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We're excited to make our new project, Pixplicity Talks, public. Android lovers will find this interesting and fun to watch!
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Wolfram Rittmeyer

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We're proud to present: Our schedule for droidcon Berlin 2015
Have a look at it here:
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Wolfram Rittmeyer

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The next stage in SO's moderator election. If you're an Android dev, have a look at +Paresh Mayani's candidacy.
[Request for the support - Stackoverflow Moderator Election]

Dear Indian and International Android friends,

Final round of the battle has already been started and Its YOUR time to highlight our efforts, pls think twice on below points and support by voting in Stackoverflow moderator election.

Points to think upon:

1) At this stage, #AndroidDev requires major cleanup so it would be good if we have a moderator with android skills. Your android questions/answers would get reviews and supports.

2) Stackoverflow doesn't have a moderator from IST timezone. If it will have at least one then your posts would be getting reviews and supports quickly.

Pls think upon it and I request you all the support.
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This Saturday is World Penguin Day! Sign this petition from Greenpeace to celebrate Tux and this special day by protecting their homes
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It's done. Grokking Android's redesign is live.

Have a look at to see the much clearer version of my blog. If you really need to see what it was like before, I attached a screenshot of the old version :-)

Of course the most important fix is to post again. The last one was half a year ago. Seriously. How could that happen?

Please let me know if you find any problems with the new theme.

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Looks great! Glad my old bookmarks still work too.
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Starting out with Android? Have a look at this guide by +Martin van Z.

And when you're at it. Don't forget to look at the collection of resources on his site!
I Wrote a guide for starting with Android development, I hope you'll like it.
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Have him in circles
3,599 people
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Wolfram Rittmeyer

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For all my German followers. Please consider signing this Bundestag petition to freeze the ever increasing budget of the BND (one of our secret services):

Not very hopeful this petition makes much of a difference, but at least we should try this as another means to stop them - or at least to make it more difficult for them.
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As the petition states there's no functioning democratic control - and I doubt there ever will be. We can only see in hindsight (if ever) what was done.

It's only about limiting the damage. not about preventing the damage. Limiting would already be a success IMHO.
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Irregular verbs? In German? Can't be that bad, can it :-D

Hopefully this app can help struggling learners of German.
Weekend project is done and on the way to the Play Store.

Version 1.1 BETA should soon be available from the store at:

As said. This was a quick (2-day) weekend project built together with +l k-v to help her study the irregular German verbs. There was very little time for testing and it might crash / UI might suck / etc on some devices. If you encounter problems please comment below or email me and I'll fix them. 

Wear app
The app allows you to study and test yourself as well as continue on your Wear device if you so wish. The Wear app can be launched via Wear launcher but I'm planning to add a notification when you use the phone app indicating that you can continue. The Wear app is very lightweight and only allows you to browse simple cards while waiting for a bus etc. It does, however, keep the state in sync with your phone all the time. The cards you see on your watch are based on the filters, settings and last card you looked at on the phone app. It also sends the data back (ie. when you move to next card on your watch your phone app also does).

Anyways. I wanted to write the Wear thing as a test to see if it could be useful in this kind of usecase. Let's see.

Anyways. Let me know how you like it or find it useful (both the Wear and the Mobile app).
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That made me chuckle :)
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My gosh. I guess I already ranted about it sometime in the past, but I have to vent about it again.

Today I wanted to support the dev of my favourite soccer app with an In App Purchasing-subscription. The German tax office, though, wouldn't understand this happening on my company account. They consider this to be a private matter. And since we Germans tend to take everything seriously you can imagine how those bean counter think about this kind of stuff.

Alas it's not possible to change the account in the IAP dialogue. Even if you set the current account of Google Play before installing the app to the desired account, it doesn't work. It always uses the main account of the device. This should be a common problem, shouldn't it?

Funnily it works, if you install via the web interface using the correct account. Totally annoying! Since many devices are company devices I guess a change here would be welcomed by many Android users.
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+Jaap Beetstra No, I haven't tried that. Sounds interesting.

About your second suggestion: You really underestimate German's bureaucracy :-)
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Very true - not just for designers.

Often the rooms that get the most attention are also the rooms with the worst waste of energy: meeting rooms (Not that all meetings are a waste of time, but many are).

As you can see on this pinterest page you can get more out of a room even with standard furniture. But all have huge windows and I bet none of those has a drab view on yet another boring office block.
When a company is asking me to work for them and they tell me what they have to offer i always miss the description of the room i'm working in. Because...the ikea offices with open space and cubicles aren't very sexy and i believe they would reduce my creative and out of the box thinking and design talent 40%.

So i'm asking them: do you think i'm still that much good if you get just 60% of my passion, love for detail, crafting and service thinking?

the answer is yes, they do think 60% of me is enough. Do i want to be someone forced, sad, sitting in a corner, running in a bubble - believing in marketing? Do i want to be this?
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Yep, I always ask in interviews.  And I ask to see where I will be seated, if it doesn't suit me, I make them fix it.
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It's time for StackOverflow's moderator Election.

I think +Paresh Mayani stands out because of his long-standing Android engagement. Obviously on StackOverflow but also beyond as GDG Ahmedabad founder, active member here on G+ and on Twitter and as speaker on Android topics.

Not sure if those elections are considered to be secret. I guess my vote no longer is :-)
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+Sudhir Khanger I'm mostly inactive on SO due to my workload. But with reading and experimenting I do it mostly like Paresh. A lot in the evening - and somtimes if it fits with what's up for work anyway, I might try something there as well.
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Wolfram Rittmeyer

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Admittedly Grokking Android's current design looks horribly old-fashioned. My gosh. I can't believe I once thought that to look good! How embarrassing :-)

Well, hopefully that's going to change soon!
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Thanks, +Paresh Mayani, but I'm nearly done. Well, don't we always think that :-)

Of course most likely all kind of issues will crop up when it goes live. But as far as I can tell with my small device pool (and Chrome's dev tools) it's fluid with some responsive breakpoints where fluid makes no more sense.

Some things, which are not that important,  I postpone for now. Better to go live with what I have.
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