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Create who you are comfortable being
But be yourself
Be original
Don't follow and be a copy
Hmm!!  I thought we have been created already by God....
Haha. I used that quote for my shield on my locker ^.^
life is about the combination of both
Both arguments are very appealing, but I think the quote reaches out to more people, and you can't believe in yourself until you've created yourself because otherwise there would be no oneself if it was not created. Logic crushes wisdom. I'm sorry.
you are so right it is about finding your self  and believing in your self
wow you really great person justin bieber your so good and gentle man, justin bieber is a super man help from the heart good luck justin bieber your a hero.
You sure? Hmm, okay. So I should stop looking, and start building. 
It means we can all be what we want to be.
Nice quote, truly you have understood the meaning of LIFE!!!
Love the truth and wisdom in this. And in creating ourselves, we create our life. What you focus on expands...if you focus on trouble finding you, that is exactly what you will create in your reality. What is the opposite of trouble for you? Whenever you think about trouble finding you, switch it up to the opposite thing and see what you bring into your life.  May you find value in this.
That's the awsomest and truest quote i've ever read keep it up.
after finding urself u can recreate urself
i believe when you find yourself; you can then  refill your dream and  create  the benefit of your dream for other people.
wisdom can come when you are refill in some thing or (One) bigger than yourself.
For me the person i am refill in is Jesus Christ He is the One who is bigger and has been made the knowledge and wisdom of God.
Dennis Gordon Bth.
Reaching Hearts Min. 
reincarnation?! :P, God creates, we just are here to honor him, not to recreate ourselves
creepy.... I am wearing a t shirt that says that right now....
i think u ar right so le us stop painting ourselves in the name of makeup
but rememeber that u can't really creat yourself if u are unable to find the original(your talent)
a wise man might say! ask your self from whence you came! mr bernard who!! love always tel x
At 38, this is the first I've heard this. I never found my self lost and all I created was two children. 
i think i like you adina! you are correct, love always tel x
only if you are a swiss watch! love tel x
exactly my friend you have cracked it tel!
You were already created. You were created to glorify your Creator. You find yourself in doing just that:)
Whenever u lose ur way, to Allah our creator u should turn ,u will find yourself there :-)
JESUS said except ye be born again you cannot see the kingdom of Heaven. We didnt create ourselves and we cant recreate ourselves. Only God can give you new life in Christ Jesus. I confess Jesus as. LORD. I declare my total dependence upon Him.
I disagree. Its about discovering. We all are running this race to invent ourselves. Often king not knowing he is a king end up trying to invent himself into some thing stupid.
Sometimes you need to find yourself also when you're lost then follows the re-creation to make you better.
N ive created a masterpiece. I must mention that i have a very false sense of self tho!
Agreed find your forte to create your best.
creating myself and find myself later then after my ups and downs my laughs and tears, as proven experience is the best teacher
you will be yourself after you are getting old
I think if you take the word 'create' literally then some comments are applicable but if we use an open mind when interpreting the word 'create' in this particular quote we then can see that it can lead us to use the creative power the Lord God has given us...remember that we were created in the image of God and since he gives us all that he is when he breathed life into us He also, gave us His creative power... all glory will ALWAYS belong to Him (Maker and Creator of all mankind!!)
My mom controls on my life...I'm 22 years old...But I never been to go outside with my boyfriend..She is my "Shadow"...
Asheena- very good point well made. Would like to add that God alone remains the creator. We as his created beings can only be creative as in make things from what He has created.He as the Creator has all power and creates from nothing. Yes Amen to all glory ALWAYS belonging to Him
But Obama said I can't create anything myself so what is the point...
I thought it was about the journey and less focus on self
Life is about creating snappy sayings to post on line that have the rest of us wondering: WHO MAKES UP THIS JUNK????? 
Last time I created myself it was with the help of a plastic surgeon.
Once you create yourself, do you find yourself?
fo meh life s all abt enjoyin....evry sec.
thanks for posting that it awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Moe Yan
I agreed the last sentence but I can't create well for my life and I am a bad human for my parents.
Life also is how u fit urself in it to be best in all d things dat u wanted to
i love this and think it is so true i love everything about my life i would not change a thing
Wu Rong
this is very true
creating lyf d way v want it to b. . .
So it sounds like everyone can choose what and who they want to be.
you can. It is your life do what you want with it, but dont mess it up cuz you only get one chance
i think its both.coz to creat urself,u have to find urself,first..
too simple to understand need more challenging words in this 20th century workd
i have this on my bulliten board heheehe
oh i just really thought about that and now i get it
if only the world would would know
Don't compete...create!
then he really should've taken a leaf out of his own book shouldn't he and maybe we would know who he is or was, do you see where i'm coming from here, it's all well giving out the advice, but hey come on now, try taking a little bit of advice yourself, for example "go to work on an egg"."a mars a day helps you work rest and play" "georgie podgie puddin and pie" "never put your gifts in a horses mouth" you scratch my back or else" the list is endless i have loads of them but you don't see me bragging and putting them on other peoples pictures do you?
But our buddish said that before u creative urself,u should find urself.Because u can't creative urself if u can't find urself.Right??
We might find ourselves but at the end of the day who cares? Just one of 7 billion is no more than one shell on a beach. And so someone picks us up, takes us home and puts us on a shelf.
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