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Make the most of your finances, your life, your time.


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How save are you from identity theft? 

Unless you've put your credit into the deep freeze by locking all of your credit reports, you're vulnerable.

Freezing your credit reports is almost as easy as making ice cubes and is one of the best things you can do to protect your identity.  If you haven't done it, don't wait, do it today!

For more on this topic, see

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Are you getting the absolute best deal on appliances that you purchase?  

How many of the following paths to savings do you take advantage of when you purchase a new appliance? 

Choose a reliable, feature rich, yet moderately priced appliance by considering testing data and reviews
Take advantage of coupons and cash back offers
Shop around (the easy way) to find the best deal
Buy at the right time of  the year
Take advantage of "free money" from energy savings and energy rebates

If you are interested to learn more about this, see our article on how take advantage of each one of these features:
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