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to prawie jak free :-)
This is INSANE! Celebrating ‪#SkyForce Reloaded‬ mobile premiere on June 2nd we're cutting the price of Sky Force Anniversary for your PC to its all time lowest! Add it to your Steam library today:

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I remember how we made a mockup of this screen not so long ago to test the icon on some random people.
I did not really expect this to actually happen!
Red Game Without A Great Name in Best New Games on ‪#‎AppStore‬ Oh Yeah!

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Hello everyone!
I'm proud to share a release trailer of a game we just launched worldwide.
It was made by a small team with no external pressures, which means we focused solely on playability :-)
The game is not easy (that's a bit of an understatement ;-) ), but that's the idea. When you progess it's a reward in itself.

Try it for yourselves and let us know what you think!

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Ok, my turn now... :-)
We're a small team from Poland and just finished making our game.
We've a had a lot of fun creating it and hope people will have as much fun playing the game.

It's coming out on iOS soon, enjoy the trailer! :-)

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Just wow...
Way to go groupon a...oles!
Please help us defend our trademark from Groupon and support GNOME!  

"GNOME" the trademark has been a familiar name for the past 17 years in the Free and Open Source Software community. The GNOME project has been a staple desktop for GNU/Linux and BSD desktops. It was the default desktop for Sun Microsystems workstation class machines, continues to be the default desktop for the Red Hat Enterprise Linux and SUSE Linux Enterprise Server distributions, and it is the default desktop of Fedora and Debian. SUSE Linux Enterprise Point of Service solution for the retail industry is based on GNOME. GNOME technology can be found in TVs, tablets, phones, consumer devices, and in common software everywhere.

Recently Groupon announced a product with the same product name as GNOME. Groupon’s product is a tablet based point of sale “operating system for merchants to run their entire operation." The GNOME community was shocked that Groupon would use our mark for a product so closely related to the GNOME desktop and technology. It was almost inconceivable to us that Groupon, with over $2.5 billion in annual revenue, a full legal team and a huge engineering staff would not have heard of the GNOME project, found our trademark registration using a casual search, or even found our website, but we nevertheless got in touch with them and asked them to pick another name. Not only did Groupon refuse, but it has now filed even more trademark applications (the full list of applications they filed is available on our groupon page linked). To use the GNOME name for a proprietary software product that is antithetical to the fundamental ideas of the GNOME community, the free software community and the GNU project is outrageous. Please help us fight this huge company as they try to trade on our goodwill and hard earned reputation.

We want to show that our brand matters and that you care. Of the 28 trademark applications Groupon filed, we have to file formal proceedings to oppose 10 of them by December 3, 2014. Help us raise the funds to fight back and most of all call public attention to this terrible behavior by Groupon. Help us make sure that when people hear about GNOME software they learn about freedom and not proprietary software. Our counsel has advised us that we will need $80,000 to oppose the registration of the first set of 10 applications. If we are able to defend the mark without spending this amount, we will use the remaining funds to bolster and improve GNOME. Please help us raise the money to protect GNOME's trademark and strengthen Free Software!

Please donate here:

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cmentarzysko słoni ;-)

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Bo dotychczasowe faktury za gaz były zbyt mało zagmatwane...

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Po czereśniach, wiśniach, truskawkach i malinach przyszedł czas na p rzeczki :D

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fajne :-)
..chociaż punktacja jakaś dziwna.
260km błędu w kanadzie i tylko 2500 punktów? :(

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