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Wapner, Newman, Wigrizer, Brecher, & Miller
Personal injury attorneys in Philadelphia, Allentown, PA and New Jersey
Personal injury attorneys in Philadelphia, Allentown, PA and New Jersey


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Legal Notice: Philadelphia's "House of Horrors" lawsuit, seen on +DrPhilShow and covered extensively by Philadelphia and national press, has been settled. One of the mentally disabled victims, represented by Wapner Newman, received a $45 million settlement. 

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Wapner Law wins "House of Horrors" victim, Tamara Breeden $45 million.

Wapner Law's own +Steven Wigrizer  represented Tamara Breeden, in Philadelphia's infamous "House of Horrors" case.

Discussing the settlement, Steve Wigrizer said, "The idea was to send a message. And it sent a strong message: You can't get away with this type of conduct.” 

See the episode on Dr. Phil:

View the video on 6ABC that discusses the settlement: 

Read about the latest developments: 

Visit , or Call 844.WAPNER.1, if you have been the victim of abuse and would like a free legal consultation.

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+Steven Wigrizer is representing two victims of the fatal Salvation Army #buildingcollapse last year. #personalinjurylaw

#personalinjuryattorney Wigrizer believes that there were many factors that contributed to the tragedy, including action and inaction by the Salvation Army. Wigrizer has stated “the risks, which we believe that the Salvation Army knew about, or should have known about, were not disclosed to its employees and were certainly not disclosed to its patrons.”

In the civil case, a judge ordered that there’s no blanket fifth amendment protection for five Salvation Army executives who are believed to have had a direct or indirect hand in the tragedy. At this time, Salvation Army representatives maintain they are not at fault.

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