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Wojtek Swiatek
Funny, intelligent, handsome and married. And, above all, modest.
Funny, intelligent, handsome and married. And, above all, modest.

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When looking at systemd-nspawn I had the problem os passing arguments to "systemctl start systemd-nspawn@mycontainer.service", where mycontainer is a debbootstrap-generated base system.

What is the correct way to pass a parameter (like "--network-bridge=br0") to systemctl?

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Merci pour cet article, je découvre rclone. La version actuelle (1.29) supporte hubic nativement
Par contre j'ai des uploads de ~20-30 kB/sec (oui kB) avec un upload de 250 Mbps (20 transmissions en parallèle)

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Still no API after all these years means that this is a closed product which cannot be integrated with anything else. Usefulness close to zero these days. 

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Galaxy Note 4, Android 5.0.1, not rooted (yet)
Feedly 27.0.4 crashes every few articles when scrolling from one preview to another and when the preview takes some time to be loaded.

This never happened on JB

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A very interesting place to check for web sites which require two-factor authentication ( #2FA ). I discovered that some of the ones I use do have it, I was not aware. #security  

I really appreciate the various Google services but the way Google Maps treats their VOLUNTARY maps editors is stupid, lame and backwards.

Honestly: I tried again to edit something which is WRONG on the map - I live there so I think I know better than an editor from India, US, Zimbabwe or Kathmandu.

You have users who are willing to correct errors on your maps and you deny the changes because "you have reviewed". Reviewed my *, yes. Just looking at the satellite view shows that what you claim to have reviewed as a gym is a PARKING PLACE in  front of a LIBRARY. The gym is right on the other side of the street and is CORRECTLY marked on the map.

This is really (I promise) the last time I edit your data, after that feel free to have a trash bin instead of real information.

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I wonder if next time Microsoft will refuse to install an app because the phase of Jupiter is not the right one.
I truly wonder what kind of experts make up such rules...

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See +Google Maps - this is a reason why I hate to update your data.
You have no idea what you have "reviewed". I tried to correct this 5 times but you do not care.
Look up in Wikipedia "Pellouard" and you will see that the name is wrong, to start with. On the other side of the street you have the correct marker (with the correct name), but you do not care. 

Please (please) tell me how you have "verified" this? I am cycling there everyday and, for the last 30 years, the gym has non moved across the road. It was still there yesterday. Hey, it is even on street view!

Stop telling me to open another edit! I tried 5 TIMES, I even included a snapshot. It was in English, though - so maybe you could not understand all the words.

It is a pity you have such stubborn "reviewers" who can make a decision from across the continent. Good bye, I will never ever correct your map anymore.
Openstreetmap has the correct information, but I guess you will never learn.

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Thanks for the interesting series of posts.

I think it would be cleaner in your Python code to call the Pushbullet URL via the requests module POST method, or even easier using the pushbullet module (
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