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Help make it happen for WiseDevice on @indiegogo

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We wanted to present a concept of ours towards the public and investors, finding a simple solution of getting high end costly technology in to everyone's hands is difficult..
So to prove the notion and idea we came up with a simple solution. Imagination..
Below is a selection of images and usage ideas. it was our simplest solution for you at home to try a WiseDevice out, just fold an A4 piece of paper in three like so and imagine away..
Left handed, right handed, rotate it.. Try it and visit
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On 03/12/2014 we are moving our web hosting servers over, this will not affect in anyway the already running services. Soley the web hosting for a few days.

Very busy and running a really tight schedule here at WISE CORP sorry for any new clients wishing to sign-up to our services, this will only be for at most a day or so :)

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Welcome to the world of true one million bit cryptography CubeiTz (Data Safe Plus) encryption method is the strongest on the market and can be had for as little as £21.99 per year, if you would like to trial the software on you're desktop either Windows or Mac follow the link below!

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Have you ever taken thought about all the cloud storage mishaps of late.. You would feel allot safer with two key technologies we can offer you.

One is and if you would rather carry on using you're current but weaker provider you could still gain access to 1 Million bit encrypted filing by using it's the VERY best and strongest encryption on the planet currently.

We can offer you both if you require! Checkout WISE CORP LIMITED products at we can change your life for the better in terms of data security, now and in the very far off future.

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While we are a small business here in the UK trying to change things for the better, finding funding has been some right hard graft. Banks, social and crowd funding have all been taking place over the last few months.

We're a business that has something to shout about! Something different and we can challenge almost any other business on the market today. This is because we don't hunt in the same killing fields or restrict ourselves to one single market.. We adapt, evolve just as every business should really be doing to stay afloat.

We have an awesome product to offer every home, business and government user to date and it also outstrips all other competitors too. Our WISE-Chatter communications software has everything in one place for you to use and stay secure while transmitting you're personal data from one place to another.

If you would like to join a growing number of privacy seekers or someone who would just like to use one product to do all you're communications rather then using many services from a number of differing providers then you need WISE-Chatter.

You can visit our company web page at or you can click on the link below to visit our kickstarter campaign. It really needs funding, if not within the next 20 days then again and again until we can get this in to the hands of people all around the world.

We know it's a sound product and so will you one day!

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Have you personally or through a business given thought to you're eMail of late..

We have a secure emailing system that is going to compete with some rather large names on the globe, we aim to beat their pricing too and offer a better service overall. Given time we hope to become as big and if not bigger then these guys.

eMail is something we all require, we use it each and everyday if you are an on-line addict! You need to be wary of you're security from on-line criminals. Most of the time we all send email without a single thought that someone in between you and the recipient could be caching the data for themselves and this might not even show for weeks or months at an time.. Might not even show at all!

You should always be wary where you are sending messages and documents, we send some very private data to here and their on a daily basis, some if not all are company secrets that would not mean allot to someone sitting at home but to another business these could be key features to undercut us or find a way to compete!

it's the same for every home user and business, while you're today's shopping list is not too much of value to someone it can be to another for starters the date, time and type of person you are or where you will be is key information to someone in the know who would likely commit a crime.

Please checkout our offerings, we have something you should use and can use in the safe and sound knowledge that we won't be telling everyone else about either! We don't keep track of you, infact you're emails are useless to us also. We just transport them from you, through us and to whoever you would like to send them to in a nice and secure manner!

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Has anyone had the time to do some clicking on our company website, we have some awesome cloud storage accounts at present!

We don't want to fall in to the pitfall of privacy and data securities because most people find it all boring.. We'll let you read the reports on-line about some very large and leading brand names that have fallen fowl to not keeping-up on their security measures.

The quality speaks for itself with our products and we can only say you will be much safe with our products for all you're storage requirements.

We don't scan you're data, resell you're private information.. In-fact it's even totally secure even from us. We store you're data and that's what you pay us to do.. We don't need to be sneaking around and poking our nose in to you're private lives to make a quick buck..

There's no point using data services from someone else when you can get many of the currently used products from us all rolled in-to on nice and neat place.

Don't buy in to something that when you start to rely on it, you're then locked in and feel the need to carry on using the services because that's all you have to go by.

Try our products, we're here to help and even in the event you would like to take you're data elsewhere we'll give you a good month after to move it all away somewhere else, for a small charge we might even in the future offer a service where we could burn it all in to a few discs and securely mail it to you..

Why loose all them moments in you're life, there memories and files you store on-line so you can access them anywhere and at any-time you require, it's not just about "it's only a few files" data is becoming our lives, day in, day out!

So drop us an email or visit our company web page, we might have something that could really interest you in one way or any-other..

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Our WISE-Chatter secure communications suite is up on Kickstarter if anyone would like to view. Checkout:

Or for more information.
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