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Dominion in a Hangout! Goko ftw!
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Is there a link to get that? Haven't bought Dominion yet, but playing online would greatly increase the chances of playing it.
It's currently in preview.  Playable at I/O today!
Is the interface better than the iPhone interface?  e.g., does it require stupid amounts of dragging?
Oh my!  Please make this happen!
The site has a signup for beta access, but that looks to be it.  Is there anywhere I can get more information that you are aware?  Thanks very much for sharing this +Wolff Dobson!
When I first heard about Hangouts my first thought was "I could use this to play online games of Dominion with friends who also have Dominion.  Everyone needs their own set and when one person buys a card everyone removes it from their stacks."

This way is better.  I can't wait.
"a sign up for beta access" -- for me, nothing even happened when i pushed the "sign up" button.
(correction: the button that did nothing was the one labeled "Send") ... and no, the corresponding button on dominon.etc works.  FVO "works" that include i still don't get to play dominon yet, but we'll see. ( : 
I've registered at both links +John Q Smith . From your post I'd guess you're a part of or working with the Dev Team, so could I ask if you know if/when more invites will go out? I have a few friends I can say for certain would be very interested to try this out and share feedback. Thanks either way.
w00t!  Hope it's at least as good as isotropic in all the important ways, but certainly integrating with Hangouts is pretty sweet.
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