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Have you heard about the #Wix #SEO Hero challenge? Earlier this winter, Wix sent out a call for SEO enthusiasts everywhere to compete in the biggest search engine competition to ever hit the Internet! The challenge was simple: we’d build a brand new Wix website optimized for the search term “SEO Hero,” and you were invited to do the same. If your brand new #website (built on any platform) ranked highest on #Google for the search term “SEO Hero” in four months time, you’d wins $50,000! *see terms and conditions here. Sounds like fun, right?

Since we launched this contest back in late November, people have been bombarding the Wix team with questions about this contest. Most notably, they wanted to know why on earth Wix would bother running an SEO contest and why we would put our reputation on the line and open it up to any platform on the #web.

The answer is quite simple: Wix has the best SEO for your website- and we’re confident about that! Wix has everything you need to not only create a stunning website, but we also provide you with the tools to manage, promote and of course optimize your website all in one place. Sure, SEO can be challenging, but with great content and a little optimization magic, we’ve seen countless of Wix users top the ranks for #keywords in their search terms.

But as the old saying goes, haters gonna hate – so we decided to take matters into our own hands and put our money where our mouth is (literally). And now, without further ado, we’d like to reveal our very own submission!
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