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thats new ... google recognized Table structure and displays it

cc +Barry Schwartz
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Cool, well spotted! I initially thought it's the meta description, but's not!
I wonder why Google started doing this many years after people stopped using tables.
it was progressive rollout .. it started to show a list, bullet points then now tables.
do agree with you alex, but to me, its another way to enhance my/client listings in serps and increase CTR
Yes, it could be a good way to increase CTR especially that you can move the other results down if yours has a higher height.
I fear that if this story becomes popular, a lot of people will switch back to tables. :)
+John Britsios I'm pretty sure we will not have to, because we have a lot of options in the form of rich snippets :)
Alex, I code sites (including mine) in XHTML+RDFa (including Rich Snippets and Common Tags) since the end of October 2008. That said, before Yahoo, Google and Bing even knew/recognized or supported that markup. So obviously I would never go backwards. Still, the appropriate implementation of tables is still a good practice. To be specific, it is still the best markup when you want to display tabular data. That Google recognizes now, that is really funny in my opinion.
+John Britsios I believe Google used rich snippets before 2008, but not as much as today. Back then there were only a few used, like star rating for review websites.
And I know tables are still good for tabular data. It's a pain in the ass to use only CSS for that.
+Alex Dumitru Google did not use RDFa Rich Snippets before 2008. You are probably talking about microformats. As a fact, the W3C official recommendation for XHTML+RDFa was granted middle of October 2008. Just to avoid any misunderstandings. I've use microfomats since they exist. That was far way back than 2008. Are we on the same page now?
Slightly concerned by the number of people I've seen linking to this saying something along the lines of "Ugh, tables". HTML tables are a really important thing for marking up tables of data. Not for layout, not to line up forms, not to make a chess game, but for marking up data, that is in a tabular format. Google using it makes a lot of sense, as there are a lot of tables around - wikipedia for instance makes good use of tables within many articles.

I'm really happy to see Google start to use semantic meaning in it's parsing – the whole Rich Snippet thing is an awesome idea, and great for people who code their sites semantically.
+Richard Bradshaw There are millions of web sites using tables for layout instead of tabular data. I am wondering how google will ever be able to make a difference and display semantic data.
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