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Awesome perspective of Central's visitors around the world.
Revolver Maps: Interactive 3D Visitor Globe
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Love this map(:
Sometimes I just sit and stare at it for a few XD
i love wizard101 add me my name is katie hawk :I
ok what is your charachters name in wizard 101 and what level is she.My wizard is in 23 level in death.
i really really really want crowns for free
Lol like this post if you like wizard101 i: ;)
Eh like mine bettter xhe :P
wizard is awesome i have a lvl 71 fire and a lvl 46 life
can you gift me a a account like level 36 to 50.
hey my friend gifted me 99999 crowns with a cheat in youtube i saw.Now i am in 62 level with my death guy.
Awesome Sri. Can you add me go to olde town. Realm is unicorn stand by the bazzar.On Next tues at 5:00 in the night.
hey can one of you gift me please i'll give you the most powerful spell in your school of magic
can any one gift me a sword and iwill be their in olde town.
hey suri can you add me i'll be online friday for the whole day well maybe
ok but can you gift me a sword i will be their at friday and in bazzar unicorn realm
i'll do it if you give me a high lvl account
can we both play in your account cause my other account got hacked by someone.if i find it i will give you a 70 level fire so give me your userand pass and i promise i will not hack.PLEASE
why please i beg you and i really really really promise that i will not hack plus i dont know how to hack because i just started wizard 101.
i wont lend you this account but i'll lend you another one
and what is the user and pass please relpy
if you hack it i shut it down and send me a friend request so i can tell you privatly
can you tell me here  cause it is private and is it storm or what school and does it have crowns.
its death it has a sword and a few cool pets but no text chat
do you have any better account or no.
if you have a better accout with a sword tell me the user and pass please
why the game is Too Slow you did the update and the game become slow plzzzz help
Mustafa i understand u sometimes it stupid but that never happen to me but the game is awesome!
bro that prob was 13 days a go they fix it lol
O: xD I'm so imbaressed! not really XD and idk why the last night when i was playin at 1:00 AM they logged me out! I'm gonna check if i can log in XD
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