Docker and Alex will present Flask.

Alex Hepting introduces his talk:
"I will hold an introduction about Flask as a micro web framework. I will show how to setup a simple app, dynamic routing, how to render with Jinja templating engine and how to have higher security by using filters."

Docker on Google Compute Engine
Randy will give some insights of running docker containers on top of Google Compute Engine. Topics are how to get images securely into the Google Compute Engine. Launching and Running Containers and limiting their consumption of resources.

Delicious Pizzas will be sponsored as usual by Scaratec, our official food sponsor. You can find out more about Scaratec IT here

Hope to see you all there!

ps. Please let us know by RSVP-ing here or on Meetup so we'll have an idea how many people to expect. Thanks!
GDG February 2015 - Docker and Flask
Wed, February 25, 7:00 PM GMT+1

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This is an interesting series by +Saúl Molinero Malvido.
#androidDev , I just published the second article in the series A useful stack on android.

This time I have focused into the user interface of the sample app: MaterialMovies [0] a simple application that fetch a list a movies from a web service, talking about some useful libraries like ButterKnife, Palette, or how to modify the default transitions behaviour.

A useful stack on android #2, user interface. 13 Feb 2015. This is the second part of the series: 'A useful stack on android', in the first part, I reviewed the general architecture of the proyect, this article aims to focus into the user interface and the global design of the application.
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Some interesting bits in there.
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Just posted to Styling Android: Floating Action Button - Part 3

In the final article in the series we look at adding a set of mini FAB buttons which expand and contract depending on the state of the main FAB
In the previous article we animated our Floating Action Button between two states and in this concluding article we'll create some mini actions which will be shown and hidden depending on the state...
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Have him in circles
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The reports of Google+'s death have been greatly exaggerated (again)

Google+ Chief Architect +Yonatan Zunger says there'll be "no big user-facing changes" connected to the reorganization of G+, Photos, and Hangouts that we've been hearing about over the past several days. ¹

His full comment: ²

A lot of misunderstanding and speculation. :) The internal org was renamed "Photos and Streams," because Sundar likes org names that match what the teams do. And since our org includes Photos, Google+, Blogger, and News, there you have photos, plus several streams of content.

No big user-facing changes tied to this at all.

So stand down, gravediggers. This "ghost town" is still alive and kickin', and we ghosts aren't goin' anywhere anytime soon.

¹ Context:

² Via:
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I wrote a blog post about how to keep up with the world of Android development. Hope you'll find it useful!
Tips on staying up to date with the world of Android development.
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And never EVER postpone the daily consumption habit.  I did it for a couple of weeks and catching up has been my bane since.  
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Another entry in +Dave Smith's great series about RecyclerView.

If you haven't had a look at his prior three ones, you definitely should consider doing so. You can find the links to the previous entries right at the beginning of this post.
I posted a final writeup to put a bow on the RecyclerView series. Nothing highly technical in this one, just a few unexpected challenges that arose as a result of the choices I made for the layout design, and places where I think the API can improve.

#android   #androiddev   #recyclerview  
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To be honest I started looking at custom LayoutManager and after 10 min my head exploded and I postponed it. 😂
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An interesting thing I noticed while our eldest was using Coloroos with my N9. He made lot's of circle (more or less) and some of them ended in a weird line. Didn't know how to reproduce that at first - but now I've seen it after we created a new drawing and he managed to draw a straight line.

The problem is with multi-touch. If you draw with one finger and another finger touches the screen and the first finger is lifted, there is a straight line to the second finger.
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Our Hybrid Call for Papers
Besides the regular Call for Papers you can also submit in our Hybrid CfP. If you know some great topic or you want someone particular to talk at droidcon Berlin, then nominate a speaker or a topic, go ahead and write an email to nadine [at]
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