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Every year, the #holiday season leaves us with unanswered questions. Like, how come we don’t get together as a #family more often? And why does my aunt bother buying me gifts when cash would be just fine. Or, wouldn’t Santa’s time be better spent if he kept a digital copy of his naughty and nice list on his own website? Either way, if you ask me, there are only two indisputable facts that you need to know this holiday seasons.

Fact 1: Any run-ins with pies will be delicious
Fact 2: Pie charts are 100% scientific

Need further proof? Enjoy this series of handy pie charts that will leave you nodding your head all throughout the #holidayseason.
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Too bad wix doesn't spend any time resources or manpower on customer support like they do with this useless post.
Hi +Scott. Sorry to hear your frustration. Do you have a ticket ID we can look into?
I cant even begin to tell you how little and how late your feeble offer to now look into my complaint is, which shows just how little wix cares about a customer. The answer to your question is no, its months old and closed and forgotten
Apologies for the delay, +Scott. It is our highest priority to make sure our users have a positive experience with our customer solutions team and if we can look into an issue and help resolve a ticket we do our best. Please let us know if there is anything we an do. 
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