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Really digging non-suspending breakpoints in Android Studio. This lets you log to the console without pausing execution; it's great when debugging interactions like scrolling where pausing is really disruptive. You can also update your logged info without having to recompile/deploy.

Right click on a breakpoint (or ⇧+⌘/Ctrl+F8) and untick suspend, i've found the 'Log evaluated expression' helpful.

Think I heard this in this excellent talk but only recently started using it:

Try it out. #AndroidDev #ProductivityMatters
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Wolfram Rittmeyer

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I'm really happy that I bought my Chromecast Audio.

But it could be improved a lot if my devices would interact in some way. I can see in the Chromecast app, what track is currently running. But that's about it.

I would wish to get all information on any device connected via WIFI (at least if it has the same app on board).

Please let me see the full tracklist. Give me the ability to give the thumbs up to good songs and the like. Especially since I only use it together with Google Play Music. Why not simply take over from the other device without interrupting the radio/album/whatever?
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There is much to be done with chromecast multi-device api.
I experimented with it a bit when it was launched, you can actually create multi-player games quite easily.

But yeah, for simple playlist management it's up to the app developer to implement.

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Wolfram Rittmeyer

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The FastAdapter finally reached it's first big milestone with v1.0.0
To celebrate this the AboutLibraries also got a big update including the FastAdapter, and the next big update of the MaterialDrawer is also already in its testing phase.

So what's new in all the libs?

- Use your existing model without any change
- Big performance improvements
- Better handling for the set method
- Implement FastItemAdapter
- Add an additional method to set a new list setNewList
- ExpandableItem with animated arrow
- More samples
- More typesafety

- Useses the FastAdapter for the list
- Allows multi-selection
- Huge internal cleanup thanks to the FastAdapter
- Use fitsSystemWindows everywhere, so it was possible to remove a lot of internal logic
-- this change resulted in 2 things
---- ScrimInsetsFrameLayout is no longer needed
---- StatusBar is no longer colored for API 19-20 - Many additional changes thank sto the above changes

- Use the FastAdapter
- Speedup things thanks
- Cleanup code
- ...

Thanks for all those supporting the development of my libs :).

#Android #OpenSource #GitHub
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Wolfram Rittmeyer

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I'm afraid Mike has a point here :-(
I've said it a few times...
I have a feeling that Google is making G- worse in order to shut it down.

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But if they really cared about people complaining, they would not make Google+ worse, on purpose 😊
I'm thinking "Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity"... 
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Wolfram Rittmeyer

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The first GDG Düsseldorf meetup this year. Looking forward to it!
Hello GDG´ers,

lets start the GDG year 2016 with two amazing talks and a tombola :-).

We are proud to announce our members +Dittmar Steiner and +Dmitry Zaytsev. Dittmar will talk about Docker Compose and Dmitry about Mythbusters for Android performance. Very interesting topics and thank you very much.

And yes, you heard right. We will do a tombola between all participants, who donated to our GDG charity program for DKMS. You have still the opportunity to join the charity. Just donate (nonrelevant how much) and add your name, otherwise your anonym.

The 2 winners are getting each a HRS hotelvoucher for 2 night and 2 persons (Berlin or Munih).

We also would like to thank our main sponsor +Randy Gupta ( ) and HRS ( ) for providing the vouchers. 

See you soon,

your GDG Team :-)
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Wolfram Rittmeyer

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What is this? That's the weirdest toolbar I've seen so far.

Also: Why not add "Software development" to this list? Sure, makes sense!

Do I want to leave this app? You bet! Even pointless hurdles (aka dialogs) won't stop me! Yikes!
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I have seen ur tutorials
I need urgent help in adding search field and calling android search field in an acticity

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Wolfram Rittmeyer

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Last week I wanted to build an app for my family and friends which should display different cards on a stack. The user should be able to drag them around and dismiss them to the left or to the right. After searching the internet for a while and looking into different existing libraries I decided to quickly build my own...

If you are interested in the result, check out my new library called 'SwipeStack' :
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Wolfram Rittmeyer

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Just published my first contribution to #MaterialDoc :)

A new post about Search Views is now available at

English  ->
Spanish ->

 #androiddev #material #tutorial
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It's crazy we can't go to official Android documentation for these pieces of information. Hunting around is an enormous waste of time and lead to deprecated or inefficient solutions
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Wolfram Rittmeyer

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They are some of the more complex operators in RxJava.
repeatWhen and retryWhen are fairly baffling at first glance. For starters, they are serious contenders for "most confusing marble diagrams": They're useful operators: they allow you to conditionally resubscribe to Observables that have terminated. I recently studied how they worked...
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Wolfram Rittmeyer

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The Call for Papers is now open! If you are interested in talking at
this years droidcon Berlin submit your idea and tell everyone you know!
We are looking forward to receiving your ideas!
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Wolfram Rittmeyer

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Hey everyone, 

We're looking for a video editor for our +Lands of Ruin Kickstarter video (short.. about 3 mins) for editing and post production. Sound editor skills is a plus.

The work would start ASAP and the pay can be negotiated. 

EU location prefered but outside EU can be made to work as well.

If you're interested and have the skills please email me at:

Please share to people who might be interested!
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Wolfram Rittmeyer

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The Android Cheese Sheet is mostly quite nice. Especially the first pages might help designers not already accustomed to Android understand some of the concepts.

Still: I strongly disagree with the page about project structure and also the last page about Threads.

I see no point in putting all fragments in one package for example. Instead I prefer to structure my code along functionality. I also use package private scopes on purpose when this makes sense (and make this obvious by adding /* package private */ comments).
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+Sittiphol Phanvilai is maybe your cheese cheat open-source? or maybe even only the template. I would love to add my own pages, like quick summaries of libraries I constantly use but forget the syntax anyway. Having that printed would be very handy
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