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Haven't used the G+ web interface in a long while because it was constantly breaking things that worked without offering any replacements, more often than not ruining usability along the way. That meant pretty much read-only access for me, because I'm used to typing a lot a real keyboard and I'm not willing to fiddle with touchscreen typing on the mobile app more than necessary.

And now the latest update to the G+ Android app removed the 'posts from this circle' menu item, the circle functionality that once was one of the USPs that Google highlighted very strongly in all their praising of the then new Google+. Which means I can't even read content the way I like.

Way to go, +Google​, way to go.

Actually, I guess it is really time to go and leave.

To everyone I enjoyed reading posts from and at times commented on: so long and thanks for all the fish!

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OK, this is the weirdest kind of security bug that I've ever found: authenticated by the external IP my ISP provides me with (and which of course everyone in my home network uses), unless you have the special logout cookie (whichever it is).

At least I hope it's a bug, and not a feature.

And people ask me why I don't give them access to my WLAN...

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Haven't seen one of these in a while, but this one is really great. At least if you know Docker, VMs, data centers, etc. and despise things like 'curl | sudo bash' installs.

- "I'm moving everyone to Windows!"
- "Don't cry, you can run bash on Windows 10 now."

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Musical education for the youngins. Also note the special effects, they're in a league of their own.

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Things not making the cut while moving this time:

- the manual for the Amiga version of the F16 Falcon game which was desperately needed because its difficulty was mind-boggling.

- a C programming course published via Videotext on Austrian TV back in the pre-Internet era (I ordered the printed version once it was finished), nice bit about C gaining traction in the introduction text... edit: looks like there's an archive of the Teletext Computerbox online at albeit without the C programming course.

- a manual for version III of the painting program back in the day, Deluxe Paint.
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Big Box Games preparing to be moved.

Cc +Benjamin Wimmer
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Skip this unless you're in for a rather depressing read, not that any of it is at all surprising.

Hmm, so in the mobile app +Google+​​​ now wants me to open the slide-out menu, choose People, then the Following tab, then the circle I want, then go into the top-right menu and choose Posts from circle, just to read posts from a certain circle?

Am I missing something or is this a bad joke?

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It's so refined...

Via +Dmitri Popov 
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