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Word of Life Interdenominational Church
It is our prayer that we as a congregation, and you as an individual, will capture the spirit of excellence.
It is our prayer that we as a congregation, and you as an individual, will capture the spirit of excellence.


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Our Responsibilities as Followers of Christ

To follow God’s teachings, we are given certain responsibilities for ourselves and for others. Here are some responsibilities as followers of God:

To Give to Charity

God teaches us to love others as much as He loves us. Helping others is a big part of being a true worshipper of God. When we show compassion to others by donating to them, we give life to the teachings of God and help encourage others to be compassionate and faithful to Him.

To Learn More About God’s Teachings

To follow God, we must know His lessons and messages by heart. We must take the time to develop our understanding of His message. By knowing more about God, we show our devotion to Him. It helps put our beliefs and lives in perspective.

To Spread His Holy Word

God wants us to tell others of His love. Through our words and actions, we must encourage others to be more open to God and His teaching so as to change their lives for the better.

If you want to join our big happy family, all you have to do is call 469-567-2254.

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Learning More About God

Knowing more about God and His teachings will help you become a better follower. Understanding His teachings by heart will help you spread the message with more sincerity and passion. Word of Life Interdenominational Church can help you know more about God, and together with the community, you can spread love and faith. #WordofLifeInterdenominationalChurch

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Making Time for Prayer
Every day is a blessing from God, so let us all make time to thank Him for all that we have. As we pray, let us pray with sincerity and humility. #prayer #blessed #sincerity #humility

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Letting God’s Love Guide Your Heart

Love is one of the most important lessons that God teaches us. Even though we may have committed many sins, He still chooses to love us because He believes that we can change, and we have the potential of becoming better individuals.

Let Him Teach You Forgiveness

God’s love teaches us to see the goodness in others and to learn forgiveness. As He forgives us for our transgressions so must we for the sins of others toward us.

Trust in Him

When you love the Lord, you put your faith in Him. He has a plan for you. Even if you may not see it yet, you need to trust Him and in time you will learn that your love for Him will be rewarded.

To be a Beacon of Hope

God teaches us about love so that we may bring peace to our communities and to this world. When we let His love guide us, we bring hope to others. We spread kindness and bring comfort to those in need.

Visit our website to join our congregation and let the love of God guide you:


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Worshipping as a Community

It is one thing to praise the name of God on your own, but to worship Him as a community is a completely different experience. It is as God intended for His followers to worship Him together, to share a common life dedicated to Him and His teachings. #community #family

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The Gift of Giving

Being a follower of God means practicing His teaching in your everyday lives. As God gives us blessings, we must also give to others. Donations are a way to spread the love of God to your neighbors. #donations #blessings #loveforothers

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Why You Should Take Part in Community Worship

Being a follower of God does not mean you alone must walk His path. His teachings are centered on bringing His love to others. If you are part of a community, do not hesitate to join in during service. Be part of a family who follows the teachings of God.

It Shows Unity and Trust

When you worship with others, it goes to show the strength of your community, that you believe in God and follow His Word. It brings you closer to each other and strengthens your bond.

It Offers Guidance and Support

If you are going through difficult times in your life, having other people by your side can truly help you see the light. They can guide you through it so you may see God’s plan. The support of others can give you comfort and help you trust the Lord’s plan.

It Brings You Closer to God

Worshipping with others helps you be closer to God. Their wisdom and compassion for you will help change your life for the better.

At Word of Life Interdenominational Church, we want you to be part of our community and worship God with us. Visit our website to see how you can be part of our family:

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How God Helps Us Through Tough Times

All of us have had difficult experiences in the past. Some of them may still haunt us up to this day, but it does not mean that we should feel trapped by them, that we cannot move forward and find happiness. With God, we can overcome our fears and doubts, and become better. #withGod #faith #WordOfLife

Spreading the Love of God

Being a follower of God means telling others about His teachings of peace and love. By spreading His word to your neighbors, you help create a fertile ground of love and faith for God. #faith #love #God

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Healthy Disciplines of a Maturing Christian

On your journey to Christian maturity, here are four effective spiritual disciplines you may wish to commit to do:


Spare time conversing with God through prayer. Pour out your praises, thanksgiving, and admiration. Make sure to express repentance and apology over your committed mistakes. Lastly, make a list of your personal supplication and the needs of others you would like to include in your prayers.


Find the best time when you can focus on hearing God’s Word. It may be of help when you follow a series in your Bible reading. Ponder upon His Word and list down personal action points.


Join regular Bible study meet-ups and grow in your knowledge of His Word. You can also grow in fellowship with other believers and be an encouragement to many.


Affiliate in a church for a meaningful time of corporate worship. With this being said, we invite you to come to Word of Life Interdenominational Church!

We build tons of opportunities for our members to grow in their spiritual life. Get to know more about us by visiting
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